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Iberia Soccer Association

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1 Iberia Soccer Association
Division 1 (D1) Program

2 D1 Benefits To create an option for our advanced players who want to play tournaments and friendlies against top competition from across the state. To develop our better players and create more competitive teams to represent ISA for state level play.

3 Age Groups It is our goal to form teams in single age groups for girls and boys from U11 – U14, and possibly U15 or U16 and U18 teams. If not enough players are chosen for a particular age group, consideration will be given to combine age groups or allowing deserving players to move up. You have to be 9 years old by July 31st.

4 This Year’s Teams We formed as many teams as possible for our first year. U12 Girls: contained U12, U11 and U10 players. U14 Girls: contained U13 and U14 players. U11 Boys, U12 Boys, U13 Boys and U14 Boys were all age specific.

5 This Year’s Success Our teams have won a total of four (4) tournaments
We have been finalists in eight (8) tournaments. The U12 Boys team has advanced to the state championship to be held in Shreveport.

6 Playing Time Goal is to create teams with D1 caliber players.
LSA does not guarantee minimum playing time in D1. ISA will strongly suggest each player get in each half of every game unless due to disciplinary problems. Duration is up to the coach.

7 Head Coach Selection ISA Approved
Committee of 5 members will make selection. Will include board members and “at-large” appointees if needed. “At-large” appointees will have vast knowledge of soccer and team operations/coaching experience.

8 Player Tryouts $10 try out fee – To offset any expenses, including independent trainers/graders. Workouts will require at least two days/sessions. Players will be evaluated on their level of soccer skills, tactical knowledge, and overall athleticism. Evaluations will be conducted by selected board members, independent trainers/graders, and the head coach for that age-group’s team.

9 Tryout Dates / Times U11-13 Boys and Girls: (Must attend two)
May 5th and 19th U11 / 12 / 13 Girls: 6 pm U11 / 12 Boys: 7 pm U13 Boys: 8 pm May 8th and 22nd U11 / 12 / 13 Girls: 10 am U11 / 12 Boys: 11 am U13 Boys: 1 pm

10 Tryout Dates / Times U14-19 Boys and Girls: (Must attend both)
June 10th U Girls: 6 pm U14 Boys: 7 pm U15 /16 Boys: 8 pm U17 /18 Boys: 9 pm June 12th

11 Player Selection Selections by invitations will occur once the evaluation workouts are completed for that age group. U11-13 players will be notified of their selection starting on June 9th. U14-19 players will be starting on July 2nd. Team meetings will take place the week of July 19th.

12 Time Commitment Practice at least twice a week @ 1.5 to 2 hours
Scrimmages will usually be with local area teams (Lafayette, Houma, etc). Tournaments usually have games starting early Saturday mornings and finals are usually on Sunday afternoon. D1 Boot Camp: July 26th to 29th from 6pm to PepperPlex. ISA strongly recommends teams attend.

13 Expenses / Costs ISA registration fee D1 Boot Camp (Team camp)
($120 – 12 hours of instruction) Tournaments Fall and Spring No ISA league games Uniforms (Ordered through ISA) Board approved style Coaches select colors

14 Expenses ISA / League Help Referees’ fees for friendlies
Eight PepperPlex are free State Tournament fee paid by ISA ($400) Trainer ‘s list available (Not paid by ISA)

15 Projected Costs Tournaments (Example: U12B Rebels)
Sep ‘09 Cajun Classic (Lafayette) $325 Oct ‘09 Sweep the Swamp (Alexandria) $300 Nov ‘09 Gobbler Cup (Houma) $250 Feb ‘10 Tabasco Shootout $275 Mar ‘10 Hub City Ford Cajun Cup (Laf) $325 Apr ’10 Crossroads Cup (Alex) $325 Apr ’10 Strawberry Cup (Hammond) $325

16 Projected Costs Example: U12B Rebels
Collected $400 per player: Total = $4400 Expenses: Seven (7) Tournaments = $2,125 Friendlies’ Referees = $190 Uniforms (11 Players/Team Equipment) = $1,328 TOTAL = $3,643 Incidentals: ISA registration = $60

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