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For Authors Power Point How to Upload Abstracts to the Paper Management System.

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1 For Authors Power Point How to Upload Abstracts to the Paper Management System

2 ETS paper management system Go to address listed above to login to the paper management system. If you have ever used Mira you have an account. You do not need a new account every year. If you are a new user select New User at the top of screen to create an account. Use this if you forgot your password

3 Author Page Select Create a New Abstract

4 What Should I include in My Abstract? Short Description of what will be discussed during the presentation (150 words maximum) Also let us know if this topics is of regional, national or international interest. What will the audience take away from your presentation? (50-75 words) Try to list 1-3 specific items. Explain how the audience will be able to use what they learn? How will this help the audience in their job?

5 Abstract First Tab- Authors enter all authors with working e-mails. This will automatically show up in your abstract document and is what we use in the printed program, conference app and to communicate with all authors.

6 Abstract enter the title of the abstract and type the abstract into the box. The title will appear on the top of the abstract document you upload. Note: What every login account is used to input the abstract is the same account used to upload the draft and final paper.

7 Abstract Details Page On this page you select the Topic, and Presentation Preference. Make sure you hit save and continue.

8 Copyright/Permission Read the Copyright/Permission information and select the appropriate response. Make sure you do this correctly. Final papers with Copy right and Permission issues can not be published. All the information should be provided on this page. You do not need to download any forms you do not need to fax any forms.

9 Proof Read On this page you view your abstract.

10 Submit your abstract Read the options and select the appropriate one. If you are happy with what you submitted select accept my abstact.

11 Successful Submission Make sure you have a successful submission. If not go back and see what was not completed. If you have questions feel free to contact Debbie Smith 703-295-6095

12 Remember Attendance and Registration for the Conference are mandatory. Allowable file Type -Word 2003(.doc) /2007(.docx) or rft files. If you have questions contact Debbie Smith, or 703-295-6095.

13 Key Dates All abstract submissions due September 10, 2014 Notifications to Authors – November 12, 2014 Draft papers due- January 29, 2015 Comments sent to authors on draft papers – March 25, 2015 Final publication ready papers due –May 4, 2015

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