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Journey to a new beginning

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1 Journey to a new beginning


3 About Esihi eSiHi, or Electronic System for Integrated Health Information is an internal name for Cerner Millennium®, , it will automate clinical processes and provide instant access to clinical information and integrated workflow through an Electronic Health Record (EHR). The solutions digitizes registration and scheduling, laboratory, pharmacy, physician and nursing documentation, emergency, surgery, data warehousing and clinical supply chain. Clinicians at the academic hospitals will also be able to document care and place medication and other orders directly in the EHR.

4 Cerner Millennium® Solution for Medical Staff working in
Carenet Cerner Millennium® Solution for Medical Staff working in In- out-Patient Areas

5 Logging in Main Menu Window ,double click the Powerchart icon at the Cerner log-in window Enter your user name in the name box Press TAB to move to the next box and Enter your password into the password box Click ok or press enter .

6 Do not Share your Password !!!

7 PowerChart electronic medical record system
automates the processes necessary to coordinate patient care and document at the point which it was delivered in both acute care and outpatient setting

8 Staff Assignment Enables the Patient Educator to assign Care Providers to Patients, to Building /wards/Rooms/Beds/OPD/Unit

9 PowerOrders is designed to optimize the ordering
process for providers. Orders tab is used to place, view. Modify, cancel and generally work with various types of orders. A user can review results, enter, modify, review and manage orders, open documents, and perform various tasks that help them provide the best possible care for their patients

10 Patient Access List The patient access list (PAL) is where you could load the patient list with a greater detail. You would find the patient’s demographic data, his problem details, allergies, diet, code status, isolation status, scheduled tasks, notifications as well as custom views.

11 Census Task List The CTL is a workflow tools for the Patient Education. The CTL is another place to document tasks. The CTL gives the user to ability to see a different order view of all tasks for the department or a specific order patient list. The CTL is available from the Organizer in PowerChart.

12 Task-at-a-Glance Legend
Interactive View Legend Task-at-a-Glance Legend

13 PowerForms Forms that are presented to the user to chart patient information Considered as one-time charting forms (we are filling it up once) It is essentially a file cabinet of Blank Forms

14 Interactive View and I&O
Interactive View is a means of viewing a wide variety of patient data in a single area. You can customize what sections are displayed, what data is included, and how that data is organized. It is where we can document vital signs, Intake and Output, Systems Assessments, Blood Products Administration, Adult Lines and Devices, Wound Care, Dialysis ,Education.

15 Nursing View Point SBAR
SBAR represents an acronym for Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation. The SBAR tab is often used when giving end of shift reports or to provide better physician notifications. The section headers are hyperlinks that redirect you to the section of the chart where additional results of that type can be found.

16 Form Browser The Form Browser window displays a directory tree that lists all the completed forms for the selected patient. Open a form to view the information in the same format used to capture it. An icon is displayed to the left of an occurrence. A red indicates a required field was not completed, and a blue icon indicates that required fields are completed.

17 Electronic Medication Administration Record
(eMar) Used by nurses to interact with all active medications, including scheduled, PRN, and Continuous Infusions to chart medication administration actions. The MAR groups the patient’s medications and sets reminders for the administration of each medication

18 Electronic Signature Automates the process necessary to coordinates patient care document at the point which it was delivered in both acute and outpatient setting. Most comprehensive and updated application.

19 Don’t forget to log-out!
If you are exiting the application temporarily, but planning on returning to that computer shortly If you want to shut down the application completely, you can click on the “x” in the upper right hand corner of your screen If you choose this icon you will enter the Exit Application window

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