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The Literary Elements.

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1 The Literary Elements

2 Why Interpret? Never forget that an author begins with a blank page
Everything put into the text makes a contribution to the author’s vision/perspective

3 Plot Sequence of RELATED events that happen in the story
Clearly build toward something ahead CONFLICT (a struggle of some kind) is the most important element in the plot Series of complications contribute to rising action

4 Setting Includes WHERE a story takes place and WHEN a story takes place Can affect mood/tone

5 Conflict Man vs. Nature Man vs. Man Man vs. Self Man vs. Society

6 Characterization How a writer reveals a character’s personality
Shown through: Actions Words & thoughts Physical description Other characters’ thoughts/comments Author’s/narrator’s thoughts/comments

7 Characterization Examine the character’s “journey” Evolve/Devolve?
Grow or become diminished? Better off or worse off beginning to end? Much movement but same place? What contributed to shaping character?

8 Symbolism When the author uses objects, events, or characters to represent THE BIG PICTURE Something in the story stands for something else In the Bible, seeds eaten by birds stand for those who hear and don’t believe

9 Irony When something happens that is the opposite of what is expected
For example, a woman is assaulted by a man, waits 35 years to get revenge, then falls in love with him the next time they meet

10 Point of View The angle from which the story is told
Could be 1st person (I, we), 3rd person (he, she, they), and rarely 2nd person (you) Can be limited or omniscient (all-knowing)

11 Style How it is said influences what it means Does it change the pace?
Does it suggest something about characters? How’s it make the reader feel?

12 Theme The Author’s vision
What’s s/he saying about human nature, the way the world works, our relations to others? It’s just one view & it’s up for interpretation Death of the Author

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