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Getting to know the Inpt Whiteboard January 2010.

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1 Getting to know the Inpt Whiteboard January 2010

2 Features of the Whiteboard 1.Actions menu: quick links to items in patient’s chart 2.Orders: Will display when new orders are entered Blue = Regular Orders Red = Stat Orders 3.Flowsheet: Quick access to the StarPanel Nursing Flowsheet 4.OPC: Quick access to the Overview of Patient Care 5.MAR: Quick access to medication administration data 6.Labs: Quick Access to the Fast Labs posted in StarPanel 7.Labs Column: notification of when labs are posted to StarPanel fast labs 8.Indicator columns 1. 2.3.4. 5.6. 7. 8.

3 Customize the Whiteboard Select your assignment to display Only your assignment displays January 2010

4 Actions Menu Click Actions beside pt’s name for a list of quick links to documentation. Shown above:AllDocuments chosen then displays in frame below census January 2010

5 Click orders column next to patient’s name New orders will display and can be acknowledged January 2010

6 Click on flowsheet Quick access to StarPanel Nursing Flowsheet Includes vitals, gtts, I&Os, labs-limited to 24h time frame January 2010

7 Click on OPC Quick access to Overview of Patient Care (OPC) Can print OPC from here using the button January 2010

8 Click on MAR Quick access to StarPanel eMAR Click or hover over the admin box to see full administration information January 2010

9 Click on labs Quick access to StarPanel fast lab results January 2010

10 Lab column notification Notifies you when a lab result has been posted to fast labs Labs posted to fast labs 1 hr ago Hovering over posted result will tell you what lab has posted January 2010

11 Indicators What is an indicator? A reminder to let you know about incomplete documentation. Green Documentation Complete Yellow Need Documentation Red Need Documentation Each indicator has its own criteria for changing colors. Hover over the particular indicator box to see the time frames for color change. January 2010

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