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CONFIDENTIALPage 1PolyOne Corporation Welcome to PolyOne! CONFIDENTIALPolyOne Corporation.

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1 CONFIDENTIALPage 1PolyOne Corporation Welcome to PolyOne! CONFIDENTIALPolyOne Corporation

2 CONFIDENTIALPage 2PolyOne Corporation

3 Page 3PolyOne Corporation + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +             + PolyOne Global Facilities Manufacturing/ Sales/Service + Sales/Service/ Warehouse  Manufacturing Global/Regional Headquarters

4 Page 4PolyOne Corporation


6 CONFIDENTIALPage 6PolyOne Corporation

7 CONFIDENTIALPage 7PolyOne Corporation

8 CONFIDENTIALPage 8PolyOne Corporation

9 CONFIDENTIALPage 9PolyOne Corporation

10 CONFIDENTIALPage 10PolyOne Corporation

11 CONFIDENTIALPage 11PolyOne Corporation

12 CONFIDENTIALPage 12PolyOne Corporation

13 CONFIDENTIALPage 13PolyOne Corporation Video

14 Page 14PolyOne Corporation Why Join the HR Team

15 CONFIDENTIALPage 15PolyOne Corporation HR Structure

16 CONFIDENTIALPage 16PolyOne Corporation Global HR Mission Create a collaborative global workplace that drives performance and innovation to achieve exceptional and sustainable business results

17 CONFIDENTIALPage 17PolyOne Corporation Business Area Recruiting HR Manager

18 CONFIDENTIALPage 18PolyOne Corporation HRLDP Rotation Program Talent Acquisition First 3 months Total Rewards Next 3 MonthsNext 6 MonthsNext 6 months HR Role Assigned Training & OD HR Field Q1 2017 Involvement in a Global HR Project Performance Management Succession Planning Strategic Training & Dev. Incentive Plans Annual Salary Management Benefit Design Experience as HR Business Partner Assesse Factory HR process Corporate Policies C&A Business in Europe SEM Business in Europe HR-ISLabor relations

19 CONFIDENTIALPage 19PolyOne Corporation HR Generalist Career Path HR Generalist/Sr. Generalist HR Manager/Sr. Manager HR Director

20 CONFIDENTIALPage 20PolyOne Corporation HR Specialist Career Path Analyst / Sr. Analyst Manager/ Sr. Manager HR Director

21 CONFIDENTIALPage 21PolyOne Corporation Promotion Lateral Recruiter HR Generalist HR Manager Sr. HR Manager Outside HR Department Business Area

22 CONFIDENTIALPage 22PolyOne Corporation Succession Planning vs. Career Planning Succession Planning How the organization views an individual’s readiness for promotion How the employee views their career path & promotability Inputs Competency Ratings Performance Ratings One page “SPIF” Talent Profile Skills Profile Outputs identify successors on depth charts for key positions creation of “talent pools” for recruiting to search against identify high promotables for leadership programs 9 block grid High Potentials given feedback / guidance from SVPs Employee Driven Program Reviewing: Where am I now in my career? Where do I want to be? Career Options & Development Resources Reference Materials (Career Ladders, Competencies, etc) Outputs Career Plans developed by employees who desire to do so Training Needs Identified & Programs developed Career goal discussions held with manager and feedback given to employee Career Planning Manager Input Employee Input

23 CONFIDENTIALPage 23PolyOne Corporation Career Growth and Development Focus

24 CONFIDENTIALPage 24PolyOne Corporation Career Development Oppotunities Globe: Represents the global nature and focus of PolyOne and the PolyMasters program Gavel: Represents leadership and willingness to take on challenges Light Bulb: Represents the commitment to the development of innovative and sustainable ideas Chess Piece (King): Represents strategic thinking and leadership

25 CONFIDENTIALPage 25PolyOne Corporation Career Development Opportunities

26 CONFIDENTIALPage 26PolyOne Corporation What questions do you have?

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