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Iraq Sometimes the enemy of our enemy is still our enemy.

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1 Iraq Sometimes the enemy of our enemy is still our enemy

2 Iran-Iraq War Secular Arab, Sunni nations were alarmed by the Iranian revolution Saddam Husseins Iraq attacks Iran in 1980 US sells weapons to Iran (Iran-Contra Scandal) and intelligence, economic aid, and sells weapons to Iraq Iraq uses chemical weapons Casualties are estimated to reach more than a million in civilian and military deaths

3 Iraq-Kuwait relations Kuwaits presence (established by the British) blocked Iraqi access to the Persian Gulf By end of Iran-Iraq War Iraq is almost broke owing millions to Kuwait Oil prices plummet US: no opinion on Arab- Arab conflicts

4 Invasion of Kuwait August 1991- Iraq invades and captures Kuwait Concern Iraq will continue offensive into Saudi Arabia UN sec. Council resolution to Iraq- withdraw Iraq takes hostages to be human shields

5 War US gathers a coalition of 34 countries (though 73% of troops still US) Strategic bombing campaign - 48 days, 88,000 tons of bombs Ground war – lasts roughly 100 hours Iraq: 20,000 to 200,000 killed Coalition: 190 killed

6 End of the War U.S. and coalition forces stop the fight against Iraq in southern Iraq and do not go after Saddam in Baghdad. Hussein uses armed helicopters to kill the Shiite and Kurdish rebels

7 No fly zones U.S. and British continued to enforce the no-fly zones US military presence in Saudi Arabia continues until 2003 (ie close to Mecca)

8 9/11 attacks 19 al-Qaeda hijackers take control of four airliners Two planes strike the World Trade Center Towers (roughly 2,750 killed) One plane strikes the Pentagon (184 killed) One plane (likely aimed at White House) crashes in a field (40 killed)

9 Who did it? 15 from Saudi Arabia, two from United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt (Mohamed Atta), one from Lebanon All members of al-Qaeda (which was based in Afghanistan)

10 Why did they do it? History Religion Politics

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