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Pre-season Information Meeting & FIFA U-20 World Cup Presentation Feb 16 th 2015.

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1 Pre-season Information Meeting & FIFA U-20 World Cup Presentation Feb 16 th 2015

2 Agenda 1. Welcome & Introductions – please can you sign in 2. Junior competition information 3. Youth competition structure/changes 4. Senior Club information 5. General Business  Fees- Tournaments  Facilities/Equipment- Contact details  Equipment for sale- Goalnet  NPDC 30 year Strategic plan / LTCP

3 Junior Competition - 2015  Grade is at age turning this year  All Junior programmes follow NZF Whole of Football Plan, a skill based development programme.  4-8 th Grades – play in First Kicks programme at Club Hubs:  Last year = Woodleigh, Western Park, Oakura, Hawera, NP Rangers, Inglewood, (Waitara? 2015)  Hub times – 9am-10am*  Game Day Exchanges 1 every 4-6 weeks  9 th – 10 th Grades – played at clubs and schools  7 aside, 1 Group Football Coordination activity (old warm- up), then 2 x 25 min games.

4 Whole of Football Plan  The 4 th – 8 th grade players will be involved in First Kicks and Fun Football which is a skill-based programme. This involves 30mins of football coaching every Saturday morning, and then 3 x 10min small sided games (4 v 4, 5 v 5). These games do not have goalies, encourage lots of touches on the ball, and do not keep score.  The First Kicks and Fun Football programme, will be run by trained football coaches and parents, called Game Day Leaders.  All children will become more technically proficient at the game.  Schools/clubs will attend the programmes (like games in the older age groups) in their own school/club football uniforms to show their identity.  Pre-season Coaching Courses and Demo Days - These will showcase the programme, provide resources, and ensure new parents and children are aware of the benefits of being involved.

5 Junior Competition – 2015 cont.  11 – 12 th Grades – played at clubs & schools  9aside, Home and away, 2 x 30min games  12/13 th Grade Girls – played at clubs & schools  Play Wednesday after school?  9aside, Home and away, 2 x 30min games  Results taken for these grades, must be submitted by both teams by 8am Monday. NB. New schools

6 Youth Competition - 2015  Grades play home/away and knock-out competitions  13 th /Open grade, Youth U15 Grade, Boys High School, Girls High School, Youth U18 Grade  12 th grade players are still able to play Open grade if capable, but no dispensation will be made for size of team/ players.  All teams automatically entered into Knock-out competitions  Team Master Lists will be required to be submitted before the season commences.  Team Cards will be required for U15 and U18 grades, and need to be posted/scanned to the office  Results taken for these grades, must be submitted by both teams by 8am Monday.

7 Senior Competition - 2015  Grades = Premier Men, Division 1 Men, Division 2men, Masters Men, Senior Women  Competitions are up online, create your team, and ‘add’ it to the appropriate division  As per last year, the Duff Rosebowl knock-out competition will be based on the top 16 teams after 1 complete round of games.  Online entries*, final date is March 6 th  CBRs 2015  Roped off sidelines for all Premier games

8 General Business – Fees 2015  See handout & on website

9 General Business - Tournaments  Games WILL be scheduled for all grades on Saturday May 30 th.  The usual Queen’s Birthday Junior tournament will be held on July 4 th - the first Saturday of the school holidays (optional entry).  No games for Juniors & Youth - July 11 th & 18 th – school holidays.  End-of-season Junior Tournament – 22 nd August. All teams automatically entered  13th Grade Knock-out Finals - August 22 nd  Youth & Senior Knock Out Finals, Saturday Sept 5 th  NZSS – Grant Jarvis (Girls) 24 teams, Inglewood, Aug 31 st –Sept 4th

10 General Business – Facilities/Equipment  Clubs/Schools must provide at least 1 home ground marked to the correct specification for all teams they are entering (see hand-out), especially in the Junior grades.  Please ensure that you have a qualified club person or engineer to check the safety of your grounds, and goalposts before the season starts (CF regulation).  To ensure the successful completion and enjoyment of leagues and tournaments, there may be a need to share resources between clubs, eg NZSS tournament. Please assist in this area where you can

11 In summary, communication ….  To the nominated Club/School Contacts  Check the website regularly  Weekly draws/changes for all grades  Notification about upcoming tournaments, coaching courses, referee courses, holiday programmes  All players MUST be registered on GoalNet* – the national online registration system – and for the 2015 season.  Notification about Rep Trials and subsequent programmes  Additional programmes including: Football in Schools, Skill Centres, National Talent Centres

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