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ClubRunner Connect. Collaborate. Communicate. Event Management Made Easy Customizable & Flexible Event Registration Welcome to MyEventRunner™

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1 ClubRunner Connect. Collaborate. Communicate. Event Management Made Easy Customizable & Flexible Event Registration Welcome to MyEventRunner™

2 ClubRunner What is MyEventRunner? MyEventRunner is a powerful do-it-yourself customizable and flexible event registration system designed to collect public registrations and online payments. Plan, create, promote and report on your events electronically, from wherever you have an Internet connection.

3 ClubRunner What does MyEventRunner Do? Design and configure your event form from scratch or a pre- designed template Create unlimited event package offerings, with varied pricing Create unlimited time ranges with varied pricing (early bird) Create optional Add-ons with quantities and max registrations Create unlimited categories of registrants (Attendee Groups), each with their own unique pricing Handle single or dual attendee registrations for spouses/guests Optionally include a ClubRunner login for quicker form completion

4 ClubRunner How will MyEventRunner benefit us? Access your event registration form anywhere you have an Internet connection Set your registration form up in minutes! Build it yourself using our easy to use tools, and accept registrations the next day. Collect your fees instantly with registrations, ensuring financial success for your event. Gather more information from your registrants through our questionnaire section, to help you plan your event Run reports up to the minute to monitor the success of your event.

5 ClubRunner STEP 1: Create and Configure Your Event Build your own registration form either by choosing from a pre- designed template or designing it from scratch. Create your own header, including any graphics Determine all items that you would like to have on your form from this stage

6 ClubRunner Multi-Language and Currency Support You can specify all languages that you wish to communicate in on your registration form. Also, choose your desired currency to accept registration fees.* *can only choose one at a time

7 ClubRunner Event Payment Setup Choose to collect payment for your event registration through MyEventRunner, or instruct registrants to pay by check.

8 ClubRunner Create unlimited event package offerings, based on either single or double registrations. You can also create unlimited categories of registrants with different pricing per category STEP 2: Design Your Package Offerings

9 ClubRunner Time Range Designer Determine the time range for the offering of your packages, such as early bird pricing.

10 ClubRunner Add on a questionnaire with our Question Designer to capture relevant information pertaining to each participant, including the guest. Choose the type of question and determine if it is required, all from this module. Questionnaire Designer

11 ClubRunner Step 3: Publish Your Event Now your registration form is ready for the public! Simply link to this page from your website, or email blast.

12 ClubRunner Event Reports View detailed registration reports by package, add-on or question. Click on the numbers to see a list of all who paid or didn’t pay

13 ClubRunner View Detailed Registrations Get detailed registration details for each confirmed participant, including their payment status. View their payment history, track payments, refunds, or process additional payments by credit card.

14 ClubRunner Features Comparison ChartLitePro Design-Your-Own Registration Form Builder  Unlimited Add-Ons with Maximum Limit Option  Public registration form, ClubRunner login optional  Disabling/Creating new packages and add-ons on the fly  Accept Credit Cards (Online Payments & eCommerce module required)  Balance Statements, Multiple Payments Tracking  Reports by Paid Status, Attendee, Registration, Package, Add-on  Single or Couple Packages, Unlimited Group (Pricing) Categories  Early Bird Pricing with Unlimited Milestone Dates  Split Payments by Milestone Dates, by Fixed Amount or Percentage  Payment by Check option, tracking payments  Unlimited Questionnaires (drop-downs, text, Yes/No selection)  Payment by Check option, record payments received  Custom instructions in confirmation email (e.g. hotel link)  Maximum number of registrations per event250Unlimited Administration Area – Access for up to 5 event chairs Free Cost Per Registration* $0$1 Pricing for ClubRunner Subscribers Lite vs. Pro

15 ClubRunner Online Payment & eCommerce Module Required to power the credit card processing on MyEventRunner Includes your own online eCommerce Merchant Account (different from manual or POS accounts) Includes usage of a Processing Gateway Includes pre-integration with MyEventRunner Includes a Virtual Terminal for independent transactions Dormancy Periods available Pricing Model Setup Fee Monthly Fee Transaction Fee Discount Rate (Qualified cards) Minimum Monthly Charge, Dormancy Fee

16 ClubRunner What’s Next? Getting started is quick and easy. Contact us to get started with the Online Payment & eCommerce module, required to collect credit card payments online. Test drive MyEventRunner with a free 30 day trial. Contact us for more info. Sales: Toll Free: 1-877-469-2582 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Eastern More information: Blog: Twitter: © 2010 ClubRunner. All Rights Reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. ClubRunner makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. MyEventRunner is a ClubRunner product.

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