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Welcome to the Second Tutorial Welcome to the second part of this communication system website tutorial! This tutorial is for church planters. When you.

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1 Welcome to the Second Tutorial Welcome to the second part of this communication system website tutorial! This tutorial is for church planters. When you are ready to advance to the next slide, just click below.

2 What we want to show you how to…  Fill out a quarterly report and update other information in the information system.  Fill out and upload forms to the system.  Register for a training event.  Enter a new resource into the resource system.

3 Log In To edit your information in the communication system, you will need to use the username & password given to you at your assessment or basic training. Then click “Log In”.

4 Locating your information When you log in, you will find a list of options that you as a church planter will most likely need. To return to this page, move your cursor over “My Home” and click on “My Home Page”.

5 Locating your public page This page is your own “home page”. Now let’s click on the bullet in front of “View my public page”.

6 Viewing your public page You probably remember from the General Tutorial that there is one page for each church planter that can be accessed by the general public. You should check it regularly to make sure all the info is current. Let’s click the “X” to close this page.

7 Locating how to edit your info Now let’s click on the bullet in front of “Edit my information”.

8 Viewing the edit page Here’s where all your information is stored. Later you can work down this page updating your information as you go. The more information you fill in on this page, the more information can be transferred to other forms you will need to fill out. Let’s scroll down to the bottom of this page.

9 Submitting updated info Each time after you change any of your information, you will need to click “Submit” to update the information system.

10 This page contains all your information, but it is much easier to read in this format. Now let’s go back to your home page by moving your cursor over “My Home” and clicking “My Home Page”.

11 Locating the monthly report – regular form Now let’s click “Start a New Quarterly Report” or the bullet in front of “Start a New Quarterly Report” to fill in your quarterly report.

12 Filling out your quarterly report If you need instructions as to how to fill out your report, click Instructions. Remember not to use text in a numerical field. As you fill out your quarterly report, it will update any matching fields in the communication system. Now scroll down.

13 Entering email addresses Before you submit your report, be sure to enter the email addresses of everyone (including yourself) that should receive an automatic email notifying them that you have submitted your quarterly report. (FYI: If you don’t receive an email notification, then no one else did either.) Then click the “Submit to DOM” button. If you get interrupted, feel free to Save your report & finish it later.

14 Automatic emails This is a sample of the emails that will be automatically generated when you click the submit button. Each person will receive a hyperlink to your report so they can read & print your report. Let’s click on it.

15 Print your quarterly report You can print your report out so you’ll have a hard copy of it.

16 Viewing previous quarterly reports If you would ever need to review your monthly reports, go to My Home and click on “Complete/Edit/Vi ew my Quarterly Reports” or click on Reports and select Quarterly Reports. This is what you’d see. You might need to click View the List to see reports of another year.

17 Viewing & editing a quarterly report You can view the report by clicking on your name or edit the monthly report by clicking on the edit button. Now let’s click on the My Home Page button.

18 Accessing other documents & forms Besides your quarterly report, there are other documents & forms that you may need to fill out. Click on “Click to Open” to get access to them.

19 The variety of documents & forms Some documents you will just fill out online. Others you will download, print, fill out, sign and mail in. Still others you can fill out and upload. For those documents that you must mail in, the address is provided here.

20 Starting to fill in a form online Let me demonstrate how to fill out a form online. We will click on “Start a Church Planter Assessment Application.”

21 Entering data Data from your information page will be imported to this document to save you a little time. Then continue working through the document.

22 Submitting a form online If you need some time to find all of the contact information on your references, click Save and come back and finish and Submit it later. An email will be sent to the secretary of the appropriate Church Planting Team notifying them that you have completed your application.

23 Starting a download Now let me demonstrate how to download, fill out and upload a document. We will click on “New Church Budget Worksheet for First Year.”

24 Downloading a document Click the Save button. Then note where on your computer the file is being saved. You might like to add your church’s name to the end of it and click Save. After the download is complete, click Open.

25 Filling out the form Just fill out the budget worksheet and save it.

26 Starting to upload a document Now click on the Browse button and we will upload the completed Budget Worksheet. Find the file on your computer and click on it. Then click Open.

27 Uploading a document Now all you have to do is click Submit.

28 Finding where to register for training events Here’s how to register for a training event. Just click on “Training Registration”.

29 Selecting a training event Click the button of the event you would like to register for. Then click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

30 Locating where to add a new resource Now let me show you how to add a new resource to our resource system. Move your cursor over “Resources” and click on the “Add a New Resource”.

31 Selecting the correct file folder Let’s add a helpful website to the Resource List. American FactFinder 2 website would best go under the Demographics folder but might go under Language Resources as well. We could also create another folder by adding it here.

32 Entering new resource data Type in the resource, any contact information, the title of the hyperlink and the hyperlink address. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

33 Determining partners in ministry This is the tricky part! Click the person/organi- zation who is responsible for providing a resource/ service and then to which associations & networks the resource applies. Then click “Submit”.

34 View new resource info Now you can review the resource to make sure all of the information is correct. Make sure that http:// does not appear twice in the hyperlink. Scroll down to see the bottom of the page.

35 The next tutorial… This concludes the second part of the communication system tutorial. If you resource church planters, please return to the information system Home page and continue with the Ministry Leaders tutorial.

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