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Is the Amish Society Good or Bad?

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1 Is the Amish Society Good or Bad?
By: Yasmine Page

2 The Typical Amish Life The Amish society consists of farming, unity, and faith. The family works together to get jobs done around the house and farm. They use their horses for transportation and to pull the farming materials.

3 Chester Mast Case Chester Mast is a Amish man from Missouri and he moved to Wisconsin , he moved there to work so he live with his uncle .

4 Mast Case Continue…. One day Mast’s uncle noticed Chester giving his cousin a hug. The Amish aren’t suppose to show affection.

5 Another incident: Mast and his cousin were playing cards in his room. The young said that her stomach was hurting and Mast convinced the girl that he could get rid of her stomachache.

6 Mast told the young naïve girl to lay on him, so that he could get rid of the pain he ended up raping her. After this horrific incident some other things came out about Mast.

7 Chester Mast’s 13 year old cousin was not his first victim.
He had assaulted at least six children from the ages of 5 to 15yrs old.

8 One of Mast’s victims was closer than a second cousin to him.
So, these rape cases were spread between the two states where he was living or had lived.

9 “He was jailed on a $100,000 bond in Pike County, where his trial was set to begin on Dec. 15, 2004.” They would only accept cash to pay his bond He was also excommunicated from his community.

10 He pleaded guilty in Pike county, to the charges for statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and sexual misconduct involving a child.

11 Chester Mast was sentenced to 14 years in prison.





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