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Unit Eight I’m Sorry The First Two Periods Designed by Lu Yan.

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1 Unit Eight I’m Sorry The First Two Periods Designed by Lu Yan

2 Teaching Procedures Get the Right Sound Listen In Speak Out Listen More Unit Eight I’m Sorry Assignment

3 Get the Right Sound Unit Eight I’m Sorry ■ [s] 双唇微开,上下齿接近于合拢状态,舌尖抵住下龈, 气流从牙缝送出 [θ] 舌尖轻抵上齿,送出气流,并使舌齿互相摩擦。 [ð] 舌尖轻抵上齿,再送出气流,但须振动声带, 并使舌齿互相摩擦。 [z] 双唇微开,上下齿接近于合拢状态,舌尖抵住下龈,气流 从牙缝送出,须振动声带。

4 Listen In The expressions of apologizing, forgiving responses and rejecting an apology. Apologizing. I’ am sorry. No problem. Are you really sorry? Sorry about that. I beg your pardon. I apologize for……. I’ am sorry that Please forgive me for Forgiving. It’s O.K. Forget about it. Don’t worry about it. No problem. I forgive you. You don’t have to apologize. Rejecting an apology Are you really sorry? I don’t believe you’re sorry. You’re not really sorry. Don’t say you’re sorry. I don’t accept your sorry. Unit Eight I’m Sorry

5 Listen In ( section B ) The answer to section B Picture A—Dialogue3 Picture B—Dialogue1 Picture C—Dialogue4 Picture D—Dialogue2 Unit Eight I’m Sorry

6 Listen In ( section C) 1. New Words apologize. 道歉 apology 道歉,认错。 show up ( 按预期或安排 ) 到达 clumsy: 笨拙。 Unit Eight I’m Sorry

7 Listen In ( Section C) Dialogue 1 W1: Oh,. That was clumsy of me. W2:. People are all in a rush at this hour. I understand. excuse me. I’m sorry No need to apologize Unit Eight I’m Sorry ■

8 Dialogue 2 M: Jane,. W: What for? M: ________________what I said to you the other night. W: Oh, forget it. M: I can’t. It was a terrible thing to say.. W: O.K. Enough is enough. I accept your apologies. I really want to apologize to you Please forgave me I’m really sorry about ■

9 Dialogue 3 M1: Hey,, guys. M2: what happened to you last night? You didn’t show up. M1: Oh, yeah., too. I just got into something, and I forgot the time. M2:.And I don’t believe your excuse either. You’re out of the group, man. M1: C’mon, Jack, let’s forget about it just this once. sorry I’m late Sorry about that I don’t believe you’re sorry Unit Eight I’m Sorry ■

10 Dialogue 4 W1: I’m glad you’re still here!. W2:. The bus hasn’t come yet. W1: I was just walking out of the door. It was my mother and… well, you know how my mother talks! W2: I’m you weren’t late! Don’t worry when the phone rang surprised Sorry I’m so late ■

11 Speak Out Notes: It slipped my mind: I forgot about it. I let you down: I disappoint you. make it up to someone: repay someone with good things in return for something bad you have done. Unit Eight I’m Sorry

12 Section C: Dialogue 1 W: Does that big, black dog belong to you? M: Yes, he does. Why? W: He just made a mess outside my front door, that’s why. M: Oh, look. I’ll clean it up at once. Look, I do apologize. Question 1: what did the dog do? Question 2: What color is the dog? ■ Script

13 Unit Eight I’m Sorry Dialogue 2 M: Good morning, Louisa, come in, please. W: Good morning. Please excuse me for being late. I overslept. M: Certainly. Now, let’s continue. Read your answer for No. 3m John Question 1: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? Question 2: Why is Louisa late? ■ Script

14 Unit Eight I’m Sorry Dialogue 3 W: Where were you last night? I waited for you for almost an hour? M: Oh! I’m sorry. I completely forgot. W: You forgot! What did you do last night? M: I stayed in… W: No, you weren’t. I saw you at a quarter past seven and you were with another girl! M: I’m sorry, Jill. I’ll explain everything. It won’t happen again. W: It certainly won’t. I’m never going to see you again. M: Jill… ■ Script

15 Unit Eight I’m Sorry Section D: M: Hello, Pam. I’m sorry I’m late. W: Jack, do you know what time it is? M: Seven o’clock. I said I’ sorry. W: And what did you say yesterday? At what time did we agree to meet? M: Half past six. Please forgive me, Pam. W: I’ve been here since 6:45. I’ve been outside the cinema for 25 minutes. M: I missed the bus. I waited 20 minutes for the next bus, and just it started, the traffic lights turned red. I do apologize, Pam. We must go in now, if we don’t want to miss the film. W: O.K. Hurry up! ■ Script

16 Section D: 1.The woman got to the cinema at 6:35. 2.They agreed to meet at 7:30. 3.The man was late because he missed the bus. 4.The man got to the cinema at 6:45. (T) (F) Unit Eight I’m Sorry

17 Section E: What all countries have in common is that people of these countries do not have enough money to invest in such things as schools, utilities, factories and.One way these countries can get money is to borrow money from an organization called the World Bank. As of June 1993, the world bank held $140 billion in loans to poor nations., this huge sum of money should be helping the world’s poor. developing highway In theory ■

18 Since the establishment of the World bank in____, most people have assumed that these loans could only do good things for a country. But it__________ that money isn’t everything. For example, many people are now questioning the of a dam being built with World Bank money in India. That dam will make more people ________than it would eventually serve with electric power, and it will also destroy scare forestlands __________endangered animals and plants. turns out homeless as well as value 1994 Unit Eight I’m Sorry

19 Assignment Review the useful expressions. Make dialogues of Act It Out. Unit Eight I’m Sorry

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