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Module Four What Should I Wear? Unit 8 2008-11-5.

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1 Module Four What Should I Wear? Unit 8 2008-11-5

2 Module Four What Should I Wear? Look at the pictures, what do you think about them? Do you worry about your appearance? Why? How?

3 Module Four What Should I Wear? Most of us at some times in our life feel some concern about our personal appearance. For some people this concern just affects them occasionally, maybe when other things in their life have gone wrong and their confidence is at a low ebb. For others it is a more permanent worry and they spend much time pre-occupied by the thought that they are physically unattractive. In recent years enough people have manifested this concern for it to be recognised as a specific form of distress and given a formal title - dysmorphia. Sometimes the worry is linked to a particular physical feature or to the visible traces of some ailment or accident. For other people, the worry is more general. These worries can be a source of great distress, sometimes linked to depression, social isolation or intense self- consciousness. Often people feel particularly isolated since friends and family seek to reassure them without understanding the depth of unhappiness which they are feeling.

4 Module Four What Should I Wear? Behaviours linked with worry about appearance: Pre-occupation Comparison Self-consciousness Avoidance and contrived behaviour Hopelessness and depression Possible causes of unhappiness over appearance: current overemphasis on appearance poor understanding of what constitutes attractiveness as opposed to beauty Getting caught in the trap of depression Not being able to get past first impressions Memories and associations Things that you can do Get to know yourself and your thought patterns better Create a break in the routine of preoccupation Question your self-punishing thoughts Be kind to yourself and practice self-acceptance Deal with depression Counselling

5 Module Four What Should I Wear? Work in groups of three. Listen to this conversation between a couple who are shopping for new clothes and a sales assistant. Then practise the conversation by reading it aloud. Read through the conversation at least twice. Changing roles the second time. Underline where you do not understand or you have problem with. Questions and Answers

6 Module Four What Should I Wear? tight around the waist a slightly larger fit a much better fit the length is fine a good match a softer pattern simple stripes the material of this one feels much nicer simple but elegant nothing too fancy famous designer label the style is perfect for your figure stronger colors it makes me look older Useful Expressions:

7 Module Four What Should I Wear? Group Discussion: Work in groups, give suggestions to the following questions! I am a female university student and I have been invited to a formal banquet by the President. I want to buy new clothes for the occasion but the problem is that I have a very limited budget. What do you suggeest? Two groups: 1 students’ Number from 1-8 2 students’ Number from 9-16 I think the young people of today spend far too much on fashion clothing. Even students seem to have lots of money to spend on clothes. In my days, we all had simple clothes. We all thought a person was like a gift: What mattered was what was inside, not the packaging! Do you agree with me? Two groups: 1 students’ Number from 17-25 2 students’ Number from 26-34 I seem to have two groups of friends—those who dress informally and cheaply (sometimes they loook sad and untidy, though) and those who have really smart clothes with designer labels, even if they are expensive. Which group of friends do you think I should choose? Two groups: 1 students’ Number from 34-42 2 students’ Number from 43-50

8 Module Four What Should I Wear? Home Work 1.Recite Section A : Dialogue 2.Finish exercises on page 69 and 70 3.Read Practice Activity B aloud 4.Prepare some items, ask classmates to discribe it in EANLIC Party 5.Be ready to perform Section D in EANLIC Party

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