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Polish Economy polnische Wirtschaft

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1 Polish Economy polnische Wirtschaft

2 The Economy of Poland is the sixth largest in the Europe and one of the fastest growing economies in Central Europe.

3 It is based on: Food production Farming Services Coal mining
Car production and others

4 Polish culture and traditions polnische Kultur und Tradition

5 Polish celebrations

6 Easter Ostern Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Poland, in which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday morning families have a special breakfast in which they share the egg and wish each other all the best. Typically Polish symbols of Easter are wonderfully decorated eggs and colorful palms.

7 Polish Easter basket – Saturday before Easter children take this type of basket to church to bless the Easter food

8 Easter Monday Water-Throwing Day
If you are in Poland on Easter Monday watch out - You may get very wet!

9 Christmas in Poland Weihnachten in Polen
Christmas Eve is the biggest celebrations. It starts with Wigilia – a 12-course meal full of traditional Polish food like bigos, beetroot soup, dumplings, poppy-seed cake, cheese cake and many others.

10 Sharing the wafer Before the Wigilia starts we share the wafer and wish each other all the best. It’s a symbol of forgiving.

11 11 November -Independence Day Nationalfeiertag
A national holiday in which Poles celebrate regaining independence after 123 years of partitions. A special ceremony takes place near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw

12 Polish music polnische Musik
Fryderyk Chopin the greatest composer and pianist Popular Polish types of music: disco –polo, rap, pop, electro, house, rock, metal

13 Popular Polish musicians

14 Afromental

15 Robert M

16 Behemoth

17 Decapitated

18 Typical Polish food typisch polnisches Essen

19 Betroot soup (Borsch) with dumplings

20 Bigos Cooked cabage with meet and some vegetables

21 Typical soup usually eating on Sunday
Rosół Gefluegelsuppe Typical soup usually eating on Sunday

22 A soup with white sausage and eggs inside
Żurek A soup with white sausage and eggs inside

23 Kotlet schabowy Usually eating with potatoes and salat

24 How Polish teenagers spent their free time :

25 They play football

26 Voleyball

27 Or handball

28 They really like spending time together on the fresh air

29 Old Traditional Polish clothes traditionelle polnische Kleidung





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