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Jeffery Dahmer The Milwaukee Cannibal By Maddie Christenson.

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1 Jeffery Dahmer The Milwaukee Cannibal By Maddie Christenson

2 Background Born in Milwaukee on May 21,1960 Was a normal child until 6 yrs. when he went for minor surgery to fix a hernia After surgery he lacked self-confidence Moved to Ohio for fathers job and his insecurities deepened By early teens he had no friends and was disengaged from society Parents got divorced when he was a teen Thoughts of murder came about at age 14 Alcohol consumption began to spin out of control at age 28 Joined the army but discharged due to his drinking problem

3 Crimes After high school in June 1978 picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and killed him with a barbell after they had sex. – Dismembered his body, put in plastic bags and buried in woods-no one new about murder Arrested in October 1981 for disorderly conduct Arrested in September 1986 for masturbating in front of boys – Received one year probation Killed second victim Steven Toumi, whom he met at a Gay bar. They went to a hotel room and the next morning he was dead – Took the corpse back to his grandmothers basement where he had sex with it and masturbated on the corpse before he destroyed the body Dahmer’s killing spree lasted for 13 years Dahmer had an encounter with a 13 year old boy that resulted in charges with sexual exploitation and second-degree sexual assault – Pleaded guilty and moved back in with his grandmother where he put her basement to gruesome use again In May 1989 at his trial for child molestation he got a 1 year prison sentence with day release to work a job and then a five year probationary sentence – Was granted early release from prison after serving only 10 months Went back on a killing spree over the 15 months that followed his release – 12more lives were taken He started eating the victims flesh and drilling into their skulls while they were still alive May 26, 1991,Dahmers neighbor saw a boy running naked and called the police. The police said he was drunk and was Dahmers lover – Once the police left Dahmer strangled the boy and went on with his rituals

4 Most recent crime Police found Tracy Edwards on the street with handcuffs on his wrist. He said a “weird dood” drugged and restrained him. Tracy said it was Dahmer. The police went to investigate and they found pictures of dismembered bodies, heads in the freezer, and preserved skulls Evidence brought against criminal – found pictures of dismembered bodies, found heads in the freezer, Tracy Edwards said he was drugged by him, and they found preserved skulls Sentence – 15 consecutive years or 957 years in prison Killed in jail on November 28, 1994 by another prisoner who crushed his skull

5 Definitions Sexual exploitation- sexual abuse of children and youth and involves the exchange of a sexual act for money, drugs, food shelter, or any other consideration Second degree sexual assault-engages in sexual contact with another person and if any of the following circumstances exist:

6 Quote “I know society will never be able to forgive me. I know the families of the victims will never forgive me for what I have done. I promise I I will pray each day to ask for their forgiveness when the hurt goes away, if I ever. I have seen their tears, and if I could give my life right now to bring their loved ones back, I would do it”

7 Books and movies Book-The Jeffery Dahmer Story- An American Nightmare Movie- The Milwaukee Cannibal (documentary

8 Social control theory I think Jeffery Dahmer belongs under the social control theory because of his family. The bond between him and his parents was never strong. His father was absent most of his life. Dahmers mother was disturbed herself, she was never there to comfort Jeffery. Jeffery was afraid to be alone when his parents divorced. After his parents divorced he was left alone for 2 weeks without food for his parents. When is father came for him he was a total mess. During those 2 weeks Jeffery was alone that is when he killed his first victim. Dahmer was never able to look people in the eye and he could not build relationships with people. Throughout Jeffery’s childhood he was continually ignored and became an outcast from society. As Jeffery grew older he became an alcoholic. Jeffery's neighbors thought he was a normal child when he was younger, they just thought he was a shy kid.

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