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Employee’s instruction for Electronic Leave Report. Training Manuals.

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1 Employee’s instruction for Electronic Leave Report. Training Manuals

2 Open Internet Explorer and type in: or Click on at the bottom of Medaille homepage.

3 Then You will see:

4 on this page; 1. Enter your username 2. Enter your password and then 3. Click on Login button.

5 You will see the following page, In this page you need to Click on Employee Tab or Employee Folder

6 On the “Employee Main Menu” you need to click on

7 On the “Time and Leave Reporting Menu” Click on folder.

8 On the “Time Reporting Selection” menu; Activate the dial button on “Access my Leave Reporting”, and then click on “Select” Tab

9 On the “Leave Report Selection” Page, you will see your Position and its code, Your Division/Dept name and its code, and the active month with its status. You need to select the appropriate “Leave Report Period” by clicking on down arrow and then click on “Leave Report” Tab.

10 In order to report your Sick, Vacation or Personal Leave Hours on “Time Sheet Menu” you need to click on appropriate “Enter Hours”.

11 Let’s say you clicked on intersection of “Thu June 03, 2010” and “Vacation Leave”; then you will the following.

12 By entering 8 on the box and clicking on the “save”. You will see that the “Time Sheet Menu” will enters 8 for the date that you selected and totals the selected category (Earning), totals the selected date and the totals the “total hours” automatically for you.

13 By entering 8 on the “box” and clicking on the “Copy”, as you will see in the next slide it gives you opportunity to add the 8 hours to desired dates.

14 Now let’s say that in addition to June 3 rd you decided to select June 4 th, June 10 th, and 11 th and then clicked on “Leave Report”.

15 Following figures shows that, the “Time Sheet” menu calculated the hours taken. By Clicking on “Next” or “Previous” Tabs you may go to other weeks in the month. The “Preview” Tab will show you the entire month

16 “Preview” shows you entire activities of the month.

17 Similarly, you may enter data for “Sick and Personal Leave” as shown in the following.

18 You may add to the form at any time, during the month for all categories (Earnings; Sick, Vacation and Personal Leave). when you are finished by clicking on “EXIT” you can leave this form. You may update this form as many times as you want during a given month. You Must submit the completed form at the end of any Pay Period (month) by Clicking on “Submit for Approval”. You may submit this for only once, after you submit this form you can not change it without your supervisors’ permission

19 When you click on “submit for Approval” tab you must complete the following form. Your Birth Date and your last 4 digits of your SSN is required to finish the following form and by clicking on “Submit” you will electronically deliver your “Time Sheet” accompanied with an email to your supervisor.

20 For best result, you need to make your self familiar to the following functions of “Time Sheet”

21 Thank you for using this Power Point.

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