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Aileen wuornos Serial killer.

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1 Aileen wuornos Serial killer

2 What did she do? -was a serial killer in the state of Florida who killed seven men between 1989 and 1990 -made the claim that she only killed the men because they tried to rape or attempted to rape her -sentenced to death by lethal injection on Oct.9,1992

3 Childhood -Parents divorced two months before she was born
-Had an older brother named Kieth -Father Leo Pittman was in and out of jail for sex crimes against children -When Aileen was 4 years old was put up for adoption by her mother and raised by her grandparents. -engaged in sexual activities in exchange for goods at school, at age 12 -was beaten and sexually assaulted by her grandfather -was raped by her grandfathers friend, became pregnant at age 14 -grandmother died of liver failure, and her grandfather kicked her out.

4 Previous Criminal record
-May 27, 1974 got a DUI in Jefferson county, Colorado -Numerous Assault charges -May.20,1981 Armed robbery in Edgewater Florida -May.1,1984 was arrested for forging checks at a bank in Key west -Nov.30,1985 was a suspect in theft of a revolver in Pasco county -January.04,1986 charged with grand theft auto and resisting arrest Volusia county, Florida

5 Tyria Moore -Aileen met Tyria Moore at a Daytona gay bar Shortly after meeting each other they moved in together Aileen supported the both of them with her prostitute earnings

6 Richard Mallory -The first victim was Richard Mallory, age 51 - Owned electronics store Mallory electronics in Palm harbour - Nov Discovered dead on dec.13,1989 in a wooded area

7 David spears -Age 43 -Construction worker -lived in winter garden Florida -found on June.1,1990 along highway 19 Citrus County -was shot six times

8 Charles carskaddon -aged 43 -a part time rodeo worker -found June 6th 1990 in Pasco county Florida -was shot nine times

9 Peter siems -age 65 -June 1990 -Lived in Jupiter Florida -body was never found -car was found in orange springs florida

10 Troy Burress -age 50 -was a sausage salesman -lived in Ocala, Florida -on August, 4th 1990 his body was found in a wooded area off state road 19, Marion County -was shot twice

11 Charles Humphreys -age 56 -Retired air force major , former child abuse investigator and police chief -on Sep. 12th 1990 he was found dead in Marion County, Florida -he had been shot six times in the torso

12 - Age 62 He was a police reservist On November 19th 1990 his body was found on a remote logging road in Dixie county, Florida was shot five times Walter Antonio

13 How she was caught -Aileen was picked up on an outstanding warrant at the last resort biker bar Volusia County Florida on Jan.9,1991 Tyria was picked up the following day in Pennsylvania gave Tyria immunity when she helped them with getting Aileen Wournose to confess

14 First trial on Richard Mallory
-On January 14,1992 Aileen went to trial for the murder of Richard Mallory The trial was very short due to the testimony made by Tyria The trial was ended with Aileen being convicted on January 27, 1992 In the trial they also used the Williams rule to show the past history of Aileens She at the end of the trial was given the death sentence.

15 Dick Humphrey, Troy Burress, and David spears trial
-In March of 1992 Aileen went to trial for the murders of Humphery, Burress, and Sprears Aileen stated during the trial that "I wanted to confess to you that Richard Mallory did violently rape me as I've told you; but these others did not. [They] only began to start to." After this trial she was given three more death sentences

16 Charles Carskaddon trial
-Aileen pleaded guilty to the murder of Charles and was given a fifth death sentence During the case Aileen was trying to get a retrial for the Mallory case, claiming she was raped The evidence they wanted to bring to attention was the fact that Mallory had already been charged with rape and he was tested and determent to possibly have sociopathic tendencies

17 Walter Antonio’s trial
-Aileen went to trial feb. 1993 -she plead guilty to Walter Gino Antonio -received her sixth and final death sentence

18 Execution -In 2001 Aileen petitioned the supreme court to stop all further appeals -Before her execution Aileen was examined by three psychiatrists to administer tests of Competency -In her last interview she stated that she was controlled by sonic pressure and added a conspiracy theory shown in our video. -she was executed on Oct. 9,2002 in the death chamber by lethal injection

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