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Iran-Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War

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1 Iran-Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War

2 Iraqi History A. British Mandate Post WWII British colony
B. British Backed Monarchy King chosen by England C. Dictatorships 1958 Baath Revolution

3 Thinking Slide: How might Iraqi history affect how they view the Americans & their British allies in the current war in Iraq?

4 Baath Party Secular (non-religious) government
B. What does it do? Secular (non-religious) government Uses oil $ for government projects Hussein begins to eliminate opponents HUSSEIN CARD AS PART OF DECK OF 55 CARDS OF US CHARACTERS WANTED Reuters/CORBIS

5 That all changes with the Iran-Iraq War
Iranian Revolution A. Why? Pro-western Shah unpopular because of his alliance w/US & secret police B. How? Religious (Shiite) revolution C. Results Fear in most neighboring Middle Eastern countries, especially majority Shiite Iraq


7 Iraq-Iran War

8 The World Takes Sides

9 Immediate- border dispute (oil) 3) Saddam’s Invasion?
Iran-Iraq War ( ) 1) Key Players? -Iraq & Iran 2) Cause? Immediate- border dispute (oil) 3) Saddam’s Invasion? -Hoped to gain control of rich oil fields on border -“Church & State” argument -Iraq was secular -Iran was Islamic

10 4) Assumptions? -Saddam believed victory would be easy 5) Cease-Fire? -Attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf attracted U.S. and U.N. Oil exports were reduced leaving Iraq and Iran struggling economically. Both agreed to a cease-fire in Aug 1988.

11 Operation Desert Storm

12 Persian Gulf War (the 1st one!)
Why? 1.Iraq’s claimed to the land 2. Claimed Kuwait was stealing oil (“slant drilling”) 3. $ owed to countries Kuwait 4.Hussein thought no one would stop him

13 Persian Gulf War Claimed Kuwait as part of Iraq Saudi Arabia threaten
United Nations United States and Arab coalition Within days Iraqi forces surrender

14 Persian Gulf War (the 1st one!)
What happened?? US invades w/full UN backing US bombs Iraqi military & civilian infrastructure We make no attempt to hold Iraqi towns or capture Saddam Hussein

15 Persian Gulf War Pictures

16 Persian Gulf War (the 1st one!)
Results? UN Embargo & Oil for Food Program Peace Terms: Iraq accepts border with Kuwait, surrenders all WMDs, destroys all WMD production capability Iraq can sell oil in exchange for food & medicine

17 Thinking Slide: Do you think a program like the “oil for food” program was a good one given the situation at the time?

18 Afterwards Saddam is still is power Trade sanctions
Removed only if UN inspectors can visit What do you think UN inspectors were looking for? Chemical Weapons and WMDs Causes US and British to do air raids

19 Gulf War Syndrome Joint pain, fatigue, loss of muscle control, headaches Causes? No one really knows Nerve gas Oil well fires Anthrax Vaccine

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