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Aquaculture in Vietnam: Challenges & Future Options

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1 Aquaculture in Vietnam: Challenges & Future Options
Pham Anh Tuan & Nguyen Cong Dan

2 Presentation outline Introduction to aquaculture & fisheries
The vision for development of the sectors Challenges needed to be solved Activities to solve challenges The future of the sector


4 Fisheries & Aquaculture in Vietnam:
One of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors Last 15 years: total fisheries production approximately 2.9 times increased, to 3.1 million tonnes in 2004 Fisheries export value has increased nearly 12 times to US $ 2.4 billion in 2004

5 Fisheries & Aquaculture in Vietnam:
Supplies 40% of animal protein in Vietnamese food Creates approximately 4 million jobs and support livelihoods for many more Contributes to approximately 4% GDP Fishery landings has increase from 0.7 billion MT in 1990 to 1.7 million MT in 2004 Estimated sustainable yield million MT

6 Aquaculture in Vietnam:
Aquaculture production from 0.4 million MT in 1990 to 1.4 million MT in 2004 Main freshwater species cultured are: Carps Catfish Tilapia Gouramy Silver barb

7 Pond Aquaculture Larger commune level ponds or smaller household ponds
Utilises many species including tilapias Integrate fish culture with vegetables and livestock

8 Lowland rice fish Deep water rice often used
Practiced throughout the Red & Mekong river delta Fish culture extended after rice harvest

9 Sewage fed systems

10 Cage aquaculture:

11 Aquaculture in Vietnam:
Main brackish & marine species cultured are: Black tiger shrimp Black kingfish Mud & Swimming crabs Grouper Green mussel Abalone Lobster Seaweed

12 Brackish & marine aquaculture:

13 Aquaculture in Vietnam:
Potential area for aquaculture: Freshwater: Ponds and small lakes: 120,000 ha Medium and larger Reservoirs: 340,000 ha Rice-fields: 580,000 ha Marine & Brackish Water: Tidal areas: 600,000 ha Lagoons suitable for aquaculture: ,000 ha

14 The projected development of aquaculture in Vietnam:
Aquaculture development ( ): - Food security - Exportation for hard currencies Target objectives: - 2,000,000 MT from aquaculture 2,5 billion USD from exporting of aquaculture products 2 million of jobs in aquaculture

15 Challenges needed to be solved:
Lack of planning leading to unsustainable development Poor seed quality and insufficient quantity Poor aquaculture infrastructure Inefficient extension service Polluting production technologies

16 Challenges needed to be solved:
High disease prevalence Lack of environmental and disease monitoring system Low species diversification Lack of administrative and management capacity

17 Activities to solve challenges:
Lack of Planning: -Aquaculture planning guidelines for provincial and district level -Detailed project planning and implementation -Training of national and provincial planning staff

18 Activities to solve challenges:
Poor Seed Quality & Insufficient Quantity: - Establishment of selective breeding programmes - Development of ‘Better Management Practices’ (BMP) in hatcheries - Seed quality evaluation and monitoring -Training of public and private hatchery management staff

19 Activities to solve challenges:
Poor Aquaculture Infrastructure: - Establishment of 6 National Broodstock Centers - Establishment of provincial hatcheries - Establish demonstration areas with common in- and outlet water canals for semi-intensive aquaculture production

20 National Broodstock Centres:
NBCs Provicial seed centres Commercial hatcheries ...

21 National Broodstock Center:

22 Improved infrastructure for a Semi-intensive shrimp :

23 Activities to solve challenges:
Inefficient Aquaculture Extension: - Support provincial aquaculture extension centres - Establish Aquaculture Farmer Field Schools -Training of trainers in Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP)

24 Aquaculture Farmer Field School
Stress testing tiger shrimp seed to evaluate quality

25 Polluting Production Technologies:
Shrimp waste accumulated in outlet Intensive shrimp pond cleaned by Tilapia.

26 High Disease Prevalence:
Study on parasite, bacteria diseases in fish cultured in pond/cage Studies on reducing viral diseases e.g. white spot disease in shrimp culture

27 Activities to solve challenges:
Lack of environmental and disease monitoring & dissemination system: - 3 Environmental & Disease Monitoring Centers established + Essential for detection of emergencies + Early warning and response + Prevention of disease + Reduce risk of production failure - Community based management

28 Activities to solve challenges:
Low Species Diversification Promote diversified production systems: + Mono & polyculture + Integrated systems Culture species diversified: + Low and high value species + Local & introduced species + Market targets

29 Activities to solve challenges:
Lack of Policies to Support Sustainable Development Development of: - The New Fishery Law - Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines - Aquaculture Planning Guidelines - Co-management Guidelines

30 Activities to solve challenges:
Lack of administrative and management capacity - Human Resource development plan - Education and additional training - CP 43 Organizational restructuring of the Ministry of Fisheries & related institutions

31 Activities to solve challenges:
Great support to fisheries & aquaculture: - Gov. budget for fisheries increased - Strong & long term support of international donors: DANIDA (FSPS) NORAD WB & ADB…

32 Future of the sector: Diversification More intensive farming
Market oriented development Balance of domestic & international consumption Importance of quality control: success of farming & trading

33 Thank you!

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