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The Murder of Reena Virk

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1 The Murder of Reena Virk
By Leila and Cory

2 This presentation includes:
Synopsis of the case The Shoreline Six Warren Glowatski’s trial Kelly Ellard’s 1st trial Kelly Ellard’s 2nd trial Kelly Ellard’s 3rd trial Parole Current status of offenders

3 Probation/parole Current status of offenders Controversy

4 Synopsis of Case On November 14, 1997, 14 year old Reena Virk was attacked and beaten by a group of teenagers under the Craigflower Bridge on Vancouver Island. After the beating Virk managed to stagger away towards the bus stop only to have two of her original attackers drag her back under the bridge where they beat and drown her. They left her body in the Gorge.

5 The Shoreline Six Consisted of: Josephine Dusty Laila Maya Willow Eve

6 The Shoreline Six They brutally attacked Reena Virk on November 14, 1997 They brutally slapped, punched and kicked her for a period of time Josephine even extinguished her cigerette on Reena’s forehead Laila was the one who put a stop to the beating by threatening whoever tried to hurt Reena again

7 The Shoreline Six Crown Case
The Crown charged the girls with assault causing bodily harm Josephine, Dusty and Laila plead guilty Maya, Willow and Eve plead not guilty

8 The Shoreline Six Verdict and Sentence
All girls were found guilty of assault causing bodily harm Josephine and Dusty were sentence to one year in jail Maya, Laila and Willow were sentenced to 6 months in jail Eve was sentenced to 60 days in jail

9 Warren Glowatski’s Case
Crown Case Said that Warren caused bodily harm to Reena knowing it would result in her death Defense Case Warren claimed that he did participate in the group beating but he did not kill Reena He claims that he tried to stop Kelly from killing her

10 Warren Glowatski’s Case
Witness Testimony Warren’s girlfriend Syreeta Hartley testified against him She spoke about him mentioning the number 187 that was playing in a song 187 means murder She claims that she didn’t believe what he was implying

11 Warren Glowatski’s Case
Verdict & Sentence Warren was charged guilty of second-degree murder Sentenced to life in prison without eligibility for parole before Nov

12 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Crown Case Claimed that Kelly beat and murdered Reena under the bridge on November 14, 1997 The Crown brought in approximately thirty witnesses to testify against Kelly

13 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Defense Case Argued that the Crown offered no real evidence Claimed that the entire case was founded on rumors alone Kelly claimed that she hardly participated in the group beating

14 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Defense Case She said that 15 minutes later Warren came up to her while she was outside Mac’s and told her that Josephine, Dusty and him and gone back to beat up Reena some more and that the girls were still under the bridge Kelly also claims that when she talked to Dusty and Josephine the next day all they could do was talk about killing Reena

15 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Witness Testimonies The defense was able to show that most of the witnesses were useless due to either intoxication the night of the murder, a hatred for Kelly or a strong connection with Warren in which they would want to protect him By making a play on words the defense got Billy Schilling to state something untrue

16 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Verdict and Sentence Kelly was given 5 years in prison without parole Kelly’s lawyer announced that he would be filing an appeal which meant that Kelly was able to go home on bail

17 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Appeal The defense argued that Kelly poses no threat to society They felt that the Crown asked unfair and improper questions They claimed that witnesses testimonies could be influenced by media and rumors

18 Kelly Ellard’s 1st Trial
Appeal Kelly was given a new trial because of the Crown’s unfair questioning Kelly’s had to stay in jail to wait for the trial because her bail had been revoked due to her assault on a fifty-eight year old woman

19 Kelly Ellard’s 2nd Trial

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