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Emergency Services Search Patterns

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1 Emergency Services Search Patterns
Mission Pilot CAPR 50-15 Attachment 10 Paragraph a Richard Shulak Wasatch Sqdn. RMR-UT-008 November 1999

2 6 Types of Searches Track line (route) search Parallel track search
Creeping line search Expanding square search Contour search Coordination with ATC

3 Track Line (Route) Search

4 1. Track Line (Route) Search
Used when no idea of target location Along intended path of flight at ½ search track spacing Can follow several routes if no flight plan filed Hope to hear ELT on the route

5 Parallel Track Search

6 2. Parallel Track Search Used for uniform coverage of a large area, usually a grid Start at corner of the area at ½ search track spacing A variation is the PARALLEL SWEEP PATTERN Uses several aircraft

7 Creeping Line Search

8 3. Creeping Line Search Flights back and forth across the search area
Used when search area is narrow, long and fairly level Probable location of target is between two points Immediate need for coverage on one end of search area

9 Expanding Square

10 4. Expanding Square Search
Used when area is small and target positions is known with close limits Start at suspected target location Fly first leg into wind Fly second pattern diagonal to first Elongate pattern to follow suspected movement of target

11 Contour Search

12 5. Contour Search Used over mountainous and hilly areas
Start at highest point Successive contours are flown 500 ft lower Do not get yourself in trouble Crew must be experienced in contour flying techniques Weather conditions should be good Wind gusts should be minimal

13 5. Contour Search (Cont) Aircraft must be maneuverable with a good climb rate and capable of making turns in a small radius Fly clockwise or counterclockwise????? Beware of canyons and valleys Don’t fly into a valley that you cannot fly out of Fly down the canyon with the mouth leaving a way out

14 Coordination With ATC Characteristics How to do it Advantages

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