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The innovative payment website for parents and schools Parents Tour Rev: 16Mar12.

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1 The innovative payment website for parents and schools Parents Tour Rev: 16Mar12

2 How it Works Schools and their affiliated organizations list items under their schools heading. Parents relate their students to schools, and can pay for selected items offered under the schools listing. All transactions are tracked online, enabling immediate reporting for both administrators and parents. Funds are collected by Pay4SchoolStuffOnline and distributed to the organization responsible for listing the item. Innovative High School School Payment Partnerships TM Student: Cathy Innovative High

3 Site Navigation Getting around the site is easy! Simple drop-down menus provide access to Account Services, Reporting, and other administrative functions. Parents Quick Start Instructions, reporting, and accounting editing are available online. To create a new account, click here.

4 Account Setup Parents can easily create an account, add children, assign schools, and start shopping! Enter your name and contact info, create a password, read and agree to the terms of use, and click Next. Adding a student to your account is easy. Simply enter their name and grade and find their school. If you are self-registering, enter your own name and school affiliation - select Adult under grade. If you are registering your child for an event at another school, add them as a student at that school. Click Submit and youre ready to go!

5 Parents can see all of their children from their main account page. Select the student you wish to pay for, and a list of the available items for the assigned school will appear. Other students you have registered will appear on the list Edit or delete student information. Select Edit to change your students grade from year to year. If changing schools, add as a new student. Add additional students to your account. Account Setup

6 The item list shows examples of the types of items that your School Administrator, PTA/PTO or Booster Representative has made available for online purchase. The list will grow as your school offers more items for online purchase. You can click on [+] Preview Items Available for Purchase to see whats available within each category. Grayed-out items are no longer available. To select an item for purchase, simply click Select and item specifics will appear. Selecting Items

7 To select an item, check theSelect box, and pick the appropriate sizes, colors, quantities, etc. from the drop-down menus. If available, you can view an image of the item, or open a related document or form. Click Add to Cart to add selected item(s) to your shopping cart. Click Back to continue shopping. Selecting Items

8 Most items will have a pre-defined price, however you may be asked to fill in a price for certain items - such as donations. You may be asked to select an item that has been offered at no-cost. No-cost items are used to solicit information or feedback. These items must also be added to your cart. Below the item name, you can see detailed Information about the trip, event or item. If there is a specific Event Date related to the item, it will be listed above the description. You may be asked to provide a teachers name or other information in a Text Entry field, select from a Choices drop-down, or complete a Form before you can add an item to your cart. Selecting Items

9 Transcripts can now be ordered online. You simply select which college or university youd like them mailed to. Note: many High Schools require a student ID# (entered at student account setup, or later under Account Services) in order to fulfill transcript requests. You can delete a specific Transcript request before its submitted. Select Add to Cart to add selected item(s) to your shopping cart. Selecting Items

10 Shopping Cart From your shopping cart, you can: Verify your purchases Delete items Continue shopping Pay for another student Check out

11 Reporting Keeping track of your payments is easy with Pay4SchoolStuffOnline. Once logged in, select Transaction Report from the Parent Account Services drop-down. Using the simple report generator, you can see: All items purchased by date range All items purchased by date range, by student Any specific activity or item, by date range Reports are available everyday, 24/7. If no Date Ranges are selected, all dates will be reported on.

12 There are two convenient options for generating reports. Simply select your preferences and click Generate Report. All of these columns can be sorted (by clicking on the header), so finding the information you need is easy. A helpful Show Details feature lets you see additional information about each transaction. At the bottom of the report screen, you can Print the report, or save it to Excel. Reporting

13 Please note that Pay4SchoolStuffOnline does not list, track, deliver, or provide refunds for items listed and sold on the site. Questions regarding specific items, order status, or refunds should be directed to the School, PTA/PTO/PTSA, Booster Club, or other school-affiliated organization that listed the item(s). An email receipt for each transaction is sent to the email address used at login. Purchases can also be verified using online reports. Prices shown for each item include all processing fees. Credit and debit card information is not stored on the site, and must be entered at checkout. All transactions are transmitted securely using 256-bit encryption. Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards are accepted. Some things to note …

14 The innovative payment website for parents and schools We hope you enjoyed your Parents Tour …

15 Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Technical Support: 877-397-2937, option 2 If youre not using Pay4SchoolStuffOnline yet, contact us or your school representative today! By email: By phone: 1-877-397-2937 (877- EZPAYER ) By fax: 301-229-4479 By mail: Payment Partners, Inc. 1069 W. Broad St. #756 Falls Church, VA 22046 Contact Us …

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