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The Basic Wardrobe.

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1 The Basic Wardrobe

2 Your Closet

3 Introduction Treat your wardrobe as you would your cash. Follow the advice of this note and you will develop an eye for quality and good bargain buys which will ensure you will make fashionably good choices for work...

4 If your work has a uniform....
(Cont.) If your work has a uniform....

5 Corporate Uniforms

6 (Cont...)




10 Company Uniforms


12 Cont.. Good for You!!!!!!

13 Cont... But if you have to make choices for daily needs, then you have to make wise choices to consider your peso value and look smart at the same time...

14 We suggest it is time to get clever about how you spend your pesos...

15 According Coco Chanel... Who knew fashion very well... Had this good advice... “ All one needs are two or three suits, as long as they, and everything to go with them, are perfect”

16 Cont.. In theory she is right- only now, a pair of pants is a necessity, too. Plan your long-term wardrobe, especially if your budget is limited. Only buy pieces that you can’t live without, and don’t be tempted to spend a lot on disposable trends.

17 Sample of Fast Fashion






23 Remember! Once again, only buy pieces that you can’t live without, and don’t be tempted to spend lot on disposable trends..

24 And Now... Your fashion investment portfolio starts here.

25 Ready, get set, go!!!!!


27 FASHION Fashion a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person.

28 Finesse Refinement and delicacy of performance, execution, or artisanship.

29 Fashion Finesse In short... Fashion Finesse is wearing of certain clothes with appropriateness....


31 By Choosing appropriate clothes for different situations...
Is this o.k for my picnic on Sunday? Is this good for my football game? By Choosing appropriate clothes for different situations...

32 Importance of Clothing
Clothing is: For protection Comfort Modesty Enhancement of beauty

33 Cont. To put on anything that is in appropriate, gaudy, vulgar, or otherwise offensive to others detracts from your appearance..

34 Cont. In our current society, clothes are an important and revealing part of life- beyond basic protection against the elements, they are statement of individuality, status, creativity.

35 Cont... How fortunate we are that contemporary attitudes allow for a good deal of leeway to exercise innovation and flair.

36 Cont.. Note: This freedom does, however, often bring about confusion because many men and women are in a quandary about what to buy and what to wear for certain occasions.

37 Cont. Some guidelines to avoid expensive or embarrassing mistakes while developing your personal style are: Appropriateness A sense of propriety Good materials

38 Guidelines... Appropriateness – the best rule is always to dress within the bounds of classic good taste.

39 Appropriateness.. Appropriateness is determined by a number of factors, and can change dramatically from situation to situation.. Outdoors or indoors Mixed ages Geography Building Weather

40 Guidelines... 2. A sense of propriety, dictated by the occasion and the company is necessary..

41 Guidelines... 3. Good materials and lines embellished with elegance...

42 Guidelines... Note: These three elements are just one of the guidelines that will ensure you comfort and ease...

43 Remember: Fashion is serious!!
What you wear reveals a significant message about you and your world.

44 Even if you do not care about clothes per se, they communicate much about your attitudes toward the occasion, your company, and yourself.

45 In the morning you make a decision about what to wear to which others respond all day long...

46 Cont. Think of your clothes as the most communicative factor after your face and eyes– personal style is how you send nonverbal messages.

47 Cont. Our goal is a wardrobe of clothes that are right for our body, our personality, our environment, and the specific occasion...

48 Making Choices

49 Take note!!!!!!!! The most exciting thing about fashion is the artistic expression it permits..

50 Cont. Yes, most of the time, fashion gives you the freedom to express your skill or your sense of art....

51 Like You can indulge in appropriate whimsy-mix and match and feel comfortable and at ease. You can create fashion by using some precise elements such as: line, color, texture, mass and movement...

52 Remember: When you learn what clothes are right for you- for your face, your figure, your personality, your lifestyle – you become immune to the “rages” of commercial trend-makers.. You can reject passing fancies, and recognize timeless quality when you see one...

53 Cont.. A first step in learning who you really are is to take a good look at yourself and what you do..

54 Cont. Then decide in which general category – sporty, tailored, romantic or sophisticated—you feel the most comfortable..

55 Cont. You are growing and changing, although many important traits of your character and personality are set, and you probably have matured physically to the point where you can determine what type of clothing suits you best..

56 Cont. This is the right time to start planning an integrated wardrobe of pieces that will work well together – valuable, enjoyable learning experience.

57 Taking Stock

58 As yourself the following questions:
Has my body size, weight, height, proportion changed? Has my lifestyle changed? Has my attitude changed? Have my friends, school, or workplace changed? What amount of time do I have to devote to the upkeep of my wardrobe? What are my monetary limitations?

59 Cont. What impression do I want to make?
Do I want to make any changes in my current style? How can I express my adaptation of the season’s trends without sacrificing my fashion statement? Is there a role, or roles, I would enjoy acting out through dressing as I seek to discover varied facets of my nature?

60 Take note: In order to create an image that you want in the eyes of the beholder, you must be able to convincingly and naturally perform precisely those acts that will create the desired image.

61 Note: Whenever people meet you, they form an instant judgement, even if it’s on a subconscious level. This is what is called “first impression”. This is on a visual level and it crystallizes even before you even open your mouth.

62 Cont. Ninety percent of that first impression is an impression of your clothing. The second impression is formed after you utter your first sentence, which forms the 10% of that first impression.

63 Factors in forming and making decision by the Viewers
1. Economic level - is he rich or poor? Is he working or unemployed?

64 2. Educational level -- Is he a high school or college graduate
2. Educational level -- Is he a high school or college graduate? Maybe he is an attorney or doctor?

65 3. Social position -- Does he live in one of the villages
3. Social position -- Does he live in one of the villages? Does he belong to the upper socio-economic level or the lower level?

66 4. Level of sophistication -- Is he the party-hopping type, the social register type? Probably he/she is the “provinciano,/provinciana type..

67 5. Family background -- What is his social, educational, and economic heritage? Assumptions about these are made. What is the position of the family in the community? Are they known by their family names or not?

68 6. Successfulness -- Is he successful
6. Successfulness -- Is he successful? Does he have a car, a house and lot? Is he important in his company? Is he known by his business associates and peers?

69 7. Moral character -- Does he look honest
7. Moral character -- Does he look honest? Is he the type who will put one over others? Will he cheat me?

70 You may protest!!!! That’s unfair!
You can’t judge a book by its cover!!! But you do!

71 Over the years, you’ve learned to read a person’s clothing, appearance, expressions, and gestures. It’s a silent language, a visual shorthand, and it helps you form decisions about the other person’s honesty, background, friendliness, attitude, and intent. You may not be aware you are making these decisions. But you do, even if on an unconscious level.

72 This procedure is exemplified, especially among Filipino families, when their children have found a new friend, or worse still, when they introduce the person they will marry to members of their family.

73 The famous questions... The process of – what family does he belong to? Where is he from? Where does his father work? Where does he get his income? Etc....

74 Note: When you see a person with a loose, baggy dress, long, unruly hair, dirty shoes, heavy perspiration smell, and a sack– what is your impression? In contrast to this, when you see a man in a priest’s clothing, will you hesitate to open the door for him?

75 Assembling A Basic Wardrobe

76 The Basics : Basics are the mainstays of your wardrobe, the treasures upon which to sprinkle the sugar and spice of the season’s trends.. A good basic wardrobe is money in the bank, a wonderful resource for unexpected invitations.

77 Step-by-step advice on how to assemble a basic wardrobe...
Clean up your closet – a. go through your clothes in your closet and cabinets.. It is impossible to have a well-planned, successful look when your closet is full of odds and ends that you have bought through the years..

78 Start with a pile of “if only” items..
Disregard items you have not worn in a year or so.. After you have gotten rid of the unworn and unwearable , the step is to arrange everything that is left. Then donate the ones you have removed to your favourite charity... Or preferred charity..

79 2. Know your figure.. Look yourself over in front of a full-length mirror,-- do you have a short figure, a thin frame, small bones, large bones; are you tall, fat short, slim? -- know your type before you start on your shopping trip.. Embark on a figure reshaping before you shop.

80 3. Shop Wisely... Since your clothing needs are determined by your lifestyle, ask yourself where you spend 75% of your time. Is it home, work, school, socials, travel, or sports? You should also take your budget into consideration. If you are still a student, from now on, buy more formal skirts and blouses, slacks that are fit for office use. Prepare yourself early enough for that first interview and that first job..

81 Shopping Rules Go shopping alone – or with a single friend whose taste you trust. Be sure that you are attractively dressed and groomed... Wear the proper undergarments for the kinds of clothes you will be trying on.. Find a salesperson and tell him what you are looking for, listen to his/her suggestions.. When searching for items to add to the clothes you already have, consider versatility..

82 Cont. Do not choose a costly blouse/skirt that goes with nothing in your closet, or that compliments a skirt and/pants that may have only a few months of wear left.. Never pick a trend if you feel you could wear it for a few months only.. Treat yourself to a touch of today’s trends but also invest in timeless traditions--- select the best quality you can afford...

83 Cont. 9. Do not overlook underclothing.— Not only are the right undergarments important in achieving a finished look, but fresh and pretty ones make you feel lovely and sexy.. rts,,,

84 Shopping Strategies

85 Shopping Strategies: Pre shopping or window shopping is recommended before actual buying... Look at styles in various magazines and stores... Make sure you try on clothes before buying them to see if they actually fit you.. Avoid buying during sales is also not such a good idea..

86 Cont. 5. If time is not the problem with you, go to the better department stores and boutiques first, then shop in discount stores offer a wider variety of selection..

87 Shopping Traps To Avoid

88 Warning!!!! Think twice before shopping with a friend. A friend is a distraction and may keep you from focusing on what you came for... A friend’s taste and aims maybe different from yours.. A friend may choose clothes which he/she would choose for himself/herself, but not appropriate for you... Avoid shopping out of loneliness. Bake a cake or take up some sport instead. Shopping for the wrong reasons brings out wrong results..

89 Cont.. 5. Don’t shops for bargains. Don’t judge a merchandise by its price tag..

90 Lines in Clothes

91 Introduction: The ideal look is the slim look.. Your choice of clothes then should be aimed at achieving this look. You should take stock of your good and bad points and select only those outfits whose lines will do the most for you. An imperfect figure can be given a illusion of slimness by choice of the proper clothes..

92 Cont.. A line can be created by a row of buttons, lace, a seam, fancy stitches, etc.. A line must not emphasize a figure fault but draw the eye away from it...

93 The Vertical Line The line which runs lengthwise from head to toe is called a vertical line.. It creates an illusion of height and make a person look taller. It is ideal for the plump person...

94 The Horizontal line A line cutting across from side to side is a horizontal line. It cuts height and add width. Contrasting colors in two-piece outfits create horizontal lines and minimize height..

95 Your Color Spectrum

96 Introduction The first principle in decorating yourself is understanding not only what colors are right for you, but which shades and clarities of those colors you should wear... Some attributes of colors are lightness, brightness, shades, and clarity. Light colors transmit more light. Brightness is that attribute by which an area is judged to emit more or less light. Brightness varies from invisible to dazzling..

97 Cont... There are advancing colors or warm colors that make an object appear smaller and far away. The advancing colors are reds, yellows, and oranges.. The retreating ones are blues, greens, and violets..

98 Cont.. As to shades of a color, examples of shades of red are brick red, fire red, and rose red.. Clarity refers to the clearness or purity of a color... What makes color effective? Simply the way it looks on you, against your skin, your hair, your eyes– in short your overall coloring...

99 Combinations of colors are:
1. Monochromatic - this color combination results in the use of the same color, but different shades. Example of this is brown, light brown and beige.. 2. Complementary - this results in the use of two colors, opposite each other in the color wheel. Examples are red and green, blue and yellow...

100 Cont.. Analogous – this combination uses two colors beside each other in the color wheel.. Examples are blue and green, yellow and orange, red and purple.. Triadic – combination is made up of three colors that form an equidistant triangle on the color wheel. These are purple, green, and yellow; red, blue, and green etc..

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