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Canada & WW 1, 1914 - 1918 War Breaks Out!.

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1 Canada & WW 1, War Breaks Out!

2 Flashpoint: Sarajevo June 28, 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated while visiting Sarajevo Assassin Gavrilo Princip belonged to Serbian terrorist group Black Hand Serbian nationalists resented Austrian control of Sarajevo

3 Causes of WW 1 Militarism – strong armies & navies settle disputes
Alliances – countries band together for support during war Imperialism – gaining colonies to develop empire for raw materials & markets Nationalism – feeling of deep loyalty to one’s people & homeland Gavrilo Princip Serbian Terrorist Black Hand

4 Alliance System Triple Entente (France, Russia, Britain)
Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) Triple Entente  Allied Powers (gain Italy) Triple Alliance  Central Powers (gain Ottoman Empire i.e., Turkey / Bulgaria)

5 WW 1 Alliance Map

6 Final Steps to War Austria-Hungary sends Serbia an ultimatum
Serbia agrees to 2 of the 3 conditions, but will not allow Austrian officials into Serbia Austria declares war on Serbia Russia mobilizes army to support Serbia & France mobilizes army to support Russia

7 Final Steps to War (cont’d)
Threatened Germany orders France & Russia to stop mobilizing, but they refuse Germany declares war on Russia & France Aug. 1 & 2, 1914 Germany invades France through neutral Belgium to bypass French fortifications (Schlieffen Plan) Aug. 4 Britain declares war against Germany in support of treaty with Belgium

8 Schlieffen Plan

9 Canada Goes to War Canada was not a fully independent nation in 1914, but was part of the British Empire When Britain was at war, Canada was automatically at war also English & French Cdns strongly supported the war against Germany Cdn PM Borden offered to train & equip 25,000 men two days after war declared PM Borden

10 Canada Goes to War (cont’d)
Aug Canadian Armed Forces  2 old navy cruisers, 3000 soldiers, 60,000 militia Minister of Militia Sam Hughes organized massive recruiting campaign Nationalism & high unemployment led to a flood of volunteers Colonel Sam Hughes Minister of Militia

11 Mobilizing the Troops Hughes set up a military training camp at Valcartier, Quebec for 30,000 volunteers Cdn made Ross rifle jammed in the mud of trench warfare causing Hughes to be fired Cdn troops clashed with their British commanding officers who demanded unquestioning respect despite mistakes

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