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Aisha School – Year 3 Parents Night Welcome!! Please Pay book fees. Then collect book September Fees due next week.

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1 Aisha School – Year 3 Parents Night Welcome!! Please Pay book fees. Then collect book September Fees due next week.

2  Why Quran focused school?  Supplement to Home School  Portion of teaching done at School  Portion of teaching done in Home school environment  Must be involved as parents Community social

3  Keep discussing importance  Treat it seriously not as an extracurricular activity like soccer  They will eventually love seeing this group of kids and they will become their friends.  Looking back they will appreciate it!!

4  Objectives and program tonight School structure Policies Layout School staff Teacher introductions Curriculum Parents Association

5  School Structure

6 SCHEDULE  The school year August - May.  The school is divided in two semesters.  Aisha School is, Tuesday and Wednesday for 1.45 hours from 6.15 pm to 8 pm.  The class schedule is divided as follows: * Salah with Thikr/Dua TuesdayWednesday Arrival 6 -6.15Use back doorUse Back door First periodReading class Second PeriodIslamic StudiesQuran School AssemblyLast 10 minutes

7 Attendance  Must attend 2 days per week.  Very stringent this year. Issues last year Communication directly with teacher for excused absence and make up work.  The more they practice the more they will progress.  If they miss, they must make up all work prior to returning to class, so must communicate with teacher

8 TUITION:  1. By month Monthly fee of $30 per child payable the first week of each month.  2. A late fee of $5 per child per day will be incurred after the 7th of each month.

9 Tuition…  Book fee of $30 $20 to be returned at collection of Islamic Studies book in excellent/unwritten in condition. If book has your childs writing in it, we can not accept it back. All other books are supplied by the school and students may write in them. Keep their Quran book and Noorania book for several years of Use.  All fees are check or Cash - Aisha School, INC  Given to Treasurer – Sister Sameena or Back up Sister Dora. Do not give to principal  Please collect receipt  All fees are non-refundable.

10  If unable to pay fees, scholarships available, please notify accountant.  If need reduced fees let us know.

11  Books lost by children must be replaced by purchasing replacements from the school (if available) or directly via websites for parents to directly order.  Child were given a set of head phones. Intermittent use- were not purchased this year for all students again, only for new students Any broken or damaged head phones must be replaced by parent. All headphones working at time of giving them to child – if your child breaks it in one hour – you must purchase a replacement and label it with your childs name. Recommended to keep childs headphone in plastic bag so as not to be broken easily.

12 DRESS CODE  All students must attend Aisha School in uniform. Boys’ uniform:  White/Light blue/Navy Blue polo shirt  Solid Navy blue/black long pants (no jeans)  Socks Girls’ uniform:  White/Light blue/Navy Blue polo shirt (long sleeve), long to mid thigh and Solid Navy blue/black long Skirt /Pants(no jeans)  OR solid color Navy blue/black Abbaya  Solid White/light blue/Navy blue hijab  Socks  Uniform Strictly enforced, three times without uniform and student takes home homework of “I must wear my uniform 25 times at home as punishment, repeated offence = suspension. Sister Sameena to enforce this.

13  No parents can stay and wait in the Center until your child/ren are finished.  No siblings to stay in the center, must be enrolled in the school  We are tight on space, so please follow our rules.

14 Rewards Student of the month- to be identified by the teacher per class- pictures and names to be posted on the school bill board. Golden tickets- will continue to use for exceptional behavior (doing your homework IS NOT exceptional behavior- it is expected behavior!!)  Tickets to be drawn every two weeks. Behavior chart, will be in the student planner, one behavior point chart per semester  Prizes when achieve score  Prize for perfection/highest score

15 Disciplinary action  General  Salah  Not doing homework  Immediate suspension

16 General - discipline

17 General Discipline

18 Salah - Discipline  We want them to love Salah  IF disruption made First time= warning Second time= say astaghfirullahul atheem 100 times Thrid time= write astaghfirula alatheem 25 times Fourth time = write astaghfirula alatheem 100 times

19 Not doing homework  Homework / attendance Children need to do homework and practice in order to keep up. Must send in their recordings on due date. Children must attend each time. IF parent cannot commit time to this school, Parent should teach children at home when available to do so.

20 Not doing homework Children continually falling behind due to lack of parental involvement to help with homework, will be held back if possible (to a review level of last years work), or dismissed if space cannot achieve this. Classes will not be split into varying levels of Quran memorization.  This robs children of needed time repeating with teacher.  When the average people in class finish once sura, they will start the next one. There is a set curriculum per group for the year.

21 Not doing homework - consequences  After two times not doing homework, child will get warning  If happens again, then a communication from the teacher to parents to find out what is the cause.  After third time with no homework, suspension from school for one week, time to be used to finish up all missed lessons.  If after suspension, homework is still not done, the child will be dismissed in order to allow other children on the waiting list to attend school.

22 Absences Three unexcused absences will mean suspension from school in order to do homework and catch up.  Absences will be kept track by teacher in teacher binder.  Parent to communicate directly with teacher regarding not coming, not with administration.  Parent to obtain make up work and missed lesson plans and homework, to be ready for the week after in order for child not to fall behind.

23 Safety ZERO, ZERO tolerance for hitting or physical fighting or physical play in school. Children get one warning then one parent/teacher conference then one “ I will keep my hands to myself” written 25 times then one week suspension. IF actions continue, dismissal.

24 Arrival and dismissal:  Arrival: Doors in front will be locked at 6 pm. DO NOT KNOCK!!, come through the back.  Entrance of students.  Volunteer will be accepting students and marking on school log entry of student to premises / if no volunteer must still sign in book.  Front office will be located towards the back of ACC. If you have business to attend to with the office, please take off your shoes and come in, do not stand at the door and block it.

25  Pick up: Come through back door Parent to pick up child from teacher personally.

26 Administrative Support Principal Mina Zeini Assistant Principal Fatmeh Saleh Communication/historian Samar Mady Treasurer/account/Discipline Sameena Mirza ASAP/School Front office Susu Ali ASAP/Front office/account Dora Naser

27 Curriculum Changes….. Why we changed….. Training….

28 READING (Tuesday and Wednesday) 1)Two days, 50 minutes each 2)All classes will be following Noorani method. 3)All classes will start in the beginning to FIX how the letters are pronounced. 4)A child does not move from one lesson to the next until finished with fixing most if not all the letters. 5)Class to proceed as follows: a.First 5 minutes, the children practice writing a line or two of the lesson for the day. b.Split the class in to groups depending on numbers (a computer station, a work with teacher station, a work with teacher station, a group work station in pairs/or individual. i.Group 1: max 5 students Use IN SCHOOL lap top with the CDROM for Noorni for the children to hear directly todays lesson via ear phones. You may assign a leader among this group to help navigate the lesson. 10 minutes ii.Group 2: max 5 students one on five with teacher practice. 10 minutes iii.Group 3: max 5 students practicing lesson on their own paired in to students practicing together. 10 minutes iv.Last 10-15 minutes of class teacher emphasizes lesson learned today/whole class work/assigning homework/behavior chart etc. Reading Teaching Method

29 i.For advanced students, they should be able to work through the noorani quicker. ii.Tajweed level one class- Please use CDROM 2- Noorania- assign half a page or one page of practice from Juzza Amma. Students to apply the rule of tajweed you taught in class from “Tajweed made easy”, they should then practice while in class to listen to the ayas (using the CDROM/with laptop or Noorania device) – goal is to have them practice enough to be pronouncing the pages just like the sheikh. Other resources- Tajweed book

30 1)Homework be written in planner, specifically. for exact same lessons on ii.Use CD ROM Noorani for more specific parent teaching b.Teacher to sign off that student did home work/comments to parents c.Audio home work i.Child records their homework and sends via E mail to teacher to assess progress, will be done q 2 weeks, due on Saturday night at midnight. Record an audio file using your computer/smart phone etc, then e mail teacher with the homework. ii.Teachers to correct audio homework for class and send comments back to parent/student via E mail. iii.For noorania CD 2-practice half page to one page of assigned Quran Surah at least 3 times during the week. Assign tajweed homework/lesson to be applied iv.Testing d.Twice a semester- please look at calendar – for Tajweed class level one- rules of Tajweed to be tested too. e.Ongoing feedback Reading Homework

31 Quran Teaching method Quran Memorization ( Wednesday 7-7.50) 1)One lesson per week 2)Pace of 4-5 aya a week 3)Tafseer of Sura learned to be given at initiation of sura. If long Sura, this can be broken up to different sessions- Older children will have opportunity to prepare tafseer themselves a.Please see sura Mind maps 4)ALL students in one class at the same level and aya. 5)Class to proceed as follows: a.Students say out loud ayas in suras learned. First 10-15 minutes of class. b.Can use the technique of having two - three students reciting at a time c.New work: All students in class learning same ayas. A repetition of 4-5 ayas in class at least 10 times, to be done. d.Students encouraged to try to say the ayas from memory, with quick recall i.For group 6 and 7 - 5-10 ayas can be assigned e.Then repeat ayas 10 more times if possible. f.FOCUS on correct pronunciation g.Students must listen to Sheikh Alhusary/Ibrahim Alakhdar or Alraee to practice at home. h.When the average children in class finish once sura, they will start the next one. There is a set curriculum per group for the year.

32 Quran- Homework 1)Homework a.written in planner, specifically. b.Memorization homework c.Writing Aya’s they memorized in their note book (by copying - even younger ages) d.Teacher to sign off that student did home work/comments to parents e.Students must listen to a.Sheikh Alhusary b.Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhdar c.Sheikh Mohammad Alraee f. practice and practice at home. 2)Testing a.Testing is twice a semester- please look at calendar to be prepared. b.Be prepared for midterm and final report card to have name and grade for each sura they should have learned. c.Ongoing feedback d.Quran Competition during second semester

33 Quran… ***Sura group breakdown is: Group 1 Alnnas (114)to Alfil (105) - 9 suras Group 2 Alhumazza (104) to AlQadr (97) – 8 Suras Group 3 Alalaq(96) to Albalad (90) - 7 suras Group 4 AlFajr (89) to Almutafifieen (83) – 7 Suras Group 5 Alinfitar (82) to Alnabaa (78) – 5 suras Group 6 Almursalat (77) to Almuzamil (73) – 5 suras Group 7 Aljinn (72) to Almulk (67) – 6 Suras RESOURCES **Resources for recitation scholars ** I Quran on android or I phone

34 Tafseer

35 a.May use Mind maps. i.Examples are at ii.Mind maps face book group =a.241443842555166.65481.240554185977465&type=1&theater =a.241443842555166.65481.240554185977465&type=1&theater

36 Islamic studies ISLAMIC STUDIES (Tuesdays 7-7.50 pm) 1)I love Islam books – intense excellent curriculum. USE TEACHER GUIDE BOOK 2)Requires one hour of parent teaching at home on the weekend in order to finish one lesson per week, in addition to homework time. 3)Pace of one lesson per week, approximately 33-36 lessons (Depending on level) in a given school year. (39 weeks in a school year!!) 4)Goal is to finish one book per school year. 5)Measure of children’s Islamic study knowledge is ongoing assessment and discussions throughout the year. At end of each unit there is take home questions to be answered in work book. 6)Ongoing fun activities in the book can be done by teacher, assigned to home or skipped depending on time. E.g- building a paper boat 7)No formal exams for Islamic studies.

37 Teacher Self Introduction

38 #NAME? updated august 21 - 2014 QuranTeacher#studentsAssistantPlace 1sara12 main hall 2omar12 main hall 3ahatem7 main hall 3bhatem7Nur Alimain hall 4aNihal Hafez10 upstairs 4bNihal Moslehy10 upstairs 5gihan11 main hall 6randa5 office* 7Hanan2 main hall 8Hanan1 main hall IslamTeacher#studentsAssistantPlace 1Sara6 main hall 2aNadia7 main hall 2bFatmeh8 main hall 3dora11 main hall 4asusu11Nur Aliupstairs 4bNihal Hafez12Ranaupstairs 5Gihan9 main hall 6hatem9 office 7Waheeda2 main hall ReadingTeacher#studentsAssistantPlace 1sara8 wed-nur ali office 2 Tue- 'hanan/randa -wed 9 main hall 3Tue-hanan/omar- wed6Tue-nur Alimain hall 4Gihan10 main hall 5Hatem12 main hall 6samar12 main hall 7Nihal Hafez9 upstairs 8Nihal Moslehy10 upstairs+A1:E35

39 notes: 1)Communication: Teachers will make every effort this year to communicate with teachers. If parent feels child is not progressing or having difficulty in classes, a parent teacher conference should be requested. Parent/teacher open house will be scheduled twice a semester.

40 Communication  Best way to contact teacher is E mail!!  Contact teacher directly regarding class issues.  Contact administrative volunteers for other issues  To set up meeting with teacher, must give at least one days notice to see if teacher is available AFTER school.

41  Layout of School Tables/chairs White erase boards Children move between two periods

42 Islam Group 2B (17) (13) Reading Group 5 Islam Group 5 Read-Group 6 Islam-Group 1 (12) Reading Group 4 Islam Group 7 Reading Group 3 Islam Group 3 (13 ) Reading Group 2 Islam Group 2A School Entry Door Is Back Door Minbar Front Shoes Bathroom En Door School office Small Black Table Two stools Upstairs Islam 4A (13) Islam 4B (14) Reading Group 8 Reading Group 7 Reading Group 1 Islam Group 6 OFFICE (10) Only Teachers Come Through Front door Tue*** (13 )

43 Read-Group 6 Quran –group 1 (12) Reading Group 4 Quran Group 7 and 8 Quran Group 3b (16) Reading Group 3 Quran Group 3A Entry Door Is Back Door Minbar Front Shoes Bathroom En Door School office Small Black Table Two stools Upstairs Quran 4A (12) Quran 4B (12) Reading group 8 Reading group 7 Reading Group 1 Quran Group 6 OFFice (( 9) Only Teachers Come Through Front door WED ***** * (13) (12) Reading Group 5 Quran Group 5 Reading Group 2 Quran Group 2 (9) School Entry Door Is Back Door

44 Curriculums  Open one of your childs bags.  Lets review  Open CDROM at home tonight to check that it is working and get familiar with it.  Cd rom does not work with windows 8.  Audio CD is provided, please put in the car and have our child listen to it and repeat after when picking up from school too.

45 Reading class Book + CD + Practice

46 Quran Reading – Sheikh Noor ar- Raee






52 HW- Planner.

53 Aisha School Association of Parents (ASAP)  Improving the school  Parents lead on extra Events Special events Making school fun arranging  Quiz day  Quran competition day Eid picnic? Weekend picnic? Camping?  Need leader and assistants for this

54  Sign up for ASAP, ASAP  Outside sign up sheet And via E mail

55 Calendar Breaks  Closed week of Eid.  Closed thanksgiving week  Closed two weeks winter break  Closed spring break.

56  Questions?

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