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DeKalb County School System - Management Information Systems Parent Access to SmartWeb.

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1 DeKalb County School System - Management Information Systems Parent Access to SmartWeb

2 Presentation Agenda What is Parent Access? How do parents get access? What does the Parent Access application look like? Q & A

3 What is Parent Access? Allows parents to access their childs entries in a teachers gradebook (SmartWeb). Real time inquiry Internet application

4 What is Parent Access? Parent Access Features Attendance Grades Assignments Homework Teacher Notes Individual Class Progress Report Email teachers

5 How Will Parents Apply for Parent Access? 1. Parents must register on-line. Visit and click on Parent Portal to get 2. Parents must submit personal information (student #, date of birth, last 4 digits on SSN and whether student was born within the US) to access student accounts. 3. School registrar uses a web application to approve or deny request. 4. Parent is emailed a notification that (s)he has been approved to access their child(ren)s Smartweb information.

6 Who Can Apply for Parent Access? Only the childs legal guardian with appropriate student information will be allowed to sign up for Parent Access. More than one parent may sign up if they are both legal guardians. The school is responsible for verifying those who apply for Parent Access.

7 What does the Parent Access Application look like? The next slides will give you an overview of what the Parent Access application looks like.

8 Accessing Parent Portal Go to the DCSS homepage and click Parent Portal

9 Parent Portal Page If already registered, click Login. (ONLINE) tells you that access available. To register, click Register.

10 Parent Access Logon Page Enter Username and Password to log in.

11 Main Attendance Window Shows the current weeks attendance. If attendance hasnt been taken, the box will be blank. If a student is present, a P will be in the box. If a student has been marked absent, the attendance code from the teachers gradebook will be used. Place your mouse arrow over a box to get a description of each code. The attendance total in blue is a link to the attendance history detail.

12 Attendance History Window This attendance history window shows all attendance for current semester.

13 Attendance Information Parent Access will display attendance (absences & tardies) displayed for full week. Parents can view a history of students attendance. Parent Access Manual explains how to interpret attendance.. Codes used in Parent Access: P if present and attendance taken Blank square if teacher did not take attendance Hyphen if class does not meet that day Attendance codes: AU, AE, TE, TU, OS, IS, SA, HH If absences should be excused, parent needs to contact attendance office, not teacher.

14 Main Grade Window Click on the grade tab to show the Main Grade Window. From this window, a parent can click on the Progress report link in blue and see the SmartWeb Progress Report.

15 Progress Report Shows the parent all grades input by teacher.

16 Grading Information Grading data is in real time. As soon as teacher saves grade, parent will see grade & new average. Grades are calculated using the raw score if the grade score is different. Incompletes are calculated as zeros.

17 Assignment Window Allows parent to click on the blue assignment detail link and see all non-homework assignments.

18 Assignment Details Window All non-homework assignments are shown in this window. For a parent to see a grade associated with an assignment, they must return to the grade window.

19 Main Homework Window Allows a parent to click on the blue homework details link to see all homework assignments. Only those assignments within the homework category will be shown within this window.

20 Detailed Homework Window When grade is entered for an homework assignment, the assignment is no longer displayed.

21 Teacher Notes Window Allows parents to click on the blue notes details link to see any notes a teacher has input for a student for a class.

22 Notes Details Window The notes details window shows a subject line and a detail line for every note.

23 Parents can email teachers from the Parent Access program by clicking on their name in blue. When the teacher responds to an email, teachers name (Jane Doe), not ID (abc1234), will be displayed as part of the email address. Emailing Teachers

24 Q & A

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