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Anatomical Terminology

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1 Anatomical Terminology
Chapter 1 Anatomical Terminology

2 Anatomical Position The human body is standing erect with the face forward and with the upper limbs at the side with the palms forward

3 Relative Position Terms that are used to describe the location of one body part with respect to another body part

4 Relative Position Superior
The part is above the other part (closer to the head)

5 Relative Position Inferior
The part is below the other part (closer to the feet)

6 Relative Position Anterior (or ventral) The part is toward the front

7 Relative Position Posterior (or dorsal) The part is towards the back

8 Relative Position Medial
The part is closer to the mid-line of the body than the other part

9 Relative Position Lateral Ipsilateral Contralateral
The part is closer to the sides (away from the midline) than the other part Ipsilateral The parts are on the same side Contralateral The parts are on the opposite sides

10 Relative Position Proximal
The part is closer to the trunk of the body or closer to a specified point of reference than the other part

11 Relative Position Distal
The part is farther from the trunk or point of reference than the other part

12 Relative Position Superficial (or peripheral)
The part is near the surface

13 Relative Position Deep The part is more internal

14 Body Sections Sections of body “cut” along various planes

15 Body Sections Sagittal
Cut lengthwise so as to divide the body into right and left portions Median (midsagittal) Cut passes along the midline and divides the body into equal parts Parasaggital Cut passes lateral to the midline

16 Body Sections Transverse (or horizontal)
Cut divides the body into superior and inferior portions

17 Body Sections Coronal Cut divides the body into anterior and posterior sections

18 Body Sections If a cylindrical organ is sectioned… Cross section
Cut across the structure Oblique section Cut is angular Longitudinal section Cut is lengthwise

19 Body Regions Terms for division of the abdominal area:
Epigastric region Upper middle portion Left and right hypochondriac regions On the left and right side of the epigastric region Umbilical region Central portion Hypogastric region Lower middle portion Left and right iliac (or inguinal) regions On the left and right side of the hypogastric region

20 Body Regions Terms for division of the abdominal area:
Right upper quadrant Right lower quadrant Left upper quadrant Left lower quadrant

21 Body Regions Common Terms: Abdominal Acromial Antebrachial Antecubital
Region between the thorax and pelvis Acromial Point of the shoulder Antebrachial Forearm Antecubital Space in front of the elbow Axillary Armpit

22 Body Regions Common Terms: Brachial Buccal Carpal Celiac Cephalic Arm
Cheek Carpal Wrist Celiac Abdomen Cephalic head

23 Body Regions Common Terms Cervical Costal Coxal Crural Cubital Neck
Ribs Coxal Hip Crural Leg Cubital Elbow

24 Body Regions Common Terms Digital Dorsum Femoral Frontal Genital
Finger or toe Dorsum Back Femoral Thigh Frontal Forehead Genital Reproductive organs Gluteal buttocks

25 Body Regions Common Terms: Inguinal Lumbar Mammary Mental Nasal
Depressed area of the abdominal wall near the thigh (groin) Lumbar Region of the lower back between the ribs and the pelvis Mammary Breast Mental Chin Nasal nose

26 Body Regions Common Terms: Occipital Oral Orbital Otic
Lower posterior region of the head Oral Mouth Orbital Eye cavity Otic Ear

27 Body Regions Common Terms: Palmar Patellar Pectoral Pedal Pelvic
Palm of the hand Patellar Front of the knee Pectoral Chest Pedal Foot Pelvic Pelvis Perineal Region between the anus and the external reproductive organs (perineum)

28 Body Regions Common Terms Plantar Popliteal Sacral Sternal Sural
Sole of the foot Popliteal Area behind the knee Sacral Posterior region between the hipbones Sternal Middle of the thorax, anteriorly Sural Calf

29 Body Regions Common Terms Tarsal Umbilical Vertebral
Instep of the foot Umbilical Navel Vertebral Spinal column

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