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Scope Management Solutions “Best In Class” Technical Support - Small Best Practices Presentation “Materials Management Safety Excellence”

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1 Scope Management Solutions “Best In Class” Technical Support - Small Best Practices Presentation “Materials Management Safety Excellence”

2 Scope of Services Warehouse Management Materials Management Response Team Turn Around Material Management Vendor Consignment Program Professional Warehouse Staffing Off-Site Storage Solutions Tool Room / Safety Store Project Materials Reliability Purchasing Services Warehouse Layout and Design Technology Solutions GPS Tracking/RFID Technologies Transportation & Logistics Catalyst Logistics Management Vendor Sweep Program Inventory Special Projects Warehouse Reorganization for Space Optimization

3 Accomplishments Employees 136 Full time employees Site operations 100+ ISNetworld Status Grade “A” for all customers Vendors managed 25+ Years in Business 8 Safety record 0 recordables HBR Best In Class Safety Excellence Award Winner!!

4 Best Practices Team Communication Communication between our customers, employees, management, and corporate. We meet on a regular basis with our site representatives and participate together in various safety functions. We believe that by having site representatives that include us in all aspects of Plant Safety Communications that our awareness for safety and our knowledge of the sites goals and challenges make us a safer and a more informed contractor which in turn helps to build a safety behavior second to none.

5 Best Practices D.A.R.E. Employee Personality/ Communication Survey Scope has each employee complete a personality- type/communication-style survey to score each employee in the following categories: Driver, Analytical, Relator, or Expressive. This allows Scope to create teams that work well together.

6 Best Practices Stretch and Flex Program Every morning prior to the shift starting everyone participates in a series of stretching exercises to help prevent muscle and back injuries.

7 Best Practices Awareness Programs Scope has developed a number of Awareness Programs as an overall enhancement to our Safety Program. We do not perform work in these areas but felt it was important to make our employees aware of the hazards surrounding certain job functions performed in the petrochemical industry. Asbestos Awareness Program Excavation Awareness Program Confined Space Awareness Program Lockout/Tagout Awareness Program Electrical Safety Awareness Program Respiratory Protection Awareness Program Scaffolds Awareness Program

8 Best Practices Identification of Heavy or Bulk Items Anywhere there are items that require two people to lift because of its weight or size this bin location is tagged with this information. This practice is designed to prevent lifting injuries. Hazard Identification Program (Painting and Taping) The painting of the first step on a staircase with fluorescent orange and the taping of the ends of handrails with fluorescent tape is designed to help prevent trips and falls. We also paint cracks in the concrete on the dock and around the warehouse for awareness. Support Chains Items that have the potential to shift or fall from its designated storage location are secured by adding a chain to keep it in place.

9 Best Practices Housekeeping Our goal is to keep material off of the floor, trash in the appropriate waste container and our work spaces clean and neat. This behavior is performed on a daily basis and at every site that we manage.

10 Best Practices Lessons Learned Photos When an unsafe condition is noticed, such as improperly binned material, we photograph the state in which it was found. We then make the required corrective action and photograph again. We then post these on our Communications Board for shared learning. BeforeAfter

11 Best Practices Short Service Employee Program Scope personnel with less than 90 days experience in a new/different job type are visibly identifiable by wearing an orange safety vest as their outermost garment. We monitor them for HSE awareness. If, at the end of the 90-day period, a Short-Service Employee has worked safely and adhered to Scope HSE policies, the identifier may be removed. Scope will require any employee that does not demonstrate competency within the 90-day period to get re-trained and continue wearing the orange safety vest.

12 Best Practices Hurricane Plan Scope has developed a comprehensive Hurricane Plan which details what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. We provide our employees with laminated cards listing important contact numbers. We also update our employee emergency contact database on a yearly basis prior to the beginning of hurricane season.

13 Best Practices Safety Notes Action Planner We developed this planner to give employees the tools they need to plan out a safe, well organized, productive day. The Scope Safety Notes Action Planner (SNAP) includes: Safety snippets for daily meetings Meeting attendee tracker Daily tasks list Daily notes section Reference calendars Important contact numbers General notes section

14 Best Practices Management Involvement/ Commitment The management at Scope believes in the importance of safety and is committed to providing the safest possible work environment. Family Values There is a distinct feeling of being part of a family here at Scope. We believe in family values and strive to work with each employee on an individual basis and provide any assistance we can to them. Employee Retention Our employee retention rates are 98%. We provide a safe, enjoyable place to work.

15 Appreciation Thank you to our clients for supporting a safe work place and recognizing Scope with the nomination for safety excellence. – INEOS – BP – Lyondellbasell – Eastman/Sterling Thank you for volunteering your time to mentor, audit, and participate in the process!

16 Do It Right - Do It Safe !

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