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Partners: Chandima De Silva Hamidah SE Msi Euyiuche Unachukwu Fe Reyes

2 Business Proposal Line of Business : Fish Farming Name : CHEF Catfish Co. Expected date of Start-up : January 2011 Location : Nigeria Objectives : - To earn profit - Supply a nutritious product to the Nigerians - Supply fresh fish, that whenever you want to eat just get it and kill it, unlike of the frozen fish it has chemical to preserve the freshness. - Get a market share of the growing demand of catfish in Nigeria.

3 Business Proposal Relevant experience : Partners have no experience in catfish farming but one of us has an existing business now. Education : Partners are graduates of different courses. Economics, Accounting, Business Administration and a Doctorate in Finance. Personal Background : Came from a family of businessmen, aggressive , determine to succeed, patient . Detailed Products : Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus)

4 Good quality of water for catfish farming. Market opportunity
SWOT ANALYSIS: Strength Weaknesses Good quality of water for catfish farming. Market opportunity People do not want to eat beef so they switch eating catfish. People eat catfish for a long life. Catfish is very nutritious, low calories, low carbohydrates and high protein, low in fat. Easy to prepare and great taste. High growth rate No experience in this catfish farming No enough capital No expert in fishery biology. Needs adequate power supply so that the catfish will have a fresh water everyday to grow big.

5 More health conscious people eat catfish.
SWOT ANALYSIS: Opportunities Threats More health conscious people eat catfish. High demand of catfish in the market Higher survival in catfish farming Demand of catfish is all year round Catfish market value is twice as high as that of Tilapia – a closest rival in domestic fish rearing. High competition Very high cost of feeds Fingerlings will die if not properly nurtured.

6 Market Plan Customers/Consumers: People of Abuja, Nigeria Hotels
Restaurants Food vendors Supermarkets

7 Market Plan Suppliers: Supplier of feeds Supplier of Fingerlings
Suppliers of vitamins for fingerlings. Supplier of tanks

8 Market Plan Competitors: Areo Farmers Berens fisheries Kadi Fisheries
Junio Fisheries Korodu fish farm estate – the largest in West Africa.

9 Market Plan Sales Forecast: Jan-May June July August Sept. Oct. Nov.
Dec 1,500 3,300 We forecasted or projected our sales for 1 yr for about 6,000 pcs and have a sales of US $ 13,200. Assumption that all fingerlings are harvested and sold.

10 Market Plan Marketing Program/Strategies Distribution of flyers
Complementary cards Expo exhibition Do the E-commerce promotion Go directly to the target market

11 Production Plan Production/Operations Process: First Step- Put the fingerlings in the 1st pond. Nurture and fed. Second – after 2 mos. Transfer the juvenile size to the 2nd pond.

12 Production Plan Production/Operations Process: Third step – 2 mos. After again, transfer the table size catfish in the 4th pond. Fourth step –. after 2 mos. again, Transfer the catfish which is now ready for harvest in the 4th pond.

13 Production Plan Production/Operations Process: It takes 6 mos. Nurturing and feeding before harvesting the grown up fingerlings. We just need a net to transfer the product and to be sure that the fingerling will grow in our desire size or size that it can be harvested. Every pond should have a clean water everyday.

14 Production Plan Production Layout: Fingerlings Juvenile Table size
Harvest size Water Bio aerator (oxygen for catfish)




18 Organizational Structure
Eyiuche Theodora Unachukwu Maria Fe San Esteban Reyes Marketing Manager Financial Manager Hamidah Human Resources Manager A Chandima De Silva Labor-2 Technical

19 Job Discripton Chairman : all coordinating activities,Negotitation to supplier, Marketing Manager: decide price, distribution channel, Finance Manager:Decide funding ,payment , accounting and auditing Human resources Manager: decide salaries, recruitment labor, facilities for labor Technical Assistant: give guidence to maintain the catfish farm



22 Required Funds and Fund Raising

23 Income Forecast

24 Production Cost

25 THANK YOU !! Nigeria Philippines Sri Lanka Indonesia Hamidah Eyiuche
Chandima Fe

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