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In His Holy Presence; hidden treasures and let’s worship Him! Part 1.

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1 In His Holy Presence; hidden treasures and let’s worship Him! Part 1

2 Jesus Christ says: I am the Way. The Way to the Kingdom of God and Heaven is total dependence on Jesus Christ in everything. There is no other Way.

3 The Way to Kingdom of God is through the Cross of Jesus Christ. I must come to His Cross in order to receive salvation and eternal Life and inheritance in the Kingdom of God.

4 Every person has a will, and my will must want Jesus Christ, before I can even start on the road toward God and His Kingdom.

5 Unless I come with humility to the Cross of Christ and abandon my life to Jesus Christ, I will never have Life in me or see the Kingdom of God.

6 It is God’s will that we come to the Cross of Christ, and give ourselves to Him and to His ruling; Jesus Christ is the King of kings and He is the Lord.

7 How I live my life on earth, depends on how I spend eternity; in the presence of God, Jesus Christ, our King and Lord, in Love and peace, or away from Him.

8 It is God, the Father, who teaches us and makes the path straight for us to the Cross of Christ, but only if we allow Him. We must repent.

9 It is God, our Heavenly Father’s Goodness and Love that draws us to the Cross of Christ and enables us abandon ourselves to Him.

10 Who ever seeks Me with all their heart, will find Me and come to the Cross, says the Lord, Jesus Christ.

11 No one can grow spiritually without concentrating on Jesus Christ, our Lord.

12 Everything we ever need, and the only thing that will last, is found in the relationship with Jesus Christ, our God.

13 God created us to be a Holy Temple, where we worship Him day and night. Is that happening in you?

14 Abide in Me, says the Lord, Jesus Christ; Trust in Me. Look upon Me and be saved. Fix your eyes on Me, He continues.

15 Kingdom of God is a hidden treasure, and it can only be found by concentrating on Jesus Christ, and seeking Him with all your heart.

16 When we come to the Cross of Christ, we give ourselves to Christ’s ruling and He will fill us with His Holy Spirit.

17 The world sees dependence on God, Jesus Christ, as a weakness; God sees dependence on Him as a strength.

18 God created us to live this life through His Son, Jesus Christ, who is God Incarnate, and to believe Him and obey Him in everything. Without obedience there is no belief. Faith obeys.

19 God created us to live this life in His Presence; praying and worshipping Him day and night and seeking Him and His Will.

20 Jesus Christ is God Himself, our Lord and King, through whom we receive salvation if we come to Him and ask.

21 What prevents us seeking Christ and coming to Him? We want to rule our own lives and follow our own wants, thoughts and desires.

22 Seek, and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. Seek the Lord, Jesus Christ, and He will open the door for you to the Kingdom of God and Heaven.

23 When you find the Kingdom of God, you will receive the promised Holy Spirit, and your life becomes prayer and worship for the Glory of God.

24 Cross of Christ means that we have given our rights to ourselves to Jesus Christ and do not rule our own lives anymore, but allow Him to rule us.

25 It is not our own good works we do that saves us, but only the Cross of Christ. There is no other salvation.

26 If you truly loved Me, you would obey Me, says the Lord Jesus Christ, and God would be your Father. When you have seen Me, you have seen the Father; I and the Father are One.

27 Holy God will never share the knowledge of Himself if there is no willingness to obey Him. He is so Holy, and He wants us to be Holy too.

28 It is the sin in us; obedience to ourselves, our own pride, that prevents us from seeking the Lord, Jesus Christ and coming to the Cross.

29 Pride and self ruling have to be left outside when we come to the Cross of Christ and enter Life and the Kingdom of God.

30 God created us to be obedient to Himself; not obedient to ourselves, not to our own thoughts and wants or worldviews.

31 Leave your life of disobedience and sin and come to Me – your Lord, God, Jesus Christ - He calls us. Will you come?

32 Obedience to God is not obedience to a religion, good works, or written Word, but obedience to a person, Jesus Christ who was sent from Heaven to us. He is the Living Word.

33 There is no other Faith, but Faith to a Person, Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, and obedience to Him. Everything else is fake.

34 The true knowledge of God will come when we abandon ourselves to Christ’s ruling, and receive the promised Holy Spirit. Before that Christianity is a religion to us.

35 Christianity is not a religion, but LIFE. If we stop breathing, we die. The same way, if we stop living this life through Jesus Christ, we will die spiritually.

36 Christianity means eternal life to those who live their lives through Jesus Christ, in obedience to Him, while on earth.

37 Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, gave His life for us and for our sins on the Cross. How are we rewarding Him?

38 Through non stopping worship and thanksgiving and obedience to Him, or do we ignore Him by disobeying Him and by not living this life for Him?

39 There is only eternal life in Jesus Christ. He is our true Hope. His Cross means Life to everyone who believes and who comes to the Cross and to Him.

40 Worship, praise and give thanks to the One who went to the Cross for us! May God bless you!

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