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A Place for Everyone And it’s FREE gFriend © 2015, All Rights Reserved ®

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1 A Place for Everyone And it’s FREE gFriend © 2015, All Rights Reserved ®

2 Your Global Friend ® Mission Statement (For Everyone) To provide the ultimate Family Friendly social networking experience for everyone to enjoy, coupled with a Global Language Program designed to help bring the world closer together through a common language. One Connected World. One Global Language.

3 Your Global Friend ® Mission Statement (Internet Venture) To bring together the top marketers in the Direct Sales, Referral and MLM industries and utilize their talents to build the world’s first and largest global network, while rewarding those marketers with a unique revenue generating business model, combining the multi-billion dollar mobile APP industry and the multi-billion dollar online advertising industry.

4 gFriend was created using the latest Internet technology. Enjoy gFriend on any device - at home, the office or on-the-go! On your tablet On your desktop On your TV Everywhere On your phone ®

5 gFriend Components gCubes - a unique and fun way to share with family and friends Social Network - a family friendly environment for all Sensory Recognition TM English - for ages 8 and up Kids Program - for English and non-English speakers of any age Trade Lingo - learn the “lingo” of your workplace gFriend Global - THE global Internet Venture gFriend is professionally translated into 10 languages! ®

6 No mean people allowed A Family Friendly Environment ®

7 Legal: This electronic communication is confidential and is intended only for the individual(s) who received it from the email address, or who have downloaded it from If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read, copy, use or disclose the contents of this communication to others. Please notify the sender that you have received this email or electronic content in error by replying to the email you received it from. Please then delete the email and any other electronic communication or presentation materials that accompanied the email or other electronic If you wish to receive your own legal copy, you download it from You cannot join gFriend from the website, you must join from the invitation sent by the person who invited you to gFriend. Monetary gains are neither implied or guaranteed in this material. Please read the company policies for further information. Thank you. ®

8 Choose a section below Website gFriend Global gFriend Global gFriend Global gFriend Global Internet Venture Internet Venture Internet Venture Internet Venture ®

9 Website ® On your desktop On your phone

10 Beginning with the login screen, gFriend is full of colorful and inviting themes to offer the most vibrant and enjoyable web experience.

11 This is not your ordinary social networking “News Feed”. gFriend’s gCubes™ take sharing your life to a whole new level. Create, customize and be unique. Build your gCubes™ to fit your own lifestyle.

12 Multi-Use gCubes ™… Communicate with your family and friends with style. Students of any age can use gCubes™ for class projects. Use gCubes™ to communicate with and update your teams in any business or venture you are involved in. Use them to post updates on any project you may have. gCubes are fun and fully customizable! The gCube titles are automatically translated into all 10 languages!

13 Friend’s gCubes are displayed like tiles for easy reading and minimal scrolling. They are arranged from newest to oldest. To view a gCube, simply click on it! To create a gCube, click this button.

14 The user will select the type of gCube they wish to create out of the 8 different gCube types.

15 The user will choose a background for their gCube, add some content (text, video, photos, event, link, article or a recording, then post their gCube for all their friends to see.

16 When a friend clicks on the gCube to view the gCube will open full screen for easy viewing.

17 Users can comment or like with the click of a button and navigate through the gCubes without having to close the current cube.

18 At gFriend, our focus was to create a “Family Friendly” social network for everyone of all ages - one that stands out above the rest. See an offensive or hateful post? Report it… the culprit will be removed. When we say Family Friendly, we mean it!

19 Users can build a brilliant profile and make their space on the web stand out with their custom profile page.

20 As with our profile, we give the user the opportunity to build their resume which they will be able to share with users within their global network.

21 Users can easily browse profiles to see what their friends and family, English partners or business acquaintances have been up to.

22 gFriend takes a new approach to learning English through “Sensory Recognition™”. No studying required. Quiz you way to speaking (or speaking better) English! NOTE: Parents can monitor the progress of their child(ren)… EVEN IF THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!

23 Our Virtual Classroom keeps you on track. Watch the HD video for each lesson, study the keywords and sentences, take the speed quizzes (Noun and Grammar quizzes), then complete self-grading Oral Exams. It’s fast and it’s fun!

24 48 High Definition Videos Each of the 48 lessons includes a high-definition video. Our Virtual Teacher guides you through each lesson. It’s like having your private tutor!

25 Watch our videos any time of day - 7 days a week - for FREE! Increase you listening skills!

26 Practice the words in each lesson as often as you’d like. Record your voice and compare your pronunciation against our teacher’s pronunciation. It’s learning at its finest! Learn English FAST… one word at a time!

27 After studying the keywords and sentences for each lesson, you complete the fun, interactive quizzes - with real-time tracking. Pass all the words in a lesson, move to the next lesson! Complete the 48 lessons as quickly as you want or take your time! It’s entirely up to you! After studying the keywords and sentences for each lesson, you complete the fun, interactive quizzes - with real-time tracking. Pass all the words in a lesson, move to the next lesson! Complete the 48 lessons as quickly as you want or take your time! It’s entirely up to you!

28 For the millions of people around the world who need to learn the “words” of their trade, gFriend’s TradeLingo™ program offers this opportunity. TradeLingo™ will make you worth more!

29 Each TradeLingo lesson includes important need-to-know terminology as well as a section for each category within the industry. We have launched with the Restaurant and Construction Industries. Many more to follow! Our goal is to create our TradeLingo courses for all major industries - as quickly as possible!

30 dog 42 Kids games! Kids learn hundreds of words! Fast and Fun!

31 Each or our 42 Kids GAMES (they are actually educational quizzes… but don’t tell the kids :-) include colorful illustrations, high-definition sounds, English text and an interactive quiz with fun sounds that kids will love. dog

32 Tracking your Global Network is the game. As you invite people and build your Social Network, your Global Network will build automatically beneath you. Your privacy is very important to us. gFriend will not share your information with the Global Network or with any third party.

33 When you first login, click “Account Settings”. Getting Started

34 Click this radio button to set the gFriend Global as your homepage. Check this box under the gFriend Global heading to turn on the gFriend Global link.

35 Click this link to open gFriend Global, then choose “Genealogy”.

36 NOTE: Once you invite your first person, you will no longer see this screen. Click either Plus sign ( + ) to invite your first person. Clicking either + sign will place the person on that side of your team.

37 Click on the names (Family or Friends) to customize the names of the left and right side of your team.

38 Once you begin building, you can track your Genealogy from here. Sui Zheng

39 Sui Zheng Once a person signs up you can jump directly to their genealogy by clicking here. The people you invite will show up in the “Invites” list, but will not show up in your tree until they complete the signup form.

40 Sui Zheng Click any GREEN + sign to enroll a new person on the left or right side of the person above.

41 You should contact each person you send an invitation to and make sure they get the email and get signed up. Have them check their spam or trash folders if they don’t see the email in their inbox. You should contact each person you send an invitation to and make sure they get the email and get signed up. Have them check their spam or trash folders if they don’t see the email in their inbox. Select the language in which you would like the email sent. Fill in the First and Last name and Email address of the person you want to invite. Invite your family and friends now… before someone else does!

42 The email invite will bring a user to this signup form where they simply fill in a Username and Password.

43 gFriend’s Internet Venture

44 How would you like to participate in – not a “business opportunity” – but an Internet Venture ? A totally new business model with a fresh, new marketing concept. gFriend is that Internet Venture! We have developed a program that is FREE for everyone. The website is fully developed and available to all. The initial objective is to build the network, based on: Family Friendly + Global Language. Income will initially be generated from (but is not limited to) the 2 following methods: 1.Offering mobile APPS for Kids and Trades 2.Our unique Internet AD venture (patent pending)... We’ve figured out how to make advertising more like a game! Free For Everyone Go Global (1)

45 Before there was Facebook, there was MySpace Before MySpace, there was Friendster. Before Friendster, there was AOL. Even before AOL, there were BBSes (bulletin board systems). The web is ever changing. The best ideas and the best plans can always find a place in the evolution of the Internet. gFriend is unique in its approach: We don’t offer a business opportunity, but offer an Internet Venture built around a Family Friendly social network with a Global Language program, and unlike other social networks, we will reward the people who help us build the world’s FIRST Global Network. Internet companies are earing billions of dollars with good ideas and good marketing strategies. The Industry (2)

46 We will continually develop useful educational apps for Kids and Trade Lingo. Kids APPs (Under development) Trade Lingo APPs (Under development) English practice APP (Testing Phase) English self grading APP (Testing Phase) gFriend APPs Android iOS APPs are a multi-billion dollar industry (3)

47 Due to the proprietary and trade secrets involved in our PATENT PENDING gPunch TM Card system, we will not share our trade secrets at this point in time. However, we will say…. It is not in-your-face advertising, but fashioned advertising - more like a game. We plan to revolutionize the way Internet advertising is done with the gPunch TM Advertisement Sharing System. gPunch TM Advertisement Sharing System (Patent Pending) Our Internet ADventure This image has been purposely distorted (4)

48 Most payment systems don’t work mathematically. We’re using the 1/3-2/3 “binary” system, where each person only needs to invite 2 people - because it’s the easiest to explain, understand, and has been proven over many years in the industry. You only need 2 people to start your Internet Venture. Rewards System To get started: Invite a person into your left side. Invite a person into your right side. Focus on balancing the people in your team in a 1/3 or a 2/3 relation. (10 people / 20 people or 200 people / 100 people) (5)

49 By using the same type of tracking and payment system used in the nearly $200 billion dollar global Direct Selling industry, gFriend will track and share all net profits with members who participate in this Internet Venture. Tracking System Top 10 marketers will share 25% of the 50% of the Net Profit* Next 100 marketers will share 25% of the 50% of the Net Profit* Next 1000 marketers will share 25% of the 50% of the of Net Profit* All other members will share 25% of the 50% of the of Net Profit* 50% of Net Profit will be paid out to those participating in the Internet venture. * Net Profits are calculated after Operational Costs and are distributed according to the 1/3-2/3 point system. (6) Monthly (Example)Costs / Net Profits Operational Costs20% (Est.) Company40% Marketers40% In the case of a public offering or the sale of the company, 25% of the valuation or 25% of the net proceeds (respectively) will be distributed on the same % scale as shown above, ie: 25% to the top 10 marketers, etc.. The information and/or terminology on this page is subject to change

50 Online Ad Revenue We have a unique opportunity by promoting “Family Friendly + Global Language.” Initially, the 10 languages we have translated into target over 2 Billion people. According to experts, 2 Billion people are learning English. We will be relentless in our marketing efforts until we achieve our goal, which is to become the largest global network ever created. Global Online Ad Revenue to Hit $160 Billion in 2015. (7) U.S. Social Media Ad revenues are expected to reach $11 Billion by 2017. Estimates the Mobile APP industry to exceed $77 Billion by 2017. Global digital ad spending estimates

51 We’re offering an opportunity to grab a piece of the Internet. How big can your share be? We can’t say and we can’t make any guarantees, however… Our goal is to make you feel more like “an investor” in gFriend. There is no up-front monetary investment, only time, expertise and energy. As with any venture, you normally get out of it what you put into it. We have developed a very unique business model and have based it upon proven concepts. gFriend has the potential to become one of the largest Internet companies. Existing social networks will not be able to compete with this model since they cannot go back and create this type of tracking and rewards system. gFriend is the first Internet Venture of its kind Internet Venture (8)

52 gFriend was founded and developed by the father and son team of Richard and Paul McCullough, with 35 combined years of developing internet educational programs and business models. Milestones we have reached: Development of a family friendly social network, introducing proprietary gCubes. (Completed) Development of “Sensory Recognition,” a fast and fun global language program, developed for the masses. (Completed) Development of our gKids program. (Completed – always ongoing) Development of our Trade Lingo program. (Ongoing) Translation of the website so anyone speaking any of the 10 languages can enjoy gFriend. (Completed – more coming soon) Development of a unique business model designed to bring the greatest marketers of our time together to achieve phenomenal success. (Completed) About Us (9) 2 Generations of Internet

53 Join us. Share the good ® gFriend © 2015, All Rights Reserved

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