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Image and First Impressions “You never get a second chance to make a positive FIRST impression!”

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1 Image and First Impressions “You never get a second chance to make a positive FIRST impression!”

2 Activity 1  Using a pen or pencil:  Write down the names of two people who you think make good first impressions. –Why? Include things like how they act, dress, talk and walk. Anything else you think of.

3 Making a Good First Impression  In just under ten seconds— –enough time to read the first few lines of an email –Glance at a profile –Extend your hand and offer a friendly “hello”  Someone is forming a first and lasting impression of you. Is it a good one?

4 Within 30 Seconds They’ve...  Judged your economic and educational levels  Judged your social position  Judged your levels of sophistication and success.  Based purely on what they see –Your wardrobe –Your hairstyle –Your smile and posture

5 After About Four Minutes They’ve…  Decided your –Trustworthiness, compassion, reliability, –Intelligence, capability, humility –Friendliness and confidence  And by now you’ve spoken, so they’ve also judged –How your voice sounds –The content of what you say –How you say it

6 First Impressions Count  Packaging IS important  We think what looks attractive or reliable from the outside must surely be on the inside. –We judge books by their covers –We buy houses based upon curb appeal –We take people at face value  AND THEY DO THE SAME TO US!

7 Activity 2  In a group of two or three –List attributes leading to a positive impression –List attributes leading to a negative impression.  Assign someone to write these down  Assign someone to report back your findings

8 Attributes for a Positive Impression  Sense of humor  Confidence  Appropriate body language  Ability to make a good conversation  Kindness  Have a proper handshake  Be on time  Be well-groomed

9 Attributes Leading to a Negative First Impression  Self-centered  Closed minded and judgmental  Lack of manners  Immature  Lack of integrity  Whining and complaining  Poor grooming habits  Inappropriately dressed  Indecisive/without an opinion  Poor conversational ability

10 Ten Steps to Total Image Confidence  Define the image you want/need for your work and personal life. –What is appropriate and gives the right message for the situation? –What styles appeal to you?  Take time to care for your clothing and shoes  Find out the BEST colors for you

11 Ten Steps to Total Image Confidence  Take a closet and accessory inventory.  BEFORE buying more clothing, determine your body type and the styles of clothing that flatter your figure.  Determine your clothing budget and divide it among business, casual and save at least 30% for accessories.

12 Ten Steps to Total Image Confidence  Inventory your skin care and cosmetics.  Use cosmetics that harmonize with your own natural coloration  Allow yourself 15-30 minutes a day to develop the image you want to have.  Learn to love yourself and believe in yourself.

13 Remember... “ In all things, success depends upon preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure”

14 All You Have to do Is...  Decide on Who Your Audience will be  Determine your objectives  Make choices that match the audience’s expectations –Dress –Behave –Communicate  In the expected way

15 Remember your ABC’s  Appearance  Behavior  Communication


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