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I hope so to do well to get the job. Meaning: I believe Everyday English Expressions.

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1 I hope so to do well to get the job. Meaning: I believe Everyday English Expressions

2 I believe so in ……………….. [End of Section]

3 I don’t believe so much in --------------

4 I don’t care if I -------

5 I am feeling under the weather. Meaning: I am not feeling well.

6 [End of Section] I feel like ----- Sleeping ……

7 I don’t feel like eating ……..

8 Can you help me with ……?

9 [End of Section] Leave me alone.

10 The cup cake is on the house. Meaning: free

11 I will pay it on me.

12 [End of Section] Can I talk to you now or are you busy?

13 Are you all right?

14 Do you mind if I finish ……….?

15 Watch out ! Be Careful! Take Care! [End of Section]

16 Say it again, please. I am not able to understand. [End of Section]

17 Thank you for your help, I’ll be back soon.

18 I’ll be there in about an hour.

19 I think so.

20 I don’t think so.

21 I guess so.

22 I guess not.

23 I need to find a way to solve………..

24 I am on my way from -- to.

25 Let me know if you need anything.

26 No pain! No gain! Meaning: successful.

27 Thank you and the same to you.

28 Don’t give up now.

29 I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.I’m late.

30 Be on time!

31 Don’t be late.

32 For sure, I can do it.

33 Make sure that ………

34 I will finish it as soon as possible.

35 As much as you can

36 Of course! Without any doubts.

37 Take it easy.

38 I’ll call you right back.

39 I’m behind with these reports.

40 Can you do me a favor, please?

41 I’m all set. I’m ready.

42 Likewise, you should follow me.

43 Let me think. I will let you know of my decision tomorrow.

44 I will take care of it.

45 Don’t worry.

46 Never mind.

47 Don’t forget to …..

48 Remember to ……

49 I forgot…..

50 Pay attention, please.

51 Haste makes waste.

52 I should have taken their advice.

53 For God’s sake.

54 If you like, you can come over.

55 What a shame!

56 Actions speak louder than words.

57 Really?

58 Actually.

59 I have no idea.

60 I didn’t know.

61 I know. I don’t know.

62 It is a piece of cake.

63 Thank you for calling. Anything else I can do for you?

64 Take your time!

65 I have a question for you.

66 Coffee for here or to go?

67 How much is my bill amount?

68 How much does it cost?

69 Here you are.

70 Give me a minute to finish my transaction.

71 I have a hangover from last night party.

72 I’m spaced out. I’m tired.

73 For some reason, I ……………

74 For no reason. I …….

75 Are you nuts?

76 Passed away, Died.

77 Guess what?

78 It’s all the same to me whatever you say.

79 Whatever will happen, will happen.

80 Who cares?

81 Just do it!

82 No hard feelings right, No reaction

83 Yeah right. I know what you are saying. I will agree for now.

84 Any complaints? What do you mean ? angry expression

85 Can I borrow the book, please?

86 Can you lend me some money, please?

87 Got it? I got it.

88 I’m feeling blue, depressed.

89 Out of the blue, I won. One in million chances.

90 It’s better to be safe than sorry.

91 By the way

92 By chance.

93 If you have a chance, will you….?

94 His money talks.

95 I speak some English.

96 Believe me.

97 I believe you. I trust you.

98 I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you.

99 I wish I could -----

100 Shop around for what you want.

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