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The 1905 Revolution By Mr Osborne

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1 The 1905 Revolution By Mr Osborne

2 The 1905 revolution War with Japan In 1904/05 Russia and Japan fought for control of Korea and Manchuria The Tsar expected a quick victory Russia suffered defeats on Land and sea. Japan destroyed the Russian Navy Tsar becomes more unpopular Russia is humiliated Government seen to be weak and incompetent Conditions for the people get worse price rises food shortages and unemployment Results Background

3 The 1905 Revolution Bloody Sunday Jan 1905 200,00 unarmed workers march to the Winter Palace Demands - Better living and working conditions - end to war - a parliament Soldiers fire on crowd killing 500 Tsar undermined in the eyes of the people Support grows for revolutionaries set off a wave of riots, strikes and murders Events Results

4 Results of 1905 Revolution 4 The October Manifesto - 4 promise of freedom of speech, right to form political parties 4 Establish a Duma 4 No new laws without consent of the Duma 4 Broken Promises 4 Voting system was unfair rich had more influence than the poor 4 Duma had little influence over the Tsar and new laws 4 First two Dumas were dismissed for demanding reforms 4 Further changes introduced to excluded socialist

5 Why did the Revolution fail? 4 Japan released prisoners to aid the Tsar 4 Most of the armed forces stayed loyal to the Tsar 4 October Manifesto divided the opposition 4 The workers strikes and the peasants uprisings were not co-ordinated 4 No clear leader for the opposition

6 Russia 1906 - 1914 4 The Rule of Stolypin 4 Aim of stability 4 1. Repress the revolutionaries 4 2. Introduce reforms to improve living conditions 4 1911 - Stolypin assassinated

7 Results of Stolypin’s actions 4 1. Great reduction in activities of the revolutionaries 4 2. Richer peasants (Kulaks) now run farms for profit 4 3. Kulaks now loyal to Tsar 4 4. Cities have more food 4 5. Conditions for some workers improve though many remain discontented. 1912/14 many strikes 4 6. Revolutionaries like Lenin learn to adopt new more tactics

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