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The Hillside Strangler

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1 The Hillside Strangler
Briana Jamshidi

2 Kenneth Bianchi May 22, 1951 Rochester, New York
Mother: alcoholic prostitute Six feet tall, dark hair, muscular man Love-hate relationship with women Never able to secure a job Left NY and moved to LA  lived with cousin, Angelo Buono Moved in with girlfriend, Kelli Boyd  had a child Chronic Liar Set up a psychology practice with phony degree Had Boyd believe Bianchi was dying of cancer

3 Angelo Buono October 5, 1934, Rochester, New York Divorced parents
Ugly man physically, emotionally and intellectually; coarse, vulgar, selfish, ignorant and sadistic Lived with mother, Glendale, California Called himself “Italian Stallion” Deep loathing for women Constant brutality towards women in his life Married multiple times and had many children Owned an auto upholstery business  able to lure teenager girls Criminal history for offenses such as failing to pay child support, grand theft auto, assault and rape.

4 Analysis Motivation: Domination/Power Method: Organized Victims
Bianchi love hate relationship with women Buono  extremely confident in himself, deep loathing of women Victims all women; can control them Bad childhood Method: Organized Beaten, raped, and murdered, then dumped somewhere else Multiple times positioned in certain ways to taunt police Victims Women Yolanda Washington, Judy Miller, Elissa Kastin, Jill Barcomb, Kathleen Robinson, Dolores Cepeda, Sonja Johnson, Kristina Weckler

5 Analysis Continued MacDonald Triad Characteristics:
Unknown Causation of Crime: Psychological Theory Both had deep seated problems from childhood Satisfy their “human needs”

6 Tracked and Caught Psychic from Berlin said to look for two Italian brothers who were mid-aged Later, a women is missing and police look at security guard who was there  Kenneth Bianchi Apprehended: October 22, 1979

7 Current Status Angelo Buono: Kenneth Bianchi
Charge: Life Sentence in Calipatria State Prison Died: September 21, 2002 (aged 67) Cause of death: Heart Attack Kenneth Bianchi Originally charge: plead guilty and testify against Buono in exchange for leniency Later Charge: Life Sentence in Washington State Penitentiary Age 60

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