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U-11 Soccer What are the options?. Agenda Who are the clubs? What are the various options What are the commitments and expectations of each league? What.

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1 U-11 Soccer What are the options?

2 Agenda Who are the clubs? What are the various options What are the commitments and expectations of each league? What are tryouts? What should we expect at tryouts?

3 Who are the Clubs? MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Assn.) Governing body for youth soccer in the greater Madison area Hosts leagues and tournaments for 30-some clubs throughout Dane and surrounding counties

4 Leagues Available at U11 Until u11 all teams are “recreational” Starting at u11 there are options: WDA (Wisconsin Developmental Academy) MAYSA Classic MAYSA Recreational

5 Madison Soccer Alliance Regent, Middleton United, Magic, Shorewood and Madison 56ers collaborate in key areas U9/U10 league limits travel Alliance Development Program Tryouts and Team Formation (One Tryout)

6 Madison 56ers Madison 56ers are the premier partner Team of professional coaches who provide a very high level training environment for players who make a strong commitment to soccer Teams play in MAYSA classic leagues, WDA, as well as other state and regional leagues

7 Madison 56ers Red, White and Silver teams at each age group (1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd team respectively) Gold and Black teams for u10 players who want a higher level of commitment and development Teams will often train together with other 56er u10 and u11 teams.

8 Expected Commitment for 56ers Players are expected to make practices and games a very high priority. Practices 2-3x/week during Fall and Spring U11 teams train 2x per week during winter Costs of roughly $1150-1200 for the year (plus uniform, indoor competition & travel)

9 Wisconsin Developmental Academy Statewide league 56ers are one of two local clubs, Milwaukee area clubs, Green Bay and Appleton Emphasis on development, teams don’t need to win in order to maintain placement

10 For More Information Most relevant information can be found on website spx

11 Regent Select Teams Based upon interest and skill level at tryouts Regent will create select teams for boys and girls Select teams will have licensed, paid coaches Select teams will participate in MAYSA Classic or Recreational leagues to find proper competition

12 Expectations for Regent Select Teams Attend most practices and games in Fall and Spring Flexibility to train with other teams Players meeting expectations get at least 50% playing time Teams play in 3-4 tournaments Mostly local tournaments (Reddan in Verona)

13 Expectations for Regent Select Teams Teams for players who want to develop their skills in a local environment U11/12s will train as age groups (likely at Odana Hills, West Towne, or Garner) Allows for a consistent program, and exposure to different coaching styles

14 Costs of Regent Select Teams Classic Registration fee $165 Coaching Fee$0-300 Tournaments$100-150 Total** $550-625 * Uniform not included (roughly $60) **Indoor options cost extra

15 Indoor Options Regent Indoor program Sundays at West HS Roughly $100 for the 10-12 sessions Indoor League Play (Breakaway, Keva, Madison Futsal League) are options for teams Weeknight training options may exist Select team players are expected to do some indoor

16 MAYSA Classic Leagues MAYSA Classic Leagues are the local “competitive” option. Regent u11 teams played (approximately) 6 games within 15 minutes of Sequoya Library 1 game 15-45 minutes away 1 game 45-75 minutes away

17 Regent Recreational Soccer Many players choose to play on recreational teams Lower commitment, cost, can practice at neighborhood parks Coed is an option, play with friends/classmates Generally parent volunteer coaches (Y1/Y2 license required)

18 Costs for Regent Recreational Team Typical costs for a Regent u11 rec team: Registration$105 MAYSA Cup $20-25 Uniform** $25 Total$125-175 Uniform includes blue and white A4 jerseys, shorts/socks are optional

19 Options for Recreational Players Some recreational players may decide they want to do more as the year progresses Encouraged to attend select team trainings* May be able to club pass into select team games** *May incur some additional costs **Must continue to honor commitment to team

20 TRYOUTS Why have a tryout? What to expect at tryouts What to expect after tryouts

21 Why do we have tryouts? Tryouts are an effort to simplify the team creation process. All players will: Have equal opportunity Be evaluated by unbiased staff Tryouts formed as an alternative to parent groups attempting to form competitive teams

22 What happens at tryouts? You will have already registered online* Show up 45 minutes before start time Check in with club you registered for Get t-shirt and number sticker Players may go warm up before session starts *On-site registration costs $35 extra, and may cause delays in being contacted afterward

23 What do tryouts consist of? Players will be led through a warm-up by a coach 1v1 and 2v2 games Day 1: 4v4/5v5 games Day 2: 7v7/8v8 games

24 Who is evaluating? Evaluators include staff from 56ers and Alliance clubs, and other coaches and evaluators Evaluators have a list of players and evaluate them throughout sessions Evaluations for players not selected for 56ers are considered by Regent for Select teams

25 How are kids evaluated? 4 Pillars of Soccer Development Technical – skill and ability to control the ball Tactical – decision making in the game Physical – speed, size, strength Psychological – attitude, listening, sportsmanship

26 How can I help my kid at tryouts? Be prepared as possible to limit stress Help them relax, stay positive and do their best There are no “secrets to success” or shortcuts We don’t keep track of scores at the tryouts

27 How can I help my kid BEFORE tryouts? Playing and practicing a lot is the best way to improve skills and confidence level Players should be discouraged from “booting” or clearing the ball as much as possible Alliance Development Program (ADP): Trainings on Sundays with 56er, and top Alliance coaches

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