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LANGUAGE FOCUS Presented by: Tu ấ n Anh Khánh Chân Khánh Chân.

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1 LANGUAGE FOCUS Presented by: Tu ấ n Anh Khánh Chân Khánh Chân

2 Content oVocabularyry oPronunciation: / ei/ - /ai/ - / ɔ i/Pr o Grammar: 1.The present perfect.Gr 2.Because of and in spite of

3 Vocabularyy Wildlife (n): sinh vật hoang dã. Destroy (v): phá hủy Timetable (n): lịch trình Dirty (adj): dơ, bẩn Quarrel (n): cãi nhau Cancel (v): hủy bỏ Demolish (v): phá hủy

4 Pronunciation / ei/ - /ai/ - / ɔ i/ Listen and repeat / ei/ /ai/ / ɔ i/ play time voice today wildlife noise radio height toy newspaper buy enjoy they type destroy

5 listen carefully and repeat the sentences:and 1.I’m afraid you’ve make a mistake. 2.They changed the timetable. 3.I have ninety-nine pages to type by Friday. 4.Would you like to go for a ride with me on Friday? 5.This is the noisiest Rolls Royce I’ve ever heard. 6.While you’re changing the oil, I’ll go and visit my boy.

6 Grammar: The present perfect Ex: I have just cleaned the floor. S have + P.P/V3 Obj Structure: Ex: He has worked for BBC since 1990. My father has read “ Gone with the wind” three times. Use: An action has just happened.( diễn tả hành động đã xảy ra). An action repeated many times in the past.( diễn tả hành động được lặp lại nhiều lần ở quá khứ.) An action began in the past, happened in present and maybe in the future.( diễn tả hành động bắt đầu ở quá khứ, xảy ra ở hiện tại và có thể xảy ra trong tương lai.) S + have/has + P.P/V3 + Obj.

7 Notes : Một số trạng từ thường dùng với thì Hiện tại hoàn thành (Present Perfect): since, for, never, ever, so far, already, recently, up to now. Exercise 1: Complete the letter, using the present perfect of the verbs in the box. ( page 80 SGK). Dear Marry, Here I am in New York! I (1)_________here for two weeks now and it’s very exciting. My friend, Peter (I meet him in London in 1992.) (2)_________in New York for seven years, so he knows all about it. I (3)___________a lot of people and I (4)__________all the things that tourists usually do. I(5)___________a hot lunch in China town. I (6)__________a trip to the Statue of Liberty. I even (7)_____________a ball game on TV! Back on the 20 th. See you later, Pike do be watch live meet have take have been has lived have met have done have had have taken have watched

8 Exercise 2: Complete the following sentences using for, since or ago. (page 80, sgk). 1.Lan and Minh have lived in Ho Chi Minh City _____________1999. 2.Hoa and Quan quarreled with each other some time____________. 3.The house is very dirty. We haven’t cleaned it____________ages. 4.We have not had a good meal ________three weeks. 5.___________ Christmas, the weather has been quite good. 6.They have known each other ____________a long tiem. 7.They first met a long time______________. 8.They arrived home ten minutes_____________. 9.It’s two years ___________ I last saw Quoc Anh. 10.How long is it ______________you last saw Marry. since ago Since for ago since

9 Grammar (cont) because of and in spite of Ex: Because of his toothache, he does not go to school. In spite of the rain, they went out Structure: Ex: Because of his bad leg, he walked slowly. In spite of all his efforts, he failed. Notes: Because + clause ( S + V + O), clause. Although/though + clause ( S+V+ O), clause. Because of Noun/ Noun phrase/Gerund, S +V+ Obj. In spite of

10 Exercise 3: Rewrite the sentences, using in spite of, because, because of, although. 1.Because the weather was cold, we kept the fire burning all day.  Because of 2.Although Tom get up late, he got to school on time.  In spite of 3.In spite of his sickness, he still goes to school.  Although 4.Because of her good marks, Mary looks happy.  Because 5.Although he was good at mathematics, he could not solve the problem.  In spite of 6.In spite of his wealth, he is not happy.  Although the cold weather, we kept the fire burning all day. getting up late, Tom got to school on time. he is sick, he still goes to school. Mary has just got good marks, she looks happy. being good at mathematics, he could not solve the problem. he is very wealthy, he is not happy.

11 Homework Rewrite the sentence using because, because of, although, in spite of. 1.The teacher is sick. We’ll have no class tomorrow.  (because)  (because of) 2.There was an accident. There was not the traffic jam.  (although)  ( in spite of) 3.The flight was delayed. The weather was bad.  ( because)  ( because of)


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