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January 2013 Sej Butler, COE Talent Acquisition

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1 January 2013 Sej Butler, COE Talent Acquisition
Bombardier Transportation Graduate Program One Program Many Tracks January 2013 Sej Butler, COE Talent Acquisition

2 Purpose: Future Talent pipeline for Bombardier Transportation Great Talent Globally
High profile development program preparing passionate individuals for a future role within Bombardier Functional specialists (HR, IS, Finance) General Management (ex Global Graduates) includes certain Group hires – eg CASRA, Innovation Engineers – to fill wide variety of roles Specialists eg Project Management, Quality, Methods, Procurement, Operations, Product Introduction One integrated global and boundary-less program Fill internal talent pipeline – across functions and divisions Global and mobile talent pool 2

3 Structure of the program
We'll move you, if you move us Programs consist of three assignments of 6 months each plus between 2 and 4 internally run development modules which cover various functions of Bombardier Transportation. Typical structure – please note that exact format will depend on track Business Experience: Development on the job 1st Assignment: Home Site 2nd Assignment: Host Site (abroad) 3rd Assignment: Home/Host Site Development off the job Personal Development Development Module “Welcome” Possible Development Module(s) Track dependant May be physical or virtual learning “Graduation” Objective Assessment Mentoring Performance Management Rotations / New Roles

4 Bombardier Transportation Graduate Programme 2013+: One Programme, Many Tracks
Products Technology Global Management Finance IT HR Promise / Focus Home Accounting & Reporting Applications Service Ops Security Governance COE Host Group Infrastructure Architecture Project Mgt Biz Partner Projects Controlling Bus Partner Operations R1 R2 R3 Rotations / Assignments 2 Continents Multiple Divisions / Functions 2 Continents Typical Rotations Subject to business requirements 2 Countries Open R1 Mid R2 Close R3 Development Modules BT Business, Customers and Products Soft Skills, Networking Site, Tech Soft Skills Cultural Awareness Business Simulation Project Reviews Introduction to the permanent Placement Leadership / MBIT / Career Management Physical Meeting Virtual Meeting (eg Innovation, Communications, Virtual Teams) Global, Cross Division, Senior Sponsor (eg Products, Customer) 2H R2 2H R3 Projects Home Site Any / Open Finance IS HR Final Position Prof Gen Mgt Fin IS HR  Berlin 

5 Graduate Program Profiles – Previous GGP / PGP
(Global) Graduates / General Mgt (Professional) Graduates Fill leadership talent pipeline in BT Give them lots of exposure, challenging assignments and cross-divisional business projects (development modules) Have them take responsibility at an early stage Fill talent pipeline for specialist/expert roles in BT Will be developed into professionals for future key positions in our organisation Master degree Engineering and/or Business studies – ideally double degree Fluency in at least 2 languages (typically 3 - 4) Excellent academic track record Bachelor or Master degree Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Mechatronics, Industrial, Communications) - or Economics (Supply chain, Logistics) Fluency in 2 languages (English + local language) Very good university grades Relevant work experience (1 - 2 years) International experience required Intercultural mindset through studying and/or working abroad Extra-curricular engagement First business experience ( months), preferably in railway or similar industry International experience would be an asset Full mobility globally - during and after the program Willingness to travel and work in EU during and after the program, possibly 1 assignment in Asia 2013 = More personalised definition of requirements / less rigid

6 Selection process – 2012 Results
Apply online Jan - June Online excises Jan - June Phone Interview / Language Tests Jan - June Meet the business / AC April - July Final decision April - July Start of program Sept 2012 Experience Apply Online Test Phone Interview Assessment Centre Hired 2,753 353 193 111 26 6 6

7 Selection process for Graduate Programs 2013
Apply online Online excises Phone interview Meet the business / AC Final Decision Start of program Talent Pooling: November 2012 Application start: w/c 14 January 2013 Confirm numbers & Details 31 January 2013 Assessment Centres: March – June 2013 Application deadline: 30 April 2013 (May be extended for certain tracks) Program start: 1 September 2013

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