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TPA Orientation Teacher Performance Assessments and Livetext.

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1 TPA Orientation Teacher Performance Assessments and Livetext

2 Beginning TPA’s You can begin accessing information regarding Teacher Performance Assessments by going online to

3 LiveText

4 Registering Your Account Step # 1 Click on “Register Account” You will then be rerouted to the registration process.

5 Entering Personal Information Step # 3 Enter the necessary personal information You will need a one-time use key code to register your account. Students purchase accounts from the university bookstore or online. Register with an email address that you can access easily (in case you need to retrieve your login information).

6 Entering Member Information Step # 4 Enter Member Information Your password should be easy to remember but difficult to guess. Carefully make sure that you choose the correct university information. You should be registering as “California Baptist University – School of Education.”

7 Enter Security Question Step # 5 Enter security question The security question feature allows you to reset your password in case you forget it – provided you know the answer to your security question.

8 Complete Registration Process Step # 6 Click the “next” button to complete the registration process.

9 Account Activated Step # 7 With your account activated, you are now able to log in to LiveText edu solutions. Print this page or write down your login information for future reference. A copy of your login information will be sent to the email address you used to register your account.

10 Beginning Livetext

11 Step # 1 When you open your page in Live Text, documents that you have created will be listed (Unlike the sample, your original page will be blank, since you have not created any documents). In order to complete TPA’s, or create your own document, click on “Create.”

12 How to Begin Step # 2 Using the “Choose a Folder” drop down menu choose “Assessments” under “California Baptist: School of Education.”

13 How to Begin Step # 3 Using the drop down menu under “Template,” choose “Teacher Performance Assessment.” Step # 4 The document in the yellow text box on the right shows the beginning of the template you are trying to access.

14 How to Begin Step # 5 The title of your document is your CBU ID #. DO NOT PLACE YOUR NAME IN THE BOX.

15 How to Begin Step # 6 Leave the “Description” box blank. Step # 7 Click “Create Document.”

16 Responding to the Task Step # 8 The page that is shown after clicking “Create Document” is the submission page. Preview and become acquainted with the site. Once you are prepared to submit any TPA, click the TPA task number you are intending to attach. Once the appropriate TPA window is open, to make a submission, click “edit.”

17 Responding to the Task Step # 9 To submit your TPA and other attachments, click “edit,” next to ‘Attachments.’

18 Responding to the Task Step # 10 A “Browser Box” will open. Click “Browse…” and find the document you want to insert. Next, click “Attach,” and finally click “Finish.”

19 Responding to the Task Step # 11 When the document has been attached, the title will appear next to “Attachments.” Next click “Save.” Finally, click “Finish.”

20 Submitting for Review Submit your document for review once it is finalized. Submissions will not be checked until after the due date. Step # 12 Once all documents have been attached you are ready to submit your TPA for review.

21 Submitting for Review Step # 13 Choose “Share.”

22 Submitting for Review Step # 14 Go to “Share with Editors” and type “Smith.”

23 Submitting for Review Step # 15 Choose “Sherrye Smith.” Click “Share.”

24 Submitting for Review Step # 16 Choose “Submit for Review.” Type “Smith.” Choose “Sherrye Smith.” Press “Submit.” Congratulations! You have now submitted your task for review and scoring!

25 To submit other TPAs, open the file and choose the next TPA to be submitted. Repeat steps 8-16.

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