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Simplify scheduling and organize all event details in one integrated program: Complete Affordable Easy to Use.

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1 Simplify scheduling and organize all event details in one integrated program: Complete Affordable Easy to Use

2 Take Your Venue to a Whole New Level! Host “Wow!” events that keep people coming back Provide “above-and-beyond” customer service Maximize the use of your venue and resources for better profits Run a well-organized venue with confident, knowledgeable staff

3 EventPro’s Booking Calendar The Calendar is shared in real-time between all users View the Calendar by Day, Week, Month or Year It’s easy to view events on a graphical calendar User-defined color-coding shows event progress

4 EventPro’s Booking Calendar Pop-up info bubbles display more details about events

5 The easy-to-use Booking Wizard guides the user through all important booking steps Start a booking with a simple double-click Gather all crucial information consistently, including Client Information EventPro’s Booking Wizard

6 Event Name, Category, Responsibilities and more Contract/Deposit Information EventPro’s Booking Wizard

7 Room Setup, Event Status and Rental Rates and Resources EventPro’s Booking Wizard

8 EventPro’s Conflict Check will prevent double bookings EventPro’s Booking Wizard

9 Stay organized, save time and reduce data entry EventPro’s Event Resource Setup Enter all your resources’ details just once in EventPro’s Setup area Including Catering and Beverage Menus and Resource Packages

10 EventPro’s Event Resource Setup To add resources to an event, you simply select the items, menus or packages from your database It’s easy to add and change details - no messy corrections!

11 EventPro’s Event Resource Setup EventPro Conflict Control will check if items are already being used

12 EventPro’s Floor Plans and Images A picture is worth a thousand words! Create clear, accurate floor plans with setup configurations Enhance your venue’s professional appearance Help clients visualize your venue’s potential Ensure accurate event setup

13 EventPro’s Reports EventPro comes with over 120 professionally designed, built-in reports Information with a click Print, save or email directly from EventPro Customizable

14 EventPro’s Reports Setup Sheet: Shows all setup and staffing requirements for a given event

15 EventPro’s Reports Location Utilization Summary: Shows how each location was used over a given time period and the percentage of usage based on total availability

16 EventPro’s Company/Contact Screen More than an address book…. It’s a complete Customer Relationship Management system Track all client information including Company Type Events Communications Finance and more

17 EventPro’s Company/Contact Screen Drive targeted campaigns with the built-in Mail Merge

18 EventPro’s Actions Your advanced to-do list with task reminders Get tasks done on time, with no more missed deadlines

19 EventPro’s Actions Set reminders for impending tasks Use a standard action, or create from scratch Assign to the designated user Set an Alarm Reminder time

20 EventPro’s Optional Modules Specially designed add-on modules* to suit your unique needs: Booth: Booth: Manage booths and exhibitors for trade shows and more Enquiries: Enquiries: Track potential business Accommodations: Accommodations: Manage in-house accommodation reservations Attendees: Attendees: Manage all attendee details EPMobile: EPMobile: Stay connected to EventPro with your mobile device EPWeb: EPWeb: Unlimited users can access EventPro online Task Notification Service: Task Notification Service: Receive automatic email notifications of Actions (for EventPro Enterprise Edition only)

21 Praise for EventPro “I love EventPro and can’t imagine doing business without it.” -Anita Johnson JS Venue Plus “Simply put, I am very happy to have purchased EventPro, as it is an invaluable tool in managing our room rental program. As a "non-technical" person, the support provided is more than a "bonus" but rather a necessity, and I am never disappointed. Many thanks for doing what you said you would do!” -Pam Brems Mansour Center “EventPro has so many different features. The software is simple to use and has removed all the stress. EventPro allows all relevant staff to review at a glance the status and details of any booking. Initial training was thorough and support is great.” -Jyoti Desai Atrium Hotel and Conference Center

22 Benefits of EventPro Better Organization Centralized, Consistent Information Simplified Scheduling with No Double Bookings Better Customer Service Reduced Repetition and Increased Productivity Make Informed Decisions and Work Smarter

23 Want to see more? Get a 30-day, risk-free software trial. Telephone: (306) 975-3737 Toll Free: 1-866-920-7996

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