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Causes of World War I The “isms”.

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1 Causes of World War I The “isms”

2 How did nationalism, imperialism, alliances, & militarism cause World War I?

3 Background 1900 – Europeans were enjoying peace & prosperity
Turkey, Mexico, China, & Russia – Reformers influenced by European ideas outraged at social division & authoritarian governments Austria-Hungary – Minorities dreamed of independence Background

4 Background Shortly after 1900 areas exploded in revolution
1905 – Demonstrators forced Russian Tsar to create national assembly 1908 – Reformers in Turkey overthrow Sultan 1910 – Revolution overthrows Mexico’s dictator 1912 – Nationalist reformers overthrow Chinese emperor Background

5 After fall of Chinese emperor, events in Austria-Hungary brought Europe to armed conflict
Technology made warfare more destructive than ever Imperial governments & old class system shattered Resulting peace allowed triumph of democracy & international peace organizations Violence prepared way for communism & fascism Background

6 The Causes of World War I
Nationalism Imperialism Alliances Militarism The Causes of World War I

7 Def. – Belief that each ethnic group deserves its own nation, & citizens should promote their nation’s interests Encouraged rivalries between France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Russia Led to creation of independent Balkans – Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania Countries unstable, fought series of wars in 1912 & 1913 – threatened to involve larger countries Austria-Hungary had several ethnic groups that wanted their own nation Demands threatened to break Austro-Hungarian Empire apart Nationalism

8 European powers saw possession of overseas colonies as a sign of power
Became accustomed to competing for colonies in Africa & Asia Created tension, which was increased by economic rivalries 1900 – ¼ of world under British control German industrialization threatened British dominance Russian interest in Balkans threatened Austria-Hungary & Turkey Imperialism

9 Alliances 1914 – Europe divided into 2 alliances
Triple Alliance – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy Triple Entente – Russia, France, Great Britain Alliances sought to preserve balance of power Any dispute involving 2 or more countries threatened to drag all of Europe into conflict Alliances

10 Occurs when military values & goals take over civilian society
By end of 19th Century societies were increasingly militaristic European countries were building their armies Kings wore military uniforms, & generals became influential in governments Germany & Britain competing to create most powerful navy Military planning played key role in outbreak of World War I Assembling & moving armies on railroads took time, so leaders thought it better to attack first Militarism

11 Flashpoint that Ignites War
July 1914 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria assassinated Black Hand – Slav group that claimed responsibility Austria knew Serbian officials helped assassin Austria-Hungary invades Serbia as retaliation Flashpoint that Ignites War

12 Flashpoint that Ignites War
Russia entered to protect Serbia Germany entered to protect Austria Britain & France entered to honor alliance with Russia Austria, Russia, Germany, Britain, & France all at war Italy refused to join Central Powers because Austria attacked first Ottoman Empire entered to oppose Russia Bulgaria entered to oppose Serbia Flashpoint that Ignites War

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