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1 by Wayne L. Atchison.  The Garden of Eden will be restored on earth  Yahowah’s Government, and His Paradise, will be here again, on this earth, with.

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1 1 by Wayne L. Atchison

2  The Garden of Eden will be restored on earth  Yahowah’s Government, and His Paradise, will be here again, on this earth, with The Messiah reigning  Righteousness and Joyful living will be the rule, for the rest of eternity 2

3  The Messiah, Yahoshua (Aramaic, Greek 'Yeesous', English 'Jesus') went from town to town teaching about The Kingdom of God / The Kingdom of Heaven  To understand why you are drawing breath; you need to understand what the Kingdom of God (Yahowah) will be! 3

4  You need to understand what is going to be happening in that Kingdom  You need to understand that “Salvation” is much more than “Just Believing”, “Getting Saved”, and then “Going To Heaven” – as there will be a FIRST resurrection of the dead, and that restored life (1-Corinthians 15:20-24) will be “YOU” 4

5  Spiritual – to know right from wrong  Physical – to be a selfless loving King- Priest Manager  Community– to be a highly prized and cherished intelligence 5 “The You” Resurrected Righteous Selfless Manager Of Priceless Value

6  Train “The You” in a hostile environment  Let “The You” experience both good and evil, the pros and the cons  Let “The You” learn HOW to choose “The Right Way”  Resurrect “The You”, something worth keeping forever ! 6

7  Once you were baptized, why didn’t Yahowah just kill you immediately, so that you would not have to suffer, and have no chance to do a sin?  What is the purpose of living on? Why bother? What is being accomplished ? 7

8  Yahowah can make rocks witness for Him and Yahoshua. He doesn’t need you for that.  Only this much is certain, you know that you exist !  Everything that happens, and everything you do, is 100% unique in all of time, and can never be duplicated !  There is nothing in creation more unique than “ The You ” ! 8

9  You Are !  Yahoshua is the first to be resurrected  As Flesh And Bone (Luke 24:36-43)  He, as Himself (personality and intellect)  With Full Memory Of What He Had Accomplished (John 20:15-18) 9

10  Your Body  Your Mind  Your Life Experiences  Your Personality and Character Traits  Your Renown  It is “ YOU” that is resurrected back to life again – It is “ The You” that gets to live on (Job 19:25-27) 10

11  To experience and to learn all of the Qualities it takes to make you a Good King and a Good Priest (Revelation 5:10), in The Kingdom  Testing and Trials are required for training 11

12  “Let no one deceive you, it is the one who practices (daily) righteousness (adverb) that is righteous (noun) ”  Every day you have another chance to do more “ spiritual weight-training ”, to grow in graciousness and wisdom and selflessness 12

13  Your Body - a fantastic machine, so maintain it and use it !  Your Mind – a self aware intellect, so use it ! Learn Things  Your Life - His breath in You, so live life ! Do Things ! 13

14  Your Personality and Character Traits - grow and keep growing, by practicing Selflessness, Graciousness, and Wisdom  Your Renown - the good deeds that you do today will be remembered, and you will be rewarded according to what you are doing now 14

15  Those who are worthy of managing the cities and peoples (Luke 19:12- 19, Revelation 2:26-28, 15:3-4) in Yahoshua’s Kingdom  The good slaves of Yahoshua that use the talent (“The You”) they are given, and improve themselves into something so valuable that they are resurrected and worth keeping around forever (2- Timothy 2:19-21) ! 15

16  What is the value of a truly good King-Priest, a truly Righteous Manager ?  The typical family just wants to be happy, on their own farm-ranch.  How valuable is it to them, to have someone who is Selfless and Righteous, watching out for them ? 16

17  Yahoshua’s Kingdom will have only Righteous and Selfless Kings and Priests.  It will be your good pleasure to manage Righteously and Selflessly, and to take care of all of the details, so that people will live happy lives, filled with new things to do and learn. 17

18  A truly righteous King-Priest is the most valuable asset of Creation !  What good is the Garden without intelligent, creative, righteous people to manage it ?  How precious is the resurrected person who is a selfless, gracious, and wise manager ? 18

19  Your uniqueness is exactly what Yahowah wants to manage His Kingdom (2 nd Eden)  Your unique creativity will manage your assigned area of the Garden uniquely, and you will make it awesome !  Every day you will be creating your latest new masterpiece ! 19

20  Your Body - a finely tuned machine that never gets sick  Your Mind - an intellectual giant that never gets tired of creating new things, and finding better ways to do things  Your Life - a balanced harmonious collage of numerous pursuits and fun activities 20

21  Your Personality and Your Character Traits – An ever expanding and growing presence of Selflessness, Graciousness, and Wisdom.  “The You” is so Uniquely YOU ! 21

22  Your Renown – in the first 1,000 years, can you imagine all of the fantastic things you will accomplish? With your finely tuned body and giant intellect, as you live a life filled with bountiful activities and numerous creative pursuits ? 22

23  What is the price to be paid by you now, to be in The Kingdom ?  Daily obeying Yahowah by keeping His Teachings, through the Messiah Yahoshua (John 4:24)  Which training experience done today, will not be worth doing it tomorrow (1-Corinthains 2:6-10) ? 23

24  Train-Up “The You”, to become better at what you do best  Learn things, to become more gracious to others, learn balance and wisdom  Learn how to have good relationships  Do things, experience life  Be things, become “The Dynamic” 24

25  There is no end to The Kingdom of Yahowah ! It just keeps getting better and better for all ETERNITY !  Just Like “YOU” ! 25

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