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2 A unique product in the market Zenius, The best and the most affordable solution for on-site personalization of high quality cards in small runs.

3 A unique product in the market Offer the best value for money in the market for card personalization one at a time or in small runs. Offer a space-saving solution for front desk operation. Initiate an eco-design approach in order to measure and reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. Enable anybody to personalize on-site, easily and with complete peace of mind, high-quality cards, from basic badges to advanced technological cards Our goal :

4 A unique product in the market Strategy: Displace the market and create a new segment. Make the most of our expertise and knowledge to concentrate advanced features and benefits in one affordable product. Review the full scope of our offer and act on all factors of the user-experience: printer, consumables, software, support.

5 Product main drivers and concepts

6 Product Overview

7 Product overview Single-sided, edge to edge printing Front operating machine Dual loading mode: manual / auto-feeder Input hopper: 50 cards Output hopper: 20 cards USB (Ethernet as an option*) Color: 120 c/h full card, up to 150 c/h Monochrome: 400c/h full card, up to 500c/h Low energy consumption modes Ribbon auto recognition & setting LED control panel & graphical pop-up notifications 2-year warranty Full encoding options, on-site upgrade* ENERGY STAR qualified printer, ErP 46dB(A) 195x205x310 mm, 3.3 kg * For the Expert line, November 2011

8 A new brand and signature to illustrate new features and benefits A drop-in cassette for intuitive installation and handling A smart technology for better user-friendliness: automatic recognition and settings Optimized quality thanks to Evolis ribbon recognition A cross-products compatibility for distributors inventory leverage Low ribbon/ end of ribbon graphical notification Ribbon saver for monochrome printing RFID A brand new consumables offering

9 Zenius ribbons offering

10 New generation cleaning materials New cleaning materials: An adhesive card for the cleaning roller A T card for the transport rollers A pen for advanced print head cleaning For optimal global performance: Guarantee a perfect printing quality Optimize the card feeding and transport Decrease the constraints for the user A new advanced cleaning cycle minimizing technical support and RMA Generate less waste and favour the recycling

11 A user-centric new system software A brand new software environment: 4 distinct software layers, having a specific role Printer Driver for communication and synchronization between printer and computer Language Monitor offering a dialog feature between the Printer, the Printer Driver and the Evolis Print Center service (bi-directional communication). Evolis Print Center for configuration of the system and monitoring of printers and jobs. Evolis Printer Manager which notifies users in case of a warning or an error Additionnal Plug-in modules to come, depending on configurations & options Based on Microsoft Universal drivers for easier installation and evolution

12 Key benefits: Efficient and easy printer and print jobs monitoring Automated settings & adjustments Instant pop-up notifications on the users’ screens Available in 11 languages Portable to custom applications thanks to an extended SDK* Compatible with Windows, Mac* & Linux* * Release in 2012

13 A unique encoding offer with add-on modules Main concepts Printer may be upgraded with any encoding technology, at any time, on site, by anyone All encoding options can be combined together Integrators and VARs can add their own encoders Independant add-on modules (self motorized, self powered) Testing and administration software tools through Evolis Print Center Encoding options available and updgradable on Expertline MAG CTLESS SMART

14 A unique encoding offer with add-on modules MAGNETIC SMART CTLESS

15 The first eco-designed card printer A product developed based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) : Evaluation of the effects on the environment throughout product life cycle. Improve resource efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of all activities required to manufacture, distribute, use, and dispose of a product. Make sure the global impact is reduced -> multi-criteria in order to avoid just a transfer of pollution Create a virtuous cycle with continuous improvements Priorities, goals & improvements: Energy efficiency optimization: automatic standby & sleep modes (Between 5 & 10 times better than Pebble), ENERGY STAR qualified printer, ErP. Hazardous material reduction: Electronic board has been redesigned Some hazardous plastics have been removed Use of recycled materials Product weight & size optimization

16 A new concept: product lines Goals Make our offering clearer, easy to understand, easier to sell Be clear on what’s available and possible with each printer Have common notions throughout the full range Product line PrintingEncoding Encoding options upgrade Availability USBETHUSBETH Classic July 2011 Expert Nov. 2011

17 Catalogue & pricing ETHERNET AND ENCODING OPTIONS FROM END 2011 / BEG. 2012

18 A supercharged card-printer, at no extra charges ! (V1) QUALITY AND RELIABILITY COMPACT AND SILENT FOR FRONTDESK APPLICATIONS ECO-DESIGN OPEN, FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE EASINESS, USER- FRIENDLINESS AFFORDABILITY Quality & performances, accessible to all Zenius + Evolis Premium Suite ® + High Trust ® For the best printing & encoding quality, interactivity and user-friendliness. Flexible and clever, but discreet ! Everything it at your fingertips and so easy. Dual card loading mode Real upgradability and on-site installation, thanks to unique encoding add-on modules The most compact, light and silent printer ! The first eco-designed card printer ! Automatic standby modes Between 5 & 10 times less energy consumption The only product ErP & ENERGY STAR certified.

19 A supercharged card-printer, at no extra charges ! (V2) A user-centric product, for simple and intuitive use Entirely front operated; everything is at fingertips Easy ribbon loading and replacement thanks to a cassette Auto-settings and adjustments thanks to Evolis High Trust ® ribbons and Evolis Premium Suite ®. Unique pop up notifications directly displayed on the computer screen. A smart, flexible and scalable solution: customize your printers depending on your requirements. 2 feeding options, either via a 50-card feeder or through a manual feeding process. Network connectivity thanks to the optional Ethernet port (Expert Line) Unique encoding add-on modules (Expert Line) A full compatibility with Windows, Mac2 and Linux2 (Mac & Linux available in 2012) Discreet but sleek: a compact, and modern design combined with silent operation A contemporary design, perfectly adapted to front office installation. The most compact printer, and the lightest in its category, and probably the most silent printer in the market (46,0 dB(A) sound pressure).

20 A supercharged card-printer, at no extra charges ! (V2) The first eco-designed card printer Zenius has been developed following the LCA method as highlighted in the ISO 14040–14044 Standard. Energy use has been optimized. Zenius is an ENERGY STAR qualified product, and is the only card-printer compliant with the ErP directive. Reliable and quality-focused: trust the Evolis Expertise. Premium-quality graphics and perfect image restitution thanks to the combination of Zenius, Evolis Premium Suite ®, and the Evolis High Trust ® range of consumables. A redesign process to match and even exceed the Evolis quality and reliability: Use of premium quality plastic for parts subject to wear and tear, and Zamac for parts that support heavy loads Rollers designed for improved precision and durability Same main motor, with improved management, and new geared motor designed in partnership with the worldwide leader in motor manufacturing. A full two-year warranty, without limitations in number of printouts. A cost-efficient and affordable solution: the best deal in the market The most cost-effective single-sided color printer in the market. Consumable cost is optimized thanks to a ribbon saver for monochrome printing and a large and cost-efficient color ribbon offering.

21 Unique features and benefits The most complete offer thanks to a unique software environment: Evolis Premium Suite ®, with instant information directly on the PC, and advanced settings and scalability. The most compact and light printer in its category The most scalable product thanks to unique add-on encoding modules for on-site upgrade Probably the most silent printer in its category* The first ‘eco-designed’ card printer, and the only printer compliant with the ErP directive based on Evolis tests on direct competing printers, this information is not often declared by manufacturers)



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