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Facebook Page’s for All of Your Listings Increase your FB lead Generation Presented By: YOUR NAME YOUR CONTACT INFO YOUR NMLS#

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1 Facebook Page’s for All of Your Listings Increase your FB lead Generation Presented By: YOUR NAME YOUR CONTACT INFO YOUR NMLS#

2 Why use FB? There are 202,000,000 active users in the U.S.A. 72% of adults online visit Facebook at least once a day The average U.S. user has 250 friends These numbers are increasing with the use of Facebook on the Mobile device

3 Why use page’s? People typically don’t like to be navigated from Facebook once there 87% of “engagement” happens in the News Feed Area

4 Why use page’s? Photos get 120% more engagements than text and links Allows you to use “Apps” for Virtual Tours or Video Tours (pages within your page) Run Ad’s directly to a landing page right inside of Facebook (new demographics allows you to target people “likely to move” in your area)

5 Where do I start? Login to your Facebook account Have your listings Photos, Virtual tour link, website link open in a separate tab Have your branding photo ready on the computer you are using (your head shot)

6 FB Listing Page Go to any fan page on Facebook and click Create Page. If you do not have a page to go to you can use ours. **INSERT YOUR FAN PAGE LINK HERE**

7 FB Listing Page Choose Local Business or Place This allows you to put a physical address, a phone number and have a “page domain” during the set up The over all function of each page type is the same, the differences are in what is allowed during the set up

8 FB Listing Page Or

9 FB Listing Page Choose your Category. Select Real Estate (helps with both searches inside Facebook and on Google)

10 FB listing Page Complete the information fields. Business name is title “Beautiful 3 bedroom Home in Bay Lakes” Address is the listing address Phone Number is Your phone number

11 FB Listing Page FB will walk you through the basic steps. 1 st add your categories for search in Facebook and Google Type in the box and the valid category will pop up select all that apply

12 FB Listing Page Add a short description The short description is for search results only Make sure your key phrase is in it Limited to 155 characters here (you can add a longer description later in the settings)

13 FB Listing Page Enter your property website in the space provided

14 FB Listing Page If you choose Local Business or Place, Facebook will allow you to set the vanity name right away** Choose yes it is a real business and yes it is the official representative

15 FB Listing Page Once all the information has been completed, click save Info

16 FB Listing Page Next is your profile picture. This is YOU. YOU are your brand.

17 FB Listing Page Add to favorites allows you to add this to your home screen for easy navigation

18 FB Listing Page Enable Ads It’s asking for a funding source for ad’s. You can skip this step if you like. If you plan on promoting your page ad your CC info.

19 FB Listing Page Once you finish those 4 steps (or skip the last) you will be automatically taken to your new page and given a basic tour

20 FB Listing Page Make your cover image I use Power Point. Image size 851 X 315 (8.42 x 3.35)

21 FB Listing Page On your NEW Fan Page click add a cover

22 FB Listing Page Select Up load a photo Choose the cover you made or want to use.

23 FB Listing Page Then click save changes

24 FB Listing Page Lets ad an App** Search for Woobox Select Woobox custom Tab

25 FB Listing Page Install Page Tab (the big green button) Select the page you are adding the app to from the drop down

26 FB Listing Page The editor screen is defaulted to HTML. Paste your videos embed code in the empty box.

27 FB Listing Page Rename the App what ever you want You can even change the App image Click Save

28 FB Listing Page Scroll up and click View Tab

29 FB Listing Page

30 Voila!!!!!!

31 FB Listing Page Use the other photos as posts

32 FB Listing Page Share the picture posts to your timeline Ask the seller to share the picture posts also

33 FB Listing Page Do a paid ad to your Listing Page Click Build Audience Click Use Ads Manager

34 FB Listing Page On the top right click Create Ad

35 FB Listing Page Select the Page Likes option

36 FB Listing Page Select the Page you are running the ad too

37 FB Listing Page You can edit the image or text Any changes can be seen in the Preview section

38 FB Listing Page Put in your Farm area (you can also include a radius from 10 to 50 miles out) Change the age to your comfort level

39 FB Listing Page Under More Demographics you can use Home, Home Ownership and choose either Homeowners or Home renters

40 FB Listing Page Under Behaviors you can select Residential Profiles, then choose Likely to Move

41 FB Listing Page Target the right people

42 FB Listing Page Set your budget and place the order

43 Thank you for attending todays presentation. Please remember I am a Mortgage Professional first and foremost. You referrals are always appreciated. YOUR NAME YOUR PHONE NUMBER YOUR EMAIL YOUR NMLS#

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