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By Melchor M. Domingo 0915-1161319 0915-5389152

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1 By Melchor M. Domingo 0915-1161319 0915-5389152

2 Background Originated from the Mekong River, Vietnam Being exported to Europe, US and other countries; Healthy and tasty fish; Omnivorous; Adapts well to any kind of feeds; Survives even in low dissolved oxygen; Grows better than bangus or tilapia; High potential for export; Globally accepted; …. And best of all …. Now available in the Philippines!!

3 History of Pangasius farming Originated from Mekong River, in Vietnam; Being exported by Vietnam to the Europe, US and other countries; Grow-out Operations: o Traditional carreer since 1950’s –for domestic consumption based on experience; Market / Export: 2004: 300,000 MT 2005: 400,000 MT 2006: 800,000 MT Soon: 1M to 1.5 M MT (2010)

4 Market Status and Potential Current Market (international and Local) Total Pangasius export of Vietnam in 2007: 1M MT The Philippines currently imports about 30 vans monthly; Being served as fish fillet in high end restaurants, fastfood chains and in food courts; Local players are already initiating Pangasius projects (Grow-out, processing, etc.)

5 Potential for the Philippines Philippines fish market is still limited to Bangus and Tilapia and minor species; We have many under utilized natural bodies of water (lakes, marshes, etc.) and idle or abandoned fish ponds ; Local market for Pangasius is rapidly growing mostly as fillet; Government is actively promoting the culture of Pangasius for local consumption and for export; The private sector is also active in promoting Pangasius.

6 Advanatges of Pangasius as an aquaculture specie Fast growing (up to about 1Kg. In only 6 months of culture; FCR is only 1.5 (i.e. 1.5 Kg. of feeds to produce 1Kg. of fish; Can tolerate low dissolved oxygen (has air breathing capability); Can be grown without using mechanical aerators; Can be stocked at a higher density (in Vietnam, it is being stocked at 30-40pcs/sq.m.); Can be fed with locally available materials

7 Vietnam Experience Stocking Density and Yield: Feeding and FCR: Home made/Fresh feeds: 2.8 – 3.0 Pelleted /Dry feeds:1.5 – 1.8 CultureStocking DensityYield Floating Cages100-150 fish/m 3 100-120 zKg./m 3 Pond60-80 fish/m 2 250-300 MT/ha Net-pen enclosure80-120 fish/m 2 300-350 MT/ha

8 Pond 1Pond 2Pond 3Pond 4Pond 5Pond 6 Average No. of Rearing Days 145183187203206184 184.67 Pond Area (sq.m.) 6,0006,9608,6585,1045,0005,500 6,203.67 Stocking size (grams) 102608019.24050 58.53 Socking Density33.5933.1526.8540.3650.036.36 36.72 Harvest Weight (grams) 9301100110611001010922 1028 Total Harvest165367170539203400169696220511167000 182752 Survival Rate (%) 81.22 Biomass of dead Fish 280924434398470429501103 3067.83 Feed Quantity243405272458295975271840350740245000 279903 FCR farmer1.471.601.461.601.591.47 1.53 Technical FCR1.651.711.561.591.641.55 1.62

9 Sample Financial Analysis

10 Assumptions Specie: Pangasius Stocking Densisty/Size: 10 pcs/sq.m. (25 grams) Survival rate: 85% Target weight: 1 Kg/pc Rearing period: 6 months Farm gate price: P75/Kg. Pond area: 5 x 2000 sq.m. Farm Rental: P100,000 / year Work force: 4 Construction of conditioning tank: Optional

11 Sales Schedule Revenues per pond Stocking x Survival Rate x Farm gate price 20,000 x 85% x P75 P1,1275,000 Cost of sales-Fingerlings StockingxCost of fingerlings 20,000 x P6P120,000 Cost of sales-Feeds Stocking x survival rate x FCR 20,000 x 85% x 1.5=25,500Kg.  P688,980

12 Schedule of Expenses Supplies and Materials Net, thread, rope, hooks, etc.: P5,000 Basins, pails, containers, etc.:P2,000 Shovel, bolo, hoe, farm tools, etc.:P1,000 Cooking and kitchen wares:P1,000 TOTALP6,000 Travelling Expenses P200/day @ 30 days P6,000

13 Schedule of Expenses Gas and Oil 40L/mo. @ P25/L for 6 mo.:P6,000 Oil maintenance of pumps:P0,600 TOTALP6,600 Pond Rental Say 10,000/mo.P10,000 Light and Power P1,500/mo x 6 mos.P9,000 Office SuppliesP1,000

14 Schedule of Expenses Salaries and wages Farm Manager* (allowance only) P5,000 x 6mos.P30,000 Secretary P6,000 x 6mos.P36,000 Farm worker (150/day) P4,500 x 6mos.P27,000 TotalP93,000 *Farm manager shares in net profit

15 Returns Sales:P1,275,000 - 100% Less: Cost of Sales 809,000 - 64% Gross Income (per pond): 466,000 - 36% Less: Operating Expenses: 144,000 - 11% Net Income: 322,000 -25% ROI:33.7% Payback2.9 grows

16 For more information please contact: Mr. Melchor M. Domingo 0915-1161319 0915-5389152

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