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Environmental, Health & Safety Outsourcing Trends and Benefits Jeffrey M. Zipfel, CHMM Environmental & Safety Solutions.

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1 Environmental, Health & Safety Outsourcing Trends and Benefits Jeffrey M. Zipfel, CHMM Environmental & Safety Solutions

2 What is Outsourcing Outsourcing manages a client company's environmental, safety and health programs, taking care of compliance and training issues just as an in-house safety department would do, but with multi-discipline expertise and less cost.

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Outsourcing is the practice of contracting job responsibilities or project work out to professionals who can focus on the work and get it done : Quickly Efficiently Accurately

4 Benefits of Outsourcing Environmental Health & Safety Outsourcing can benefit the safety conscious company that strives for personalized, experienced and cost-effective environmental, health & safety (EHS) management.

5 Outsourcing Trends Outsourcing has become a popular trend primarily because of heavier workloads and leaner staffing levels in many companies. Companies are realizing that outsourcing is a proactive way to get organized, improve productivity and comply with today’s difficult work and time demands.

6 Outsourcing Trends Outsourcing provides professional compliance assistance requiring a high degree of knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional full-time employees. Regardless of whether a company has or does not have an EHS staff, outsourcing may be a wise alternative.

7 Business Improvements Concentrate on Core Business  Redirect resources to more strategic activities  Improve your business focus Improve Communication  Frequent updates on the status of environmental, health & safety programs  Meetings to discuss upcoming projects and regulatory issues  On-site manager

8 Compliance Improvements  Secure skills and resources unavailable internally  Stay ahead of regulatory changes to reduce potential violations  Maintain a proactive approach to compliance  Up-to-date expertise on changing regulatory environment

9 Cost and Risk Reduction Control Costs  Outsourcing is a fixed, budgeted cost  Reduces training cost  Reduces personnel cost Reduce Risks  Reduced employee risks  Periodic compliance audits

10 Sample of Services Offered  EHS Benchmarking  Corrective and Preventive Action  New Employee Orientation  OSHA/Safety Training  Hazardous Waste Management  Hazard Communication  Respiratory Protection  Fall Protection  Lock and Tag Out  Electrical Safework Practices  Personal Protective Equipment  Bloodborne Pathogens  Confined Space  Hazwoper training  Forklift Training

11 Sample Services Offered Regulatory Compliance Inspections Emergency Planning & Preparedness Permitting Site Safety Plans Process Safety Management Equipment Selection, Purchasing & Evaluation Disaster Planning Risk Communication Toxic Gas Management Industrial Hygiene Noise Level Testing Customized Training

12 Our Goals Environmental & Safety Solutions is dedicated to easing the burden of regulatory compliance on business and industry, while decreasing costs. Whatever the level of assistance needed, ESS has the resources, experience and desire to help define the best course of action to accomplish your individual goals Our goal is to become an integral part of your EHS programs, as if we were your safety and compliance staff. Whether your need is for one day a month, a few days a week to services on demand, we strive to exceed your expectations

13 Our Goals Maintain complete regulatory compliance. Provide a safe and secure working environment Respond promptly and efficiently to client's needs Provide excellence and the highest integrity Enhance Company value

14 Outsource Checklist Do you have in-house EHS expertise? Is your environmental, health and safety management process integrated with your overall business strategy? Do your employees know who to contact for consistent, accurate EHS information? If your responses were NO, Outsourcing may be the answer

15 Consultant Checklist Does the consultant have appropriate training and experience Are references available? Contact clients to verify that the consultant has helped solve similar problems Does the the consultant have a knowledge of applicable state or federal rules

16 If you would like more information on outsourcing or our qualifications, please contact Jeffrey M. Zipfel, CHMM Environmental & Safety Solutions 763-232-6168

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