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Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. Turnaround Contractors – Ensuring the safety of our Manpower GPIC Bader Al-Mansoori Planning Superintendent.

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1 Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. Turnaround Contractors – Ensuring the safety of our Manpower Sm@rt GPIC Bader Al-Mansoori Planning Superintendent

2 Sm@rt GPIC 2 Turnaround Contractors – Introduction  Established in December 1979 over 600,000 Sq.m of reclaimed land  Joint-Venture between NOGA, SABIC & PIC  Utilizes Natural Gas as raw material  Produce: Ammonia, Methanol and Urea  Started production in 1985  Production Capacity : 1,500,000 T/A  Manpower : 572 Employees  95% are Bahrainis

3 Sm@rt GPIC  A scheduled event wherein the entire process unit of a plant is taken off stream for an extended period of time for revamp and/or replacement.  Over 2932 jobs were planned during the Turnaround  There were 3698 Contractors available at site during the peak daytime shift of the Turnaround.  There were 636 Contractors available on site during the peak night shift of the Turnaround.  The 2012 GPIC turnaround was planned for 26 Days 3 Turnaround Contractors – The Turnaround

4 Sm@rt GPIC Overall Number of People in the Complex in TA2012 4 Turnaround Contractors – Number of Contractors

5 Sm@rt GPIC 5 Turnaround Contractors – Turnaround Management Contractor Selection Trade Testing & kick off meeting Risk Assessments Contractor HSE Inductions InitiationPreparationExecutionFinalisation Resource Monitoring & Control AuditsTA MeetingsTA Reports Conducting Site Audits Daily Contractor HSE Meeting Turnaround HSE Campaign Toolbox Talks Contractor Prequalification Initial Estimate of manpower HSE Strategy Roadmap Performance Evaluations Contractor Review Meetings Lessons Learned / Recommendations Demobilization

6 Turnaround Contractors – Initiation Phase Turnaround HSE Strategy & Roadmap  Implement all approved HSE suggestions and audit recommendations.  Enhancement of Method Statement.  Communication of hazards and concerns  Procurement of competent certified manpower  HSE Audits during Turnaround  Evaluation of Incidents

7 Sm@rt GPIC Contractor Prequalification  Qualification of contractors starts 3 months after the completion of the previous turnarounds  HSE Performance  HSE Programs  Tested Contractors are carefully vetted and qualified through GPIC procedures. 7 Turnaround Contractors – Initation Phase

8 Sm@rt GPIC Contractor Selection  Updated Contractor HSE Performance  Updated Contractor HSE Programs  Technical capabilities Trade Tests  Kick-off meeting  Technical Experience  CVs  Previous Records  Tests 8 Turnaround Contractors – Preparation Phase

9 Sm@rt GPIC Kick-off Meetings  Kick off meetings are conducted for all contractors  Scope of work clearly defined and agreed.  All foreseeable contingencies are discussed and agreed.  Turnaround Briefings address work timings, HSE procedures and available facilities.  Turnaround permit & Work Rules and Procedures are properly explained and discussed. 9 Turnaround Contractors – Preparation Phase

10 Sm@rt GPIC Inductions & Briefings  HSE Induction and training is given to every person entering the complex where:  Every Contractor is made aware of all the hazards and activities of GPIC before entering the complex  Responsible personnel are Identified and made available  Emergency Alarms and actions are Clearly Explained  Test is conducted for each person after the training to assure their understanding of our HSE requirements.  Camp visits are made by GPIC personnel when it is not feasible to conduct HSE inductions and training at the complex.  Refresher courses on general and process safety are annually conducted for long term contractors  Safe Locations are clearly marked around the complex  Contractor HSE personnel are inducted and integrated into the GPIC HSE team for contractors supplying more than 20 contractors 10 Turnaround Contractors – Preparation Phase

11 Sm@rt GPIC The Turnaround Starts  GPIC led Safety campaign for awarding safe behavior  Highly Focused on improving communication of hazards to the contractor workers  Turnaround Audits  Each activity conducted during the turnaround is specifically covered by the permit to work procedure  Continuous follow-up and evaluation of contractors through the concerned supervisors 11 Turnaround Contractors – Execution Phase

12 Sm@rt GPIC 12 Turnaround Contractors – Execution Phase HSE Audits by AreaStatusRemarks Permit to Work Procedure1006 permits2% Violation Behavior based Safety (BBS)118,566 Observations5% unsafe acts Risk Assessments502 Confined space audits99 Contractor Cabins17 Scaffolding54 Heavy Lifting69 Tool Box Talks38239 Subjects IncidentsRemarks 16 Injuries 101 Near Miss 27 PTW Violations 4 Accidents All Minor Vehicle Accidents

13 Sm@rt GPIC Statistics and Achievements  Review of all Turnaround HSE Statistics  Contractor Evaluation forms  Turnaround Suggestions 13 Turnaround Contractors – Finalisation Phase Illness Sick Days URTI (Cold/Flu) 164 Other muscular-skeletal problems 21 Back pain 32 Abdomen pain (Ulcer, diarrhea, colic, piles) 14 Lower RTI (Bronchitis) 10 Fatigue (Tiredness work & Non-work related) 2 Work injury 0 Others 9 Ammonia Methanol Urea Utilities No. of PTW Audits – Plant Wise Ammonia Methanol Urea Utilities Cumulative Risk Assessment Audits

14 Contractor Feedback / Suggestions  Contractor Feedback is religiously sought after the Turnaround  All contractors have submitted their feedback forms in TA 2012  13.5% of all suggestions were HSE Related  43% of all contractors submitted Suggestions for improving future turnarounds 14 Turnaround Contractors – Finalisation Phase Sm@rt GPIC


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