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Atlas B Surface Anatomy

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1 Atlas B Surface Anatomy
Importance of External Anatomy Head and Neck Trunk chest and abdomen, axillary region, back and gluteal region Upper Extremity lateral aspect, antebrachium (forearm), wrist and hand Lower Extremity thigh, leg, foot Muscle testing exercise

2 Importance of External Anatomy
Understanding is necessary to give a physical examination and for many medical procedures physical therapy, CPR, x-rays, injections, pulse, pressure points and electrocardiograms Study material available art in Atlas A skeletal drawings in chapters 7 and 8 photographs in Atlas B your own body

3 Head and Neck Regions

4 Facial Region and Upper Thorax

5 Male Thorax and Abdomen

6 Female Thorax and Abdomen

7 Male Back and Gluteal Region

8 Female Back and Gluteal Region

9 Pelvic Region

10 Axillary Region

11 Upper Limb, Lateral Aspect

12 Forearm, Ventral Aspect

13 Forearm, Dorsal Aspect

14 Wrist and Hand, Ventral Aspect

15 Wrist and Hand, Dorsal Aspect

16 Thigh and Knee, Ventral Aspect

17 Thigh and Knee, Dorsal Aspect

18 Leg and Foot, Lateral Aspect

19 Leg and Foot, Medial Aspect

20 Leg and Foot, Dorsal Aspect

21 Foot, Lateral Aspect

22 Foot, Medial Aspect

23 Foot, Dorsal Aspect

24 Foot, Plantar Aspect

25 Muscle Anatomy Test

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