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WELCOME TO POLAND You are invited to see a bit of our homeland.

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1 WELCOME TO POLAND You are invited to see a bit of our homeland

2 OUR FLAG Poland has a white- red flag

3 EM BLEM A white eagle with a crown is our emblem

4 FACTFILE Country- the Republic of Poland Capital- Warsaw (Warszawa) Population- over 38,5 milion Area- 312 685 km 2 Largest cities- Warsaw, Cracow (Kraków), Wrocław, Gdańsk Main river- Vistula (Wisła) Official language- Polish

5 LOCATION Poland is situated in the heart of Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east, and the Baltic Sea, Lithuania and Russia to the north. It also shares a martitime border with Dennmark and Sweden.

6 WARSAW The capital of Poland with a population of about 2 million people. It is the largest city in Poland. There are many attractions worth seeing.

7 HISTORY The first Polish state was born in 966. Poland became a kingdom in 1025, and in 1569 it cemented a long association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by uniting to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Commonwealth collapsed in 1795 and the Poles were without a state for 123 years. Poland regained its independence in 1918 after World War I but lost it again in World War II.

8 HISTORY In 1989 it threw off the communist yoke and became what is informally known as the „Third Polish Republic”. Today, as the 6th most populated member state of the European Union, Poland is a liberal democracy made up of sixteen voivodeships. Poland is also a member of NATO, the United National, and the World Trade Organization.

9 CLIMATE AND WEATHER The climate of Poland is moderate. The characteristic feature of this climate is a different weather which depends on how masses of air flow in. The masses of air from western Europe bring cooling and rain falls in summer and in winter warming and rain falls. The masses of air from eastern Europe in summer bring torrid and dry heats and in winter frosts and falls of snow.

10 NATIONAL PARKS In Poland there are 24 national parks. Five national parks: Białowieski, Słowiński, Babiogórski and Karkonoski were written onto the list of the world reserves of biosphere. Białowieski national park became placed on the World List of Cultural Heritage and Nature. Here you can see great Aurochses.


12 MASURIA It offers you a plenty of lakes.

13 ZAKOPANE It is a winter center and a heart of skijumping.

14 BALTIC SEA Seaside resorts offer you some rest on the beaches.

15 FAMOUS POLES Adam Mickiewicz- Fryderyk Chopin- poet musician Others: Maria Curie-Skłodowska – the first great woman scientist, the discoverer of radium Karol Wojtyła - John Pope II Have you heard about them?

16 OUR SCHOOL Gimnazjum in Wadowice Górne has about 350 pupils in 14 classes. Pupils are at the age of 13 - 15 years. Most of pupils come to school by gimbuses. The building of our school is new and large. It is still under construction. We have a new well-equipped sport gym, a multimedial centre and many laboratories.

17 QUIZ 1.Where is Poland situated? 2. What is the capital city? 3. Name famous Poles!

18 ANSWER 1.In the centre of Europe. 2.Warsaw. 3.Mickiewicz, Chopin.

19 That was only a snapshot of our country. If you desire to know more about Poland come to visit us!!!

20 The authors of the Presentation. Boys from class IIa Gimnazjum w Wadowicach Górnych


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