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Ralph R. Miller Sr Presented by Jennifer Colonna

2 Who is Ralph R. Miller, Sr

3 1905- 1984 Born Deaf in Jonsboro, IIlinois on May 20, 1905
His parents were hearing At age 5 he was enrolled at the Illonois School for the Deaf .It was here that he developed his artistic talent He knew that he wanted to be an artist but he was told there was no future in being an artist so he also learned carpentry A football couch at his school recognized his talent and advised hi to go to Chicago to continue with it Miller took art classes at the American Academy of Art in Chicago He specialized in commercial art- ex: for advertising Started to freelance and did work for the YMCA

4 Early 60’s he was asked to illustrate for Signed English Books at Gallaudet- later he worked as an advisor in the Art Department there Drew characters for children’s books like “The Three Little Pigs” and Goldilocks and the Three Bears” All of his characters, human or animal were drawn to look like they were signing

5 De’VIA- Deaf View Image Art
Miller’s daughter, another renowned Deaf Artist is Betty Miller She contributed to the De’Via movement Miller’s Work “Pre De’ Via” Deaf American Monatologue (1996): “We must remember that all art is based on the experience of the artist. In the case of deaf artists, their cultural and physical experiences as deaf people inform and influence all of their work. De’VIA is created to tell his or her story or to express his or her feelings”

6 Other pieces by Miller “An Interpreter” 1979 “Deaf Picnic”

7 My interpretation Cop Clown Car Clear day (blue background) Open space
Is shouting Pulling on the Clown’s Ear male Clown With a grin on Car w/ Deaf written all over it Clear day (blue background) Open space Lots of colors

8 Theme: Social Experience – Deaf person’s encounter with hearing authority
Title: “Clown Stopped by Police for Speeding By Ralph R. Miller, Sr 1970 Genre: Acrylic painting, 20’’ X 16’’ Sub Themes: “Deaf Card”, Deaf drive, Cop doesn’t see the clown as serious and the clown doesn’t take the cop seriously

9 Synopsis of : Miller’s “Clown stopped by Police for Speeding”
PLOT Deaf clown (character 1) stopped by cop (character 2) Clown is playing the “deaf –card” in hope of avoiding a ticket The officer is naïve that he is Deaf even though it’s written all over the clown and his car and barks in his ear Iconography Miller enjoyed painting about his humorous deaf experiences The Clown symbolizes the humor in his situation of getting pulled over…which is usually a serious matter making the TONE amusing

10 Irony of the Plot What’s ironic here is that the person being pulled over is a clown. Cops don’t regularly expect to come across speeding clowns.

11 Literary Analysis: Structuralism
This genre exemplifies opposition that exists the between the two people - hearing and deaf or as a cop and clown. Cops are looked at as being serious and one that holds authority while a clown is funny and not taken seriously. Maybe that’s why the cop doesn’t accept that he is Deaf. Cop vs Clown Hearing vs Deaf Dark uniform vs Bright costume Serious vs Funny Conventional vs Carefree

12 Literary Interpretation/Critism: Deconstruction
Trying to match the painting with real life is visible in this genre. There are two human beings but one is not recognized for being deaf (clown) and the Cop an authority – regarded in a higher status in comparison to a clown/deaf person. This genre exemplifies the struggle between the hearing and deaf.

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